Some things we witness in life will burn an image in our memory which we will recall for years, and years to come. A puppy being struck by a car, an airplane crashing or a particularly gruesome automobile accident. These are all images that once we happen to see them will replay over and over again in our memories. Another traumatic vision is where a child is ripped from their mother’s arms as they plead and cry to remain with their mother. As horrific as this scene is, this is precisely what is happening on a daily basis at America’s border crossings. 

I can still see that photo in my mind of the little Gonzales boy being stripped from his father or uncles arms by an armed federal agent many years ago in Florida. Remember it? The photo was snapped as the boy was hiding in the closet, and a man dressed all in black and green with an AR-15 was reaching in to snatch the young boy. 

Is this what our great nation is reducing itself to? We have the mightiest military on earth. We have more money than most all countries combined. We have one of the most significant industrial complexes on the globe with an unparalleled technological and medical industry. We don’t even have to dial numbers on our cell phones anymore; we can just tell Siri to do it for us. Yet, we feel as though we have to snatch young children from their mother’s arms to protect this country? 

Apparently, word has leaked out of Brownsville, Texas that a converted WalMart store was being used to house hundreds of children who had in fact been taken by our country from the arms of mothers and fathers. To make matters worse, the horrible rumor that these children are being kept in cages makes this tragedy even worse.

Is this the America that we want? This trauma doesn’t ever go away. Elian Gonzales being taken away. 

It seems that United States Senator Jeff Merkley (D) Oregon heard this rumor and decided to do some old-fashioned investigative work and visit this facility. He followed protocol, had his staff contact the facility, then hopped a plane and flew to Texas. Wouldn’t you know it, once he arrived at the front door, he was denied access? Of course, this is a huge red flag for most anyone, and it was for the Senator also. The troubling piece of this puzzle to me is that our government is not housing these children, they have sub-contracted it to some entity known as Southwest Key. These guys supposedly have a contract with the Department of Refugee Resettlement which is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions zeal (for shutting the border down ) is apparently what has set this new policy in motion. Sessions announced the new plan on May, 7th at a news conference held in San Diego.  


So the President and his administration have a wall currently under construction. We have hundreds (maybe thousands) of National Guard troops scattered along the border from California to South Texas. We have drones, we have blimps, we have soldiers, and we have citizens reporting illegals crossing. Do you mean to tell me that we need to grab up 3-year-old little girls in the name of national security? Is this what America is reducing itself too? An armed ICE or Border Patrol snatches 5-year-old Juan or Jesus, and I am supposed to feel safer tonight? Seriously?

I’m not even going to try to defend this Administration on this one. I have spent the last 2 1/2 years defending now President Donald Trump’s decisions and choices. I have taken enough arrows in the back to feel as though I just finished a fight at Little Big Horn. There is zero way I can defend this decision. I’m sorry Mr. President, we part ways on this one. I’ll defend the wall, I’ll defend your North Korea decision, trade deals with China, lower taxes, spanking the media, and all the rest, but not this.

I personally don’t care “WHO, WHAT, WHEN OR HOW” THIS GOT IMPLEMENTED. I don’t give a rat’s ass who is adhering to what law or policy. I don’t give a crap who put the law in place, whether that be Barack Obama, the Democrats, or Chucky Cheese. THIS IS PLAIN OLD CRUELTY TOWARD CHILDREN! You do not take a baby, child, or even a 13-year-old from their parents and expect that to do no damage to that child.

One article above (hyperlinked) states that these children are being farmed in some cases to “Foster Families.” Give me a damned break~I can cite you a hundred news articles whereby Foster Parents abuse children and have been prosecuted for it. THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY FOLKS! 

Mr. President, and AG Sessions; I would submit that you both need to talk with a Child Psychologist about the long-term effects of what grabbing a 2-year-old out of its mother’s arms does to that child. Once that professional gives you their assessment, and gravity of this decision, I further submit that this policy is ended NOW!!!

PATRIOTS; I fully realize some of you might disagree with my opinion on this latest border security issue. I get that, but in turn, I ask that you think of this from that child’s point of view also. That baby did not decide to come across the border. Yes, the parents are guilty of something, not the child. It is not as though they are throwing the parents in jail. They are not. If we want to detain the parents, then we should confine the entire family and keep the kids with mom. There is absolutely no need to traumatize that baby and scar it for life.

You may fuss at me if you like, feel free to do so. (

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