Bill Currier gives a whole new meaning to a corrupt slime-ball politician. This guy is picking and choosing winners in Oregon when he should let the people decide.

In times gone by, a political party would stay out of primary races. 

Not anymore! Today, ( at least in the Grand Ole Party ) it seems as if the party wants to pick and choose winners. Back in the day ( prior to 2010 ), the party stayed home until the primary had been decided by the voters. Once the ‘chosen one’ won, the party would jump in with both feet and supply that candidate with much-needed cash, polling data, voter list, volunteers, and all that is needed to win over the Democrats. If you happened to be a candidate in a “targeted” district or state, then money would flow into your campaign almost faster than the bank could count it for you.  

So, what happened? What is different today than elections of yore? Today; the party decides who the nominee will be. How does this happen you might ask? Simple, the party obstructs the conservative candidate. The party then aids and abets “the prince or princess” who is most apt to carry the water for the moderate jelly filled candidate who they determine might defeat the dreaded Democrat. In some cases, it almost seems as if they will allow the Dem to win the seat to prove a point and rid the Republican Party of a real conservative. 

Dr. Kelli Ward is having to fight not just the Democrats but her own Party as well.

Arizona is a classic example of “insider trading” and how the party will pull out all stops to defeat the conservative. State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward has been hard on the campaign trail across the state since January 2017. She was fully prepared, ready, willing, and able to take on the much despised Jeff Flake in 2018. Dr. Ward had been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars; then it was almost as if she had won the lottery, Flake sees the handwriting on the wall, understands that he won’t win and announces his retirement. Not so fast Dr. Ward! 

Dr. Ward is a fire-breathing Tea Party styled conservative. She preaches adhering to constitutional principles, she preaches a balanced budget, she is an advocate of babies in the womb, and she loves guns. The good Doctor from Northern Arizona is beloved across the state with the grassroots voters, and the Democrats despise her. One would think it is time to “lock and load” and start loading up on the champaign for the impending victory parties. But that doesn’t seem to be what the “Elitists” in D. C. want for her. Instead, they ( or I should say Mitch McConnell ) did not want nor did they like “The People’s Choice.” In lieu of Ward, they have chosen Congresswoman ( a Moderate RINO ) from Tucson by the name of Martha McSally. They loaded her war chest with millions of dollars and sent her out on the hunt for the Republican Nomination for the U. S. Senate. Just to make things fair for her, they enlisted former Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run also. What this does is split the conservative ticket enabling McSally to win the primary.

Unless you can explain why an 80-something retired Sheriff wants to run for a Senate seat that he apparently cannot win, then this has to be sabotage by the Republican establishment.


This is a state where the Elitists Republican Establishment is truly showing their colors of picking and choosing. A Democrat currently inhabits Oregon’s 5th District by the name of Kurt Shrader. However, the district is now rated as a “0” on the Cook scale. Most of the time, districts will be Republican +4 or Democrat +1 or -3 or whatever. This means the district is likely to go in whichever direction the plus sign points to as a rule.

The Republican contender named Mark Callahan won his district in the primary a few weeks back. This is a guy who ran for the Senate back in 2016 and won an astounding 651,000 votes with little to no money. Once again the Republican Party would not help him. Had the party jumped in, he likely could have defeated the lukewarm Democrat named Ron Wyden. Wyden doesn’t even live in Oregon; he actually lives in New York with his Democrat Elitist wife. Callahan forced Wyden to spend a whopping $9M to only win by a slim victory. Had the GOP ponied up some cash, Callahan would likely have won that seat for the Republicans. This would have split Oregon’s Senate seats, one Dem and one GOP.

Callahan decides to come back and try this one more time. This time he hires a professional team. He has a very bright young campaign manager by the name of Alex Rountree and some more high-powered talent. The problem for Callahan is this; he is a conservative much along the same lines as Dr. Kelli Ward. He is the people’s choice, and the stiff-necked Republican Oligarchy doesn’t like those of us who consider themselves Constitutional abiding patriots. Once more, they are hindering the conservatives ability to win. Why? This article may explain better than I can. In a nutshell, the Tea Party put up 80 something hard-charging Congressmen and Women back in 2010. Karl Rove and company have managed to ditch over 40 of them since then with these games their playing.

Mark Callahan is the victim of the Oregon GOP Elite. They apparently have decided, they don’t want a conservative Republican to win. It’s bad for business.

In this case, there is a fellow by the name of Bill Currier who is the Oregon Chairman of the Republican Party. When Mark Callahan approached him for help a few weeks back, he told him they had no money. Yes, as absurd of an answer as that is, that is what he said. Callahan tells Currier to call the NRCC and Ronna Romney McDaniel that national Chairperson. This is what these guys are supposed to do. Currier responded

that he didn’t know how to get in touch with her. Seriously Bill? You can’t or won’t look up the number? Anyone can go to Google and get the damned phone number. After the initial conversation, Currier refused to return messages or phone calls. He has gone dark for Mark Callahan. This to me is beyond corrupt.

The facts are these; the GOP is most likely going to lose seats in the upcoming election cycle. This is a seat they can win and plug a red district into a blue state. Why won’t they help? They won’t because their all arrogant elitists who would rather lose a seat than elect a conservative who will join the Freedom Caucus and support a balanced budget, Donald Trump’s America First Agenda, and the 2nd Amendment. The GOP would rather Nancy Pelosi win back her gavel than capitulate to “We the People.”

These corrupt, spineless aristocracy of the Republican Party need to go, and it is time “We the People” get rid of them! I highly recommend everyone call Bill Currier and ask him why he doesn’t want to win Oregon’s 5th District. How much is he being paid to throw this election? His number is 503-595-8881. By the way, Bill: here is Ronna’s number for you: 202-863-8500

If anyone would like to help Mark Callahan defeat the Democrat Socialist, visit his website: