The first indication that the 2018 midterms might be doomed came in Alabama and the way the Senate special election was handled by the Republican Party. Rather than allow “We the People” and the good citizens of Alabama to decide for themselves “who they wanted” as their next United States Senator, the Washington elitists decided to put their thumbs on the scale. When the smoke had cleared, the elitists (under the supervision of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) had dumped over $30,000,000 only to lose to a severely underfunded Judge Roy Moore. Moore not only won the run-off election, but he humiliated the Republican Party and degraded President Trump’s coat-tails and “endorsing power.” 

The reasons for Moore’s loss will be debated until Hades freezes over. The Moderate factions will claim he was a baby molester while the far right will argue that Moore was ambushed with voter fraud. The reasons don’t actually matter much, what does matter is that Judge Roy Moore was defeated by a Democrat and the Republicans lost a seat in the Senate. 

The Alabama Senate special election race was the first clear indication that something was brewing at the Republican Ivory Tower. For the GOP to be willing to dump $30M large into a special election race means these guys are serious about selecting “who they want” to win the seats in the upcoming mid-terms to represent the Grand Old Party.  

Arizona, for instance, is a classic example of what the Republican Elitists are up to. For well over a year, Dr. Kelli Ward has been campaigning and raising money. She has even raised cash in the seven digits. As of March 31, she was approaching $2,000,000 that her team had managed to garner for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake. 

My “little birds” on the ground in Arizona are telling me this about this race. The ‘populist’ (IE: grassroots, Tea Party, conservative Republicans) love Dr. Ward. She, in fact, does have a considerable following in the state. Two monkey-wrenches have been thrown into the works for Dr. Ward. The first being Congresswoman Martha McSally from Tucson. This is the lady that was an A-10 fighter-pilot in Iraq and is very popular. However, she is not a reliable conservative, but a moderate at best. The upside to a McSally run is that she already has nearly $5,000,000 in her war-chest. This means the GOP won’t have to donate that heavily to ensure McSally has a fighting chance against the Democrats. You can smother Arizona in advertising for $5M.  

The next problem for Dr. Ward is everyone’s favorite Sheriff. For some strange unbeknownst reason, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to toss his hat into the Senate race as well. Why I have no idea. Snowballs have a better chance of survival in July than Sheriff Joe does of winning the primary for this Senate seat. What is happening though (according to recent polling) is that Arpaio is pulling a little less than 10% of the vote away from Kelli Ward. With this newest revelation, McSally now holds the lead in this hotly contested race. McSally is the Elitists pick for this campaign, and it makes you wonder “why” an 80-something retired Sheriff would enter this race at all. Did the boys in the Ivory Tower get to Sheriff Joe and make him a promise? A promise of what I cannot imagine, but seriously, if Joe cares about true conservatism, he needs to step out of this contest and let the girls go at it. The fact is this; “IF McSally wins the primary,” then the populist don’t vote in November, and the Democrat wins. They will know this race was rigged and not show up at the polls. The GOP needs to stay out of these primary races!

There is another federal race that has my ire up to a boiling point. The House race in District 11 in Michigan has me boiling angry. Some years ago, a very conservative fellow by the name of Kerry Bentivolio accidentally won this seat. I say accidentally because the front-runner was found (at the last minute) to have turned in petition signatures that were not valid, thusly preventing him from being on the ballot. This allowed Bentivolio to cruise to victory because the bulk District 11 is very conservative in their voting habits. This was something the elitists in D. C. just could not stand. Bentivolio in his first term ended with a 93% conservative rating, a 100% transparency rating and the people in the district loved him.

Epstein has used Donald Trump to promote herself by saying she “Ran” his campaign in Michigan. This has proven to totally false.

The GOP on Capitol Hill did not like him because he would not play ball. Bentivolio would not vote for debt limit increases, Omnibus bills and all the rest. This was a guy who was blue-collar and actually one of us! The elitists went in search of someone who would play ball. They found a fellow by the name of Dave Trott (who is now the sitting Congressman) who ponied up $3,000,000 in this small district and in addition to the enormous self-funded campaign fund, also donated $15,000,000 to the Michigan Republican Party. In other words, the Republicans found a moderate to purchase this seat out from under Bentivolio.

This time around, they are doing it again. Trott has decided to stay home, so he and the party located a lady by the name of Lena Epstein. Lena is a wealthy trust-fund baby from Detroit (doesn’t even live in the district) to run. She has started her campaign out with dropping $1,000,000 of her inheritance to kick off her chances.

This is the pure evil in all of this; 

Since Donald Trump won the election, the Republican Party has been on a non-stop fundraising drive. The GOP has over the past year, and a half raised more cash than it ever has in all of its history. Because of Donald Trump, record numbers have come pouring into the Republican Party bank accounts. There has not been a day go by that I have not received an email from the party on Trump’s behalf asking for money. What the GOP has successfully accomplished is, they have drained the bank accounts of donors nationwide. People who thought they were donating to Trump, but the money was actually going to the Republican Party. Now the GOP can bankroll their candidates, and the populist candidates can’t raise any cash.

Proof in point is Texas. Up until 2017, Senator Ted Cruz had been the GOP’s top fundraiser. Now, the Democrat Congressman from San Antonio is out raising Cruz by a 3-1 margin in the Lone Star State, and Cruz stands a genuine chance of being knocked off. Do you really think the Elitists are going to come to Ted Cruz’s aid? They hate the guy, and we are back to the snowball example. If this happens, Texas goes “BLUE,” and we won’t ever win another White House until we can turn it red again. This would happen all because of the gulf between the Elitists and the Populist in the Republican Party.

Make no mistake and do not misunderstand America, the Republican Party elitists in Washington are picking and choosing candidates, and they’re doing it with cold-hard-cash. They are going to do whatever they have to do to eradicate the radical conservative (of which I am one), and they want rid of Trump and his followers at all cost.

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