We believe today’s decision will keep our focus on the game and the extraordinary athletes who play it — and on our fans who enjoy it,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. 

An argument can be made from both sides of the fence about last year’s ‘so-called social protest‘ the NFL players decided to carry out on the sidelines during the national anthem. What cannot be argued is that millions upon millions of fans of professional football decided to “boycott” America’s favorite fall sport on Sunday afternoons. Ticket sales plunged, viewership on network television plunged, team revenues plunged, and the 20-something billionaire team-owners took a hit directly to their bottom lines.  

Apparently, the “message” sent to the ownership hit home. In the spring meeting of all the owners, they have decided to appease the cash-rich American patriots by implementing a penalty if a player kneels on the sideline during the playing of the national anthem. The penalty is fairly simple; if your player decides to be stupid and take a knee during the anthem, then the “owner” is slapped with a fine by the league office. How much has yet to be determined. To prevent this, if the player is so gravely wounded that he just has to kneel, then he remains in the locker room, stays out of sight of the public until the anthem is over, then trots out onto the field. No harm, no foul if this happens.

Has #7 Colin Kaepernick started a movement that does irreparable harm to the NFL?

When San Francisco 49rs QB Colin K (what’s his name) initially began this insipidly stupid protest, the public was angry, and most still don’t know or remember what it was over. It wasn’t until President Trump caught wind of this and made a few comments that the protest caught fire and ignited the public’s outrage. When (so-called) America’s team (the worst owner in the league in my humble opinion) Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboy’s hit the knee with his team is when the public became infuriated. Jerry was attempting to appease his spoiled over-paid brats, while America was demanding that he defend the flag. Guess what Jerry? America and our President have won and once again, you have proven your over-inflated ego has made the wrong choices.


This is what really needs to happen. All NFL players, coaches, team owners, and waterboys need to report to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Marcus Luttrell (from Lone Survivor and Navy Seal fame) needs to take to the stage and give these over-paid, wealthy, egotistical so-called athletes a lesson in why we pay respect to our flag. All players should be required to sit through a viewing of the motion picture “Lone-Survivor” then possibly the entire mini-series of “John Adams,” learn something about our history, the prices paid for our liberty, then and only then can they consider taking a knee.

To the Players, Coaches, and Owners of all NFL Teams:

If you want to survive as the wealthiest and most influential sports franchises, you had better listen and listen carefully. You are supported by that blue-collar union worker who saves all year to take his family to a Chicago Bears game in October. You are supported by that welder, that plumber, that small business owner who pay’s staggeringly stupid ticket prices to go watch an overpaid wide-receiver catch a ball at Jerry’s world in Arlington. These are the people who pay your ridiculous paychecks. These are also the same people who are veterans, who have children serving in uniform, and who take great pride in our nation and our flag.

If you spoiled, childish, NFL Divas want to keep earning your six, seven, and in some cases eight digit paychecks, you had better begin loving this nation which is providing them for you. You clowns have no idea the prices these great American’s pay for you to go out and “PLAY” a game on Sunday afternoon. You think you’re upset? Try being that GI in Afghanistan who is watching you take to the field, then take to the knee while the anthem is being played. This guy is earning $2,500 a month and getting shot at, while you’re making $2,500 a play to catch the ball. He is purchasing your right to take to that damned knee with his blood, his legs, his arms and his life so you can insult the flag he wears on his uniform.

Yea, I think maybe the NFL needs to hold a meeting, invite Marcus over to give a lesson in patriotism. I have had the honor to meet Mr. Luttrell and let me tell you NFL Players something; NONE OF YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO CARRY THAT MANS BRIEFCASE! End of rant!

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