This article was written by Timothy Clemmons, a regular contributor to Crows Nest Politics Group on Facebook:

The Obama Administration

It seems based upon recent reports in the Press (Wall Street Journal, Washington Compost, Conservative Tree House, Dan Bongino, FOX News and others), when putting a few pieces of the puzzle together, there was nothing the Obama Administration in collaboration with the Democrat Party and the Hildabeast for President Campaign was not willing to do to ensure Hillary Clinton was elected President of the United States.

The only problem is, she didn’t win. Ooopppsss.

Let’s go down the list and explore what these miscreants, these cretins, these parasitic scum suckers, these criminally minded treasonous psychocrats actually did.

From sometime in 2015 until April of 2016 through the FBI, they allowed outside “Contractors” access to NSA Section 702 databases to conduct political espionage on potential political opposition opponents. Felonies and lots of them.

They allowed the destruction of evidence in the Clinton Espionage Case. Felony!

They gave unwarranted immunity deals out to potential defendants in the Clinton Espionage Case. Felonies!

They held a faux “Headquarters FBI Special” investigation where no Grand Jury was empaneled; no subpoenas were issued, no search warrants were executed, even with the knowledge that Top Secret SCI/SAP Intelligence information had been compromised. All of which is a series of felonies.

They wrote an exoneration letter, months before the faux “FBI Special Investigation” was even “disposed of.” Damning evidence of malfeasance and intent.

They employed foreign nationals to engage in political opposition research, to feed through the DOJ (Bruce and Nellie Ohr) and the State Department back channels, false and salacious information into the DOJ/FBI to support Hildabeasts campaign and to provide for an “insurance policy.”

*** Remember *** No official intelligence source verified any of the information contained in the Steele Pee Pee Dossier. Source: Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes.

In August 2016, the Obama Administration requested and received political espionage on Trump Tower and the entire Trump Campaign from British GBHQ. They had asked for an extension of that spying November the 17th, 2016, nine days after the election, and the British continued to conduct espionage on the President-Elect for at least 90 more days into February 2017 well after the Inauguration on January the 20th, 2017. Treason

They (the Obama folks), inserted moles under FBI/DOJ, employ to conduct espionage on the Trump Campaign, Trump President Elect transitional period and even as reported in the Wall Street Journal today, his Presidency.


They declared the stooge, Carter Page, an enemy of the state based upon the Steele Pee Pee Dossier allowing further espionage on the Trump Campaign, President-Elect Transition period and with three extensions, well into the Trump Presidency ninety days well past July of 2017. Disgusting and treasonous by our own people.

They initiated felony leaks through the unmasking of Americans names to further the establishment of the “Special Counsel.” 125 felonies committed in the first 126 days of the Trump Administration.

The FBI Director himself leaked classified government documents through an intermediary to support the establishment of a “Special Counsel.” He testified to Congress to that fact. Felony.

They used the CIA and DNI apparatus through Congress and the DOJ/FBI to help initiate a “Special Counsel.”

All of this because?

Why would people go to such extremes over a single Presidential election?

According to Dan Bongino, because they were literally in bed with the Russians through the Russian Reset and anyone else who was willing to pay for the secrets of our nation.

They all had committed treason previously, what did they have to lose.

That is why they needed an “insurance policy.”

Treason is Treason, no matter how many times you do it.

That is why they are still trying to overthrow the elected government of the duly elected President of the United States.

They know there is no “Statute of Limitations” on Treason.

They know that Treason is the only crime explicitly spelled out in the Constitution. Article 3 Section 3 to be exact.

I think we need to build a Gallows on the National Mall, so they all can get a visual of what is coming.

The meme attached is missing a bunch of people, but it will be a “Most Wanted” poster.

There is nowhere on Planet Earth they can go, they can run, but they can’t ever hide.

JUSTICE is coming, thankQ.


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