For over fifty years, the Democrats have thought they held the African American voter bloc all to themselves. And truthfully for the most part they have. As the old saying goes, “Times they are a Changing.” West who happens to be one of America’s top rapping super-stars, is also a record producer, songwriter, and fashion designer who now earns more for his sneakers than Michael Jordon. His contract with Adidas made him more than $100M last year alone. Being married to one of our nations most famous women (Kim Kardashian) certainly doesn’t hurt his branding or nameplate either.

Kanye is not the only Black Celeb to jump off the doomed runaway Democrat train. Over the past recent years, basketball star Charles Barkley has let his political leanings be known, and they are not left of center. In fact, Barkley could almost be considered a Tea Party conservative. Outspoken black activist includes Kevin Jackson (who is a regular on Fox News), Herman Cain (former Presidential Candidate and successful radio talk show host), Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther Kings Neice), Dr. Ben Carson (HUD Secretary), Colin Powell (Former Secretary of State), and many more.

West sent the Democrat Party, lefty media types and the zealots into a frenzy the other day by Tweeting out this picture of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Almost immediately, Kanye’s Twitter account was hammered by fans fleeing the superstar who had apparently suffered temporary brain damage according to the left-leaning pundits who were criticizing his decision. Kanye’s support of President did not stop there. After the attacks on his political character began, Kanye began a series of Tweets in defense of himself. The attacks started to become vicious which prompted his wife Kim K. to come out in defense with a Tweet that asked (paraphrasing) “What’s wrong with having an opinion and being a free thinker?”

The irony is with all the zealotry going on; Kanye West has never expressed his political views with any distinction. All he did say was, ” I like President Trump” more as a person than anything to do with political viewpoints. I will be curious to see what fallout and impact this latest kerfuffle with Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the left will have. West has millions of young black men as fans and followers. If there were anyone in America who could reach the urban young men, it would be Kanye West. And this is why he had all but torpedoed the Democrats. 

What happens when more minority Democrats come out in support of the President? West made some very poignant remarks about Barack Obama. One big one was questioning the status quo of Chicago. Kanya only asked, “What has he done for Chicago and what did he do?” He was referring to all the gun violence in The Windy City. 

When looking at Democrat governance and our nations crime rates, you don’t have to look any further than Democrat controlled cities. Chicago has more black youths killed in the last several years than we have lost in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 20-years. The tragedy is, the bulk of them have been at the hands of other black youths. Then move over to Baltimore, and down to Atlanta and you can readily see these are all cities with hideously high murder rates and they are all governed by Democrats. 

The tide is turning America. It is turning slowly, but it is turning. Donald Trump has brought plain talking reality back to popularity and with it, he is bringing a John Wayne swagger and he is carrying a big stick. 

Americans are figuring out that coddling doesn’t work, political correctness doesn’t work, but sometimes a good swift kick in the butt does work. You go Kanye, 63-million Trump voters have your back big league, my friend.

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