Bigotry: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s ownSynonyms: narrow-mindedness, bias, discrimination.

May 10th, 2018, the Michigan Press Association decided to hold a Gubernatorial Candidate Forum. Two of the candidates for Michigan’s highest office is a Democrat by the name of Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and a Republican by the name of Patrick Colbeck. While the video doesn’t show us what led to Mr. Colbeck’s discussion of the “Muslim Brotherhood,” it does clearly show us his arguments of “why” this organization should be labeled as dangerous to America.

Do Not Miss the last 10-Seconds of this video! 

As expected, the Detroit News and most of the media in the State of Michigan immediately tagged Colbeck as a racist. There are a couple of major sticking points to doing this with any legitimacy, however. The first major sticking point is; Patrick Colbeck is both right about Dr. El-Sayed, and secondly, he is more than correct about the Muslim Brotherhood being a terrorist organization!

In the above-hyperlinked article about Dr. El-Sayed, the author of the article clearly shows his affiliations for both he and his family to this organization. If you have any doubts about the Brotherhood, please read the second linked article. For the record, the governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and several more Middle-Eastern nations have labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a major supporter of Terror. It has long been known that the Brotherhood supports, funds, and aids Hamas amongst other groups.

Even the liberal news organization NPR did an article showing the Muslim Brotherhoods links to terrorism. One has to ask the question, why won’t the press cover this story legitimately and with the truth?

The fact is; the organization known as CAIRCouncil on American–Islamic Relations ) has become such a powerful lobbying organization that most politicians and news services are afraid to confront them.

ISIS murdering a Christian in Iraq. This is how these animals instill fear across the globe.

CAIR has spent the last decade and more spinning news coverage of Islamic events to benefit the faith and individual. IE: A young man who commits terrorist acts was rogue and had nothing to do with the religion as he murdered a dozen people in a cafe someplace in America. This young man could not have been a “true” Muslim because the Muslim faith is a religious faith of peace and love. Never mind the fact that the young man was screaming Allah Akbar as he pulled the trigger over and over again.

The hard truth is this. ISIS went from town to town across Iraq over the past several years, and as they did so, they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians in the name of Islam. In the city of Mosul alone, estimates were that ISIS murdered over 50,000 Christians and Jews all in the name of Allah.

If you’re having trouble digesting this and believe that none of this is the truth, simply Google ISIS. When you’re finished Googling ISIS, then Google “kidnappings, rapings, abductions” by ISIS, Al Qaeda, or any other major organization. You’ll find that dozens upon dozens of news stories of schoolgirls being kidnapped in Africa only to be put into bondage and become sex slaves to these barbaric animals. The tragedy is that they all believe that the Koran approves of this conduct. Will you ever find CAIR commenting on any of these events? Not on your life.

Patrick Colbeck was merely and is simply trying to explain the truth of what is happening here. Dr. El-Sayed was, in fact, the Vice-President of his college group “The Muslim Student Association.” At every meeting, the group will recite this pledge: “ Allah is my Lord, Islam is my life, the Koran is my guide, The Sunna is my practice, Jihad is my spirit, righteousness is my character, and paradise is my goal.  For I am enjoined what is right, I forbid what is wrong, I will fight against oppression, and I will die to establish Islam.” Are we expected to believe that as Vice-President of this group that El-Sayed never recited or led his group in this prayer or vow?

Lest you still believe this is a religion of peace, please explain why Islamic Warriors slaughtered some 80-million Hindus in their conquest of India? Explain why centuries later, this religion of peace is still committing terror acts on a global basis and in every instance the bomber or shooter shouts “Allah Akbar” while he commits his acts of violence? The hard-cold-truth is this; 106-109 times in the Holy Koran, Muhammed calls for the death of “Infidels.” He even instructs his followers on exactly how to murder the Infidel. This is to be done by either drowning, setting afire, or decapitating the victim.

This is Shariah Law which Islam uses to enforce their religious teachings. Are you ready for this in America?

Knowing the violent history of Islam, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood supports terror around the world, knowing that the Koran calls for violence against non-believers, Dr. El-Sayed still refuses to denounce the practices of CAIR, the Brotherhood, or even Hamas (who continues to fire rockets into Israel).

If we are to survive this Jihad ( as stated in the Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrine ) against the Western World, it is time we are honest with ourselves. This includes the politicians, the media, the reports given to the public, and within our own homes. It is time we are honest and labels CAIR and the Brotherhood for what they actually are. That being “Anti-American,” anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-anything that Muhammed doesn’t approve of. 

After years of being told by CAIR, and the Brotherhood what a beautiful, peaceful, and kind faith that Islam is, of course, this is a bitter pill to swallow. You don’t want to believe that millions of people would be willing to kill an innocent person in the name of a God, and a religious faith. You don’t want to believe that you have been told a lie for so many years.

Patrick Colbeck told the truth in that video, and the proof was in the end when Dr. El-Sayed screamed, “Muslims hate you!” 

If you ask me, I think the Detroit Press, Michigan media, in general, owe Mr. Colbeck an apology. He spoke the truth, they were just too politically correct to accept the truth. This is a story that Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Fox News should be exposing. A good candidate and a good man is being railroaded because of the PC culture in the media, and their fear of CAIR.

As of this publication, Dr. El-Sayed refuses to denounce his vows to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Student Association.