If I could find a lamp in the sand, and the genie granted me one wish, it would be that President Donald Trump was 15-years younger and willing to keep battling the elitist establishment swamp. A year ago, I was convinced it would be a given that he would, today, I’m not so sure.

Let’s be honest and put ourselves in President Trump’s shoes for a moment. He is a multi-billionaire, has a beautiful wife, beautiful children, and grandchildren. If it were me, I would take my family to a secluded resort which I own, set up camp, play golf daily and enjoy my remaining years with my family. Why should this guy continue to fight every day with nearly 535 people who do not want him to succeed, and media that hates him? Then proceed to work with folks who keep sabotaging his administration by leaking information daily to the press?

The sad truth is, Donald Trump has almost no allies in this White House. He has been virtually at war since he was sworn in. Most newly crowned Presidents are given a couple of months to get their feet under them. Call it a honeymoon if you will, but this President wasn’t even given a couple of days before the harsh criticism began in the press. He has all but been under siege since day one. For most folks on Capitol Hill, the news regarding a Congressman or Senator will be spun to fit the narrative the media wants. With Trump it has not been spinning, it has been outright lies in most cases. If there were no news to report, then the media would fabricate something to ensure there was negative press about the President for that particular day.

Deceit and a Coup at the HIGHEST LEVELS:

In an obscure little blog site known as the Beltway Breakfast, Andrew Feinberg has apparently been tipped off by someone within the White House. The title of the article IT Begins: A Top White House Official Is Using Their Own Money To Explore Running Against Donald Trump In 2020 starts laying out possibilities of “who” might be challenging the President in 2020 for the Republican nomination. The humorous part of the article is that Senator Jeff Flake is listed as a possibility. Let’s be real here; Jeff Flake could not even retain his Senate seat in Arizona, how is he going to garner enough support to challenge an incumbent President with an unlimited war chest?

In the article, the truth is, Flake is used as a diversionary because the real meat of the article begins listing possible challengers from within the President’s own cabinet. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (the current Energy Secretary) is listed as a possibility, then Vice President Pence is brought into the conversation and is quickly discounted by a statement from his Chief of Staff. As the author goes through a list, he ends up tossing out most of the ones he mentions. This leaves us with “who then” is financing an “Exploratory Committee?” The better question would be; “WHY” is anyone close to the President even considering challenging their boss for his seat in the Oval Office?

This is what I do know!

Once again, my little birds have been chirping. The answer is; “YES, THERE IS A RAT IN THE WOODPILE.” The rat does have operatives out lining up possible campaign staff and is self-funding an “Exploratory Committee.” The rat’s excuse for committing treason (No, it’s not literally treason, but it is broken trust the President placed in this person) is this. The excuse this particular rat is using is this; faith in the President has been significantly reduced because of his handling of many foreign affairs. This rat believes that they are patriots by stepping up to the plate and are in fact “saving the nation” by challenging their President for his job.

A Message for the RAT!

You, my friend, are the epitome of “no character, no honor, no integrity, and deceit.” You claim to be doing what you’re doing to “save our nation.” You are not; you are sabotaging a man who risked it all to turn this nation around. You claim you’re worried about his foreign policy tactics, and you don’t like what he is doing in Iran by withdrawing from Iranian Nuclear Deal, but yet you support giving these Cretans billions of dollars to continue developing their ambitions of destroying Israel. My God, you know full well what these radicals are going to do the moment they can get a bomb online.

You didn’t like that the President called out “Little Rocket Man,” but it worked! It got Kim Jong Un to the bargaining table, and now we have a summit.

When I was a child, sometimes my grandmother made me take some of the worst tasting crap I have to this very day ever put in my mouth. But guess what, the Castor Oil worked, and my stomach ache went away by the next morning when I visited the bathroom. Our nation at this moment in time is having to take some bad tasting medicine to correct years of not taking the proper care of ourselves.

President Trump is not a conventional United States President, on this we can all agree. But sometimes, a General Patton is needed to win conflicts. Yes, he Tweets when he probably should not Tweet. Yes, he calls out rogue actors and describes them vividly when he most likely should not. But, it is working, and he is winning the battles.

My friend the RAT; You should be supporting this President, not recruiting more operatives in the West Wing to support your deceit behind the President’s back. You should be helping to facilitate his vision and his mission, not undermining it. Lastly; tell your accomplices to stop leaking information to the Press, or I will expose you and all you’re doing!


Mr. President, while there have been a few times I have fussed at you for one thing or another, the fact is, I have supported you from day one and even endorsed you 4-full months before you came down the escalator. I believe you have accomplished more in your short tenure than most Presidents do in two terms. I have watched you visit with senior citizens, and you have shown more genuine compassion than any politician I have ever witnessed. Your love for our Veterans is genuinely on display as is your passion for children and believe me when I tell you (from the Grassroots level) you’re very much beloved because of your honesty and loyalty to our nation. If you do run again, you have our full support, and I will mobilize hundreds of thousands of ground troops on your behalf. If you choose to go home, we do understand your decision. Personally speaking, I would have been throwing water bottles at many of the press, not smiled and scolded them.

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