As expected the left-wing fake news media is hysterical over the now history-making Singapore Summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. This morning (afternoon Singapore time) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out at the New York Times for an article today that claims that President Trump doesn’t have the needed experts to deal with the denuclearization of North Korea. Before taking any questions at a news conference, the Secretary declared that President not only had experts in this field, but the Administration had over 100 of them to be exact. He detailed that he had experts in how to disarm, nuclear radiation, clean up and in fact, the United States had several of the top experts on the planet.

Then, of course, we had Morning Joe, CNN, the large newspapers and everyone and their dog commenting on the Presidents spanking aboard Air Force One of the Canadian Prime Ministers antics. Peter Navarro who is the President’s Trade Adviser went on global television and very clearly stated that “There is a special place in hell for the Prime Minister.” Apparently what started this little infraction between the United States and our beloved neighbors to the North was a simple case of buyers remorse or maybe just good-old-fashioned childishness. There is no doubt that Trump went into the G-7 Conference with ‘America-First’ on his mind, and that is precisely what he accomplished. He both scolded and spanked most of our Euro-Type allies with NATO cost, trade deficits, tariffs and all the rest. He came out with some agreements, we guess, but the young Canadian did not apparently like being strong-armed by a New York City real-estate tycoon known for his tough negotiating skills. Naturally, after you shake hands, bid your guest farewell, you go on and hold a news conference criticizing the one that just whipped your tail. Not smart of the Canuk leader to do this with this guy.

Leaving the G-7 quaking in their collective boots, the American POTUS was now airborne with swag in his briefcase and ready to pounce on the young North Korean. This treatment of our Euro-Counterparts did not sit well with 98% of the global lefty type media pundits. They all thought President Trump was not just abusive toward our Euro-Nobility, but downright uncultured and rude. Oh-well are my thoughts. It is about time that somebody stood up for the United States when we are picking up the bulk of the NATO price tag. President Trump is forcing them to do just that, “Pay their fair share,” and again, it is about darned time.

Singapore Summit:

It turns out that one of Kim Jong Un’s heroes is in town also. The “Worm” former Chicago Bulls great Dennis (I will marry myself) Rodman is there to assist in these most critical talks. After the negotiations that went south (according to the main-stream media) in Canada, these talks in Singapore could very well be even more critical to the Presidents legacy.

Summit Opinion Analysis:

President Trump enters these negotiations with “MOJO” coming off his dressing down of the G-7 nations. Make no mistake that is precisely what he did, and this pundit applauds him for his efforts. I do not subscribe to the ‘lame-stream’ media’s take on that Canadian meeting. Trump represented America with strength and let them all know that while we are their allied country, we won’t be taken advantage of any longer.

Seoul, South Korea is the 4th wealthiest city in the world. I’m pretty sure that Kim Jong Un would like to see that happen in his country as well.

Trump knows that Kim Jong Un knows what happened in Canada and he has sent word to the young dictator that certain things are non-negotiable in this summit. The first being that North Korea needs to denuclearize and needs to begin the process now. I personally think the president will make attempts to persuade Kim with economic inducements to start with the building or rebuilding of North Korea’s economy. The President will show Kim all the benefits of having a healthy economy, and if Rodman is involved, something as simple as showing him photo’s of Rodman’s home, cars, etc. would no doubt affect him. As stupid as that sounds, remember it is all the electronic toys that helped bring the Soviet Empire down by introducing the citizens to all the wonderful play toys that we in the West had.

This doesn’t mean that Trump will give Kim a planeload of cash as Obama did in Iran. What it does say is that he will lift sanctions, open up trade negotiations, work with the G-7 nations to do the same, possibly supply North Korea with technology to aid them in getting started as well as other benefits. One other item that will almost certainly happen is that a permanent end to the Korean War will most likely be on the table as well.

One cannot imagine the technological power and industrial might of South Korea until you have visited Seoul, South Korea. All the residents in that city are well fed, live reasonably comfortably and the wealth is impressive. I have visited Seoul, and let me assure you, that city puts most Americans cities to shame when it comes to production capacity and in some respects, modernization. I have no reservations in thinking that after Kim Jong Un’s visit with President Moon of South Korea, he wants the same for his nation.

If the President can pull off a successful mission tomorrow in his meetings with Kim, he will almost be guaranteed a Nobel Peace Prize. This is most likely why the press, Democrats and the rest of the ilk want him to fail. Personally, I think the President will triumph and win big.

One thing everyone needs to understand. Tomorrow’s talks are only the beginning. This is something that will take years to complete; it will not be accomplished in one, two, or even twelve meetings. Kim and the President will lay out the ultimate goals for each nation; then it will be up to the Secretary of State and a thousand other diplomats to finish the process.

Let us all pray for the President tomorrow. He is attempting something that no other president dared to even try. We must take our hats off to him.