As a national political blogger, campaign adviser, political pundit, and conservative grassroots operative, I have pretty much seen, read, and heard it all in campaigns. That is until now. What you’re about to read (particularly if you’re a Veteran or a grassroots Patriot) is going to make your blood boil. 

Campaigns, as a rule, can become pretty nasty at times. Candidate A will accuse Candidate B of cheating on their income taxes or not paying enough because their considered wealthy and “don’t have to pay.” This to me is fair game. Candidate B will accuse Candidate A of putting their puppy in a crate and tying him to the roof of the car, again, this is fair game. Accuse the candidate of buying ugly horses, not voting right on specific issues, wanting to give aliens from Pluto green cards, I don’t personally care. But to me, there are two areas where I will not go, and if a candidate does go there, then I will unconditionally not support that candidate under any circumstances.

Kerry Bentivolio is always on the front lines to support our Veterans.

You do not under any circumstances attack a candidates family for any reason! I don’t care if the candidate’s wife used to be a pole dancer, she is off limits, PERIOD! Unless you can prove that she was directly affiliated with criminal activity involving the candidate, then you stay away from that candidate’s family, no exceptions. The second area where you do not go in my book is Veterans records. You do not question that Veteran and his career as a Veteran under any circumstances for several reasons.

  1. You do not know what this Veteran did in service to his country. You were not there taking orders from his or her superior officers, and you were not drinking from the same stream in the jungle as he or she was. You were not in the same foxhole, and you were not trudging across a 120-degree desert with that Veteran.
  2. Unless you have access to his DD-214 at the Pentagon and the Department of the Navy, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard, then under no circumstances do you dare question it. Again, you were not there, and you do not know. This is something that in all my years of politics, I have never seen happen. Even John Kerry’s record was not questioned until he brought it up, then the entire group which operated the Swift Boats came forward and challenged his involvement. Until then, the Swift Boat operators had remained silent.

So, where am I going with all this? 

It seems that the Michigan District 11 Congressional race has taken a turn for the worse. District 11 candidate Rocky Raczkowski who happens to be a retired Lt. Colonel has decided to traverse off the decency course and not just dive headlong into the mud, but stoop even lower and head for the sewer system of politics.

The DD-214 that Rocky claims is fake! Utterly preposterous.

Initially, when Raczkowski challenged Congressman Kerry Bentivolio’s military record, Bentivolio did what most people would do, he presented his official military record (form DD-214) for the world to see. This apparently was not good enough for the brain-damaged (I say that tongue in cheek) former Colonel as Bentivolio presented a copy which had been documented and recorded with the Michigan Oakland Country Recorder’s office. Bentivolio actually did what I should have done decades ago. He had his DD-214 forever recorded in case he needed a copy for the future. I did not, and once when I did need a copy, I could not find mine and had to wait for some 4-months to get a copy from the Pentagon who had to go to the Naval Archives in New Orleans, and it was a nightmare getting a copy. This way, all Kerry Bentivolio has to do is go down to the country, and they print him a copy and notarize it.

No formal polling has been done on this race. However, some private polls have been done, and the ones that I have seen has Kerry Bentivolio up by some 20-points. Is this why Rocky is attacking Bentivolio with such lies as to claim that the Congressman’s military records are faked? Apparently so because he cannot attack him on his record. Let’s be real, Kerry Bentivolio’s record as a Congressman has a 93% conservative rating. Rocky can’t attack and claim that Kerry is not conservative. Bentivolio had a grade of 100% transparency rating which is astounding. Bentivolio wrote and co-sponsored 3-pieces of legislation in his first term which had bi-partisan support so he can’t say that the guy doesn’t work. I suppose in the end poor old Rocky has nowhere to go but to attack the guy’s military service to our nation.

In fact; at one point Rocky even went on the radio station WAAM and claimed that Kerry Bentivolio should not be Congressman because he was enlisted and Rocky was an Officer. Did Rocky not do his research? Bentivolio has 3, count them THREE COLLEGE DEGREES and is even a school teacher in Michigan. Bentivolio could at any time gone to Officer Candidates School and become an Officer. He chose not because he loved the relationship he had with the men under him. He loved being in the trenches with them, and he enjoyed working with them. That is what Sargents do; they save their men’s lives when it is most important. They use their experience to carry out missions, and along the way, they instruct their guys how to stay alive in the field. Kerry Bentivolio could have ridden a desk as most officers do, but he chose to serve America in the field of battle.

This is probably the most powerful response I have seen to this entire sordid display of Veterans treatment:

It has come to my attention that one of Mr. Bentivolio’s opponents in the primary campaign for the 11th Congressional Republican nomination has been falsely disparaging Kerry’s military service, intact calling into question his combat tours.  Mr. Raczkowski, a military veteran himself. should certainly know better than to challenge another’s service without factual documented information to the contrary.  Unless Mr. Raczkowski has such documentation, he should shut his mouth.

As a 24+ year veteran of both the Marines and Coast Guard, I not only find Mr. Raczkowski ’s conduct in this mater contemptible, but publicly lying for the sake of political expediency makes it perfectly clear what kind of individual the man is, and what kind of elected representative he would make.  In both instances, he paints himself as a disgraceful human being and a blot on both his former uniform and service branch.  

I have known Kerry for many years and spoken to him often during his tenure in the 113th Congress.  Having served myself during the Viet Nam conflict, I know enough not to question a serviceman’s history without actually having served WITH him or her during the period in question.  Having actually reviewed Kerry

Bentivolio has more character in his little finger than Rocky does in his entire body.

Bentivolio’s DD-214 documentation, I have absolutely ZERO reasons to question anything on it.  Mr. Razckowski should have enough decency to do the same.

Tom Backers
Chief Petty Officer, Retired
Am I supporting Kerry Bentivolio in this race, you bet I am. Be it known, I would have written this same article for any Veteran in any race in any part of this nation. To me, it is utterly reprehensible that a Lt. Colonel would attack another Veteran on his record of service to this nation. Bentivolio’s record of being awarded two Bronze-Stars for his service in both Vietnam and Iraq is almost unparalleled. I can understand Rocky being jealous as he has only one and it was not for battlefield heroics as Kerry’s is.
My recommendation to Kerry Bentivolio is to slap a multi-million dollar lawsuit on Rocky for “Defamation of Character” and let the court sort it out. Maybe Rocky will learn some respect that way because he sure as to heck is not displaying any now.
Lastly: I would encourage all Veterans to please donate to Kerry’s campaign in order that he can politically stomp a mud-hole in Rocky’s tail. I am literally foaming at the mouth now in anger at this scumbag for his actions toward a fellow Veterans.  
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