For President Washington, the war was over, and the nation was, for the most part, at peace when his inauguration occurred. Not that his presidency was easy, it was not. Washington had a country to build, foreign relations to establish, trade, defense, and a government that needed to be created. The trials and tribulations of President Franklin Roosevelt are recorded in history and now is the benchmark for great Presidents overcoming tremendous odds.

While President Roosevelt had two massive wars to contend with as well as a depression, he had the country and her citizens in his corner cheering for his success. Both Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Nixon had a war, but their wars were met with hostility from the American people as neither could “sell” why we were involved in Vietnam in the first place to the populace. The year 1968 was a year of cities burning, millions protesting, civil unrest of the likes this nation had never seen. Watts, California was consumed in flames for weeks as was Detroit, Chicago, and many others. The year of 1968 was also the year that America had to suffer through another senseless murder of a national leader. Presidential candidate Senator Robert Kennedy was gunned down in a hotel kitchen and our nation watched live on television.

Throughout our history, many Presidents have faced uphill battles and fights, but none have met what Presidential Donald J. Trump is having to face. This President is forced to deal with rogue nations attempting to use nuclear weapons as a threat toward many of our allied nations, not to mention the United States. He was sworn in and assumed an all but stagnate economy, growing hostility toward law enforcement, a military that was suffering under the weight of massive cutbacks, and a press who despised him.

That was only the beginning for President Trump. As he took office, he began noticing White House personnel who were very obviously attempting to sabotage his presidency right out of the gate. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the groundwork had been laid for the media to begin running stories that he had won the presidency by having Vladimir Putin assist him in his victory. As this story started unfolding, we find out that his own FBI had all but committed treason against the White House, the Department of Justice was slow and weak to respond, meanwhile, the media kept up their assault.

Negative and false reporting has plagued this Presidency from Day 1 because of a corrupt media.

Every step the president took was criticized, and they are still being ridiculed on a daily basis. Every decision this president put’s forth is put under scrutiny from a disgruntled national media who are all but nasty when reporting his accomplishments. When they are forced to declare that his national unemployment rate dropped, they do so with a caveat that it was most likely Barack Obama’s policies that led to the good numbers.

President Donald John Trump has accomplished more in his first 500-days in office than any President in this history of this nation, and he did so while having to scale the Mount Everest of criticism from everyone. Think of this for a moment. The media who reports to the nation has never cut this fellow any slack whatsoever. The Democrats have fed false stories about his relationships with his staff, family, and even former employees. Many nations have tested him so far to see what his reactions would be. Even the Republican party, his own political affiliations have attempted to subvert his successes.

One would think that the Republicans would be overjoyed that their President is conquering despite the obstacles being thrown in his way. No, in fact, they are part of the problem. Now we have to ask ourselves “why?” Why are the Republicans all but siding with the Democrats to destroy this Presidency? Why, when Trump had promised the American people that he would rid our nation of “Obamacare” did the Republicans stop the stripping of this horrible legislation that most of the country wanted to get rid of?


It is literally that simple my beloved Patriots. The Republican Party is receiving so much from the Big Pharma lobbyist and super-PACs that they were unwilling to give the citizens of this nation what they had wanted for eight-long-years. Just when you thought it could not become any worse, the Hospital Super-PAC’s and Lobbyist show up, then the American Medical Association for the Doctors show up, and on and on it goes.

The fact is this; there is a swamp, and it is very deep. The Republicans and Democrats preach different messages but they are both purchased and owned by the same bosses. When you have the Republicans talking about how they “MUST RETAIN CONTROL” OF CONGRESS, yet they will not invest money into seats that are a toss-up, you must ask yourself “why?” Why doesn’t the Republicans want to win back the House this fall?

The simple reality is this. President Trump is draining the swamp. Albeit slowly, it is getting removed. The House would be forced to go along with him, and this is counter to these corrupt Congressmen and Senators checking accounts. These guys are willing to throw away the House to preserve their ability to keep receiving ill-gotten gains from Lobbyist and Super-PAC’s.

Yes, America— they are all in this together.

As tragic as this is, it is the stone-cold truth. America’s leadership is currently at an all-time low regarding honesty, and decency. We have never seen this level of corruption in our government. It is not just about the money either; it is about power. We have Senators, Congressmen, and former officials who have literally committed treason against this nation who will never be prosecuted because of a corrupted Department of Justice.

President Trump to be successful in the end needs to fire everyone and start over. If I were his adviser, this is what I would recommend. Let’s have a bonfire with pink slips. Clean house and call it a day.