When former President Barack Obama announced to the world that he was going to ‘fundamentally change‘ America, he was not joking. Obama immediately set out on a course to alter decades and hundreds of years worth of rules for admittance to the United States Armed Forces, and much more. The former President had crosses removed from many structures on America’s military bases and sought even to have sexual transgender people admitted to the military. And this was just the beginning.

Crosses have been removed from many military chapels because of liberalism and Barack Obama.

The gutting of America’s military was only the beginning. The former President had restrooms opened to anyone who wanted to use whichever bathroom they desired. In other words, your nine-year-old daughter is now forced to use the same restroom with a 50-year-old man dressed as a woman. Comforting thought huh? This was just the start of so much that has denigrated this great nation. Our education system (once the envy of the world) is now ranked 17th and even behind a couple of African countries. We have Mayor’s and Governor’s telling the Federal Government “shove-it,” we will allow illegal aliens to reside in our state and community, and even financially subsidize them as they start their new life in the United States.

Our debt continues to balloon; our Churches have declining memberships, our education system is shockingly indoctrinating our youth to accept socialism. Even America’s multi-millionaire professional athletes are openly rebuking our most patriotic tribute by kneeling during our national anthem. And this is only the beginning of how America has changed over the past decade or so.

When considering the above, what is the common thread that ties all-together? Think about it for a moment, for there is one common element that ties everything together which is destroying our traditions, national pride, social norms, religious practices, education, and so much more. You’re correct my fellow patriot, liberalism, progressivism, and Democrats! These are the fine folks which have altered our education system to Common-Core which is virtually anti-Christian, anti-American, and socialist leaning in nature. It is widely known that Common-Core has skewed our history as a nation, rewritten much of our history, deleted traditions which are vitally important, forced pupils to accept religious practices which despise our country and want to eradicate our people. Forget the science, math, and technology aspects of Common-Core (which makes math nearly impossible to learn) this boondoggle of a learning system is ruining our students who are forced to sit through these classes.

So how do we save our beloved United States, our traditions, and our restore our land to what we once were? 

There is almost zero discussion that President Donald Trump was elected by a massive group of citizens who want to see our nation “Made Great Again.” America’s conservative movement longs for the day’s of June and Ward Cleaver again. We long for the day when our children can ride their bike’s to school without fear of being abducted. We long for the day’s when a politician said something; you could pretty well believe it. We long for the day’s when a news reporter reported the real news, not a fabricated version of their particular political opinion. We long for and remember the days of lazy Sunday’s spent with loved ones after attending church, and our days were not spent working on Sunday just trying to make ends meet. America’s conservatives long for the day when dad could earn enough money to support the family and mom could stay home and raise our children. We yearn and long for the day’s when our boys could be boy’s at school, and our girls could be girls. The Boy Scouts should be for boy’s, and they should not have to worry about being molested by a gay scoutmaster while asleep in their tents.

Patriot’s: We all agree that we must turn our nation around to some degree or another. We all agree that we are on the cusp and if it is not turned now, we will lose this great nation, and possibly forever. To stop this wave of progressivism, we must unify as a conservative group. While you might not be a Tea Party supporter, if a Tea Party candidate is on the ballot and there is not another, then go vote anyway for the conservative. If the GOP nominee is not quite as conservative as you prefer, then you must vote for that candidate and defeat the Democrat socialist. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO STAND ON IDEALISM, WE ARE IN A FIGHT TO SAVE A NATION! 

To prove a point, the Democrat who won the Georgia primary last night for Governor had over 100,000 more voters turn out than the Republican did. The Republican had 75,000 fewer voters turn out than they did in the previous election! This sort of apathy will guarantee that the Republican Party loses in a landslide in the 2018-Midterms in November.

Patriot’s: It begins in the homes and the neighbors home. I do not care that your 18-year-old doesn’t enjoy talking about politics. You need to explain the importance of this subject and couch the issue in regards to their future as an American. Explain what needs to happen, or there will come a day when every dollar they earn, 50% of it will go to the government. They will be told if they can drink a coke versus mineral water. They will be told what sort of car they own, what occupation they will hold and where they will live. Explain the ultimate goals of socialism to your millennial child! Recruit your neighbor to work at the campaign office of a Republican candidate. Talk to your friends, talk to your relatives. I fully realize that often this is met with negativity, I have lived it also. But it must be done.

If we do not activate in a large way, we will lose. When we do, we will likely lose our President as the Democrats have promised to hold “Impeachment Hearings” for Donald Trump. Yes, Patriots, this election might very well be for the “Soul of our Nation.”

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