This current trajectory will almost certainly guarantee mass bloodshed across our nation and in our streets. Granted, we have not seen a Civil War in America since the mid-1860’s, and that particular war was caused mainly by the South feeling as though the North was usurping their States Rights. The South wanted to keep their slaves, and the North said NO. The South did not want to capitulate to the North’s political direction and this, of course, led to the bloodiest conflict our nation has ever seen.

One of the more famous Civil War’s happened just after America won our war against the British King George for our freedom. The French Revolution began in 1789 and did not end until the late 1790’s when Napolean took over in a coup. The French Revolution started mostly because the bulk of the nation lived in poverty while the Royal Family and the upper crust lived in total splendor. When studying revolutions around the world, economics is most often the principal cause of the people revolting against their government.

Could another civil war happen here in America? What would or could be the fuse that would light such a confrontation between 300-million-plus Americans, and our government? What could be so catastrophic as to cause the American people to turn against the government, turn against each other and set off blood-shed of the likes which none of us has ever seen?

Economics for one. Currently in the United States, the top 1% of the population control over 90% of the wealth in this country. In fact, according to CNBC the top 1% globally now control some 90% of the world’s wealth in total. Consider this for a moment. The Koch Brothers of Wichita, Kansas is worth collectively in excess of $100 Billion dollars. The most influential billionaire is probably Bill Gates who seems to be stuck at $65 Billion, then Warren Buffett comes in around the same. When considering these fabulously wealthy individuals, they and many more pale in comparison to that of the Rothchild family whose wealth is estimated at a staggering $400 Billion dollars (U. S. Currency).

These are but a few of the wealthy. We have families such as the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, J.P.Morgans, and others that are some of the richest in the world whose wealth is not published because they own everything and do not have to release any information to the public.

Now compare these fortunate few to the 45-million American citizens who live below the poverty line. 

Question: What would happen if the United States dollar collapsed tomorrow? It is widely known that the bulk of the population in our nation lives paycheck to paycheck. While technically they are not below the poverty line, the fact is, they have no savings to speak of and for the most part, they have no assets. The majority of homes in the nation are mortgaged at Chase, Wells Fargo or some other major banking chain. So what could cause the dollar to collapse and send this nation into overnight chaos? 

It is no secret that China is currently making a play to become the dominant global super-power. China is at the present time sitting on trillions of dollars of United States debt. China along with Saudi Arabia, Japan, and even some European nations control much of America’s debt bonds. What would happen if they called them due this afternoon? 

Along those same lines, what happens when our debt reaches the magic number of $24-27 Trillion. Many economists claim this is when we will no longer be able to pay off our debt as our interest alone, will consume the majority of our national revenue. This is going to create a huge stress on our ability to fund the military, pay what is due to our nation’s seniors via Social Security, not to mention all of our other obligations. 

We are rapidly closing in on $21-Trillion in debt very shortly we will be at the point of collapse. When this happens, our nation will descend into chaos with mass rioting, looting, and soon after that mass starvation will begin transpiring. It will be at this point that some 300-million Americans will turn on their government and demand solutions. 

Barring that horrific scenario, what is another possible cause of civil unrest to the point of a societal disaster? Without question, the most prominent is what happens this November. If the Democrats manage to win back the House of Representatives, they have made promises that they will seek to start impeachment hearings for President Trump.

The social unrest in this nation will undoubtedly create a very tenuous situation for Washington, D. C. To run with a tin-foil-hat theory for a moment, let us pose this question. What happens if the rumors about the Texas Militia are true? An excellent source (little-bird friend) told me in conversation just last week that the Texas Militia and it’s 50,000 members have pledged to travel to Washington, surround the White House and are prepared to fight to keep the duly and fairly elected President in the Oval Office. 

Hypothetically, what would happen if those 50,000 did do what the little bird told me? Then, you know if they do this, the Tennessee Militia, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida and the rest will follow suit. 

The hard truth is, America is strained at this present time. We have the media bashing this president on a daily basis. We have various ethnic groups causing more division than they are trying to heal. Celebrities are adding to the distrust and hatred as much as anyone, then you pile on Congressional leaders such as Maxine Waters calling for impeachment on a daily basis and what you’re left with is a recipe for disaster. 

This nation is at a breaking point, and we are now left with three choices. Our national leadership needs to step up and create some guidance for this country, and they had better do it sooner rather than later. Do we keep piling on more debt which will inevitably cause an economic disaster of epic proportions? Or do we have the Democrats next January begin impeachment hearings against this president just because they so abhor him? 

Who will be next Speaker of the House? Will it be Nancy Pelosi who will be the champion of running President Trump out of town and cause a significant societal breakdown and uprising? Or will it be someone who becomes a leader, begins to temper the rhetoric and build bridges and start healing this nation? Will we finally get a Speaker who can start the process of paying down our debt and balancing our nation’s checkbook? 

We can only hope!


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