My fellow Americans, let us not kid or lie to ourselves, traditional conservatism in our precious United States of America is hanging by a thread. Gone are traditional Republican conservatives save but a few. Gone are the traditions of self-reliance, self-sacrifice, community, and reward for hard work that built this great republic. Progressivism and liberalism have replaced these great traits that were the backbone of our nation.

Before I continue, I would like each of you to invest about 45-minutes in this article and watch the video I have included. For those that are too young to remember, the video is of Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Az) accepting the nomination from the Republican Party to run for President in 1964. When you watch this, listen to the words and see if they are not a haunting prophecy of what would later happen in our nation. I think you will all be shocked when you view this.

After this infamous speech, Goldwater would go onto to become the standard bearer of modern conservatism in America. President John Kennedy who had just been assassinated in Dallas only the year prior had been the Prince of the Democrat Party. Kennedy however, had rejected a call for ever-expanding government and higher taxes. Kennedy, in fact, had lowered taxes and was attempting to balance the budget when he was murdered on that horrific day in November of 1963. 

It would be President Lyndon Johnson who took the Democrat Party toward a more socialistic stance. While Kennedy was a fiscal conservative and a more socially tolerant Democrat believing in equal rights for all, it was Johnson who decided to enslave minorities to the Party by beginning welfare programs that passed out money and food. Do not for a moment believe that Lyndon Johnson did this because he loved minorities. He did it for the sole purpose of enslaving an entire race of people to the Democrat voter bloc. When he signed the legislation known as “The Great Society,” he famously stated: “Now we own the niggers for the next two-hundred years.” No this was not one of his more stellar moments, but he did say it in front of several of his cabinet secretaries who repeated the quote to the press in later years. 

Many scholars throughout history have speculated as to why Goldwater lost that 1964 race to Lyndon Johnson. Many believe that it was because of one of the most famous political ad commercials of all time. Remember the little girl picking daisies while the nuclear bomb goes off behind her? I tend to believe differently. I lean more toward the theory that he lost because LBJ had begun passing “free goodies while expanding” the Democrat voter base. To prove the point, this is maybe the most significant argument for conservatism in America. Ronald Reagan delivered this speech at the same convention. 

Today’s modern Democrat Party has swung so far to the left that it is barely even recognizable as the Democrat Party any longer. This swing left millions of Democrats without a political home. Usually, this would have been a good thing for Republicans, had they stayed home where they belonged. But, when the Democrats, the Republicans did the same. And this is what has given way to the “Grassroots/Tea Party” movement. The traditional conservative wing of the GOP has stayed, while the leadership of the GOP decided to go left in an effort to pick up these disenfranchised Democrats.

Rather than stand on principle (meaning lower taxes, balanced budgets, etc.), the Republicans decided to acquiesce to the Dem’s and sign onto whatever legislation was put up. This is why we have a budget strangling Omnibus bill, and we still have Obamacare.

There is a bit of good news though. We do have some good candidates running this midterm that can and will replace some of these moderate (liberal) Republicans. I would submit that you need to check these guys out and do help them if you can. They are up against a very corrupted GOP establishment in their races, but they can win if you help them out.

The first is a traditional conservative who also happens to be a war hero from Michigan. This guy served one term in Congress before a liberal came along, bought the Michigan GOP with a massive donation of $15,000,000.00, then went on to spend over $3,000,000 of his own money to buy the seat in the district. After two terms, the robber-baron decided to quit, and this has left the door open for the good-guy to claim the seat once again. The only problem is, there is trust fund baby by the name of Lena Epstein in the race. Lena claims she supported for and worked for President Trump in Michigan. This is a lie as we have researched her and she never worked for the Trump campaign, but she does have millions of dollars to throw around. DON’T LET THIS SEAT GO TO A PROVEN LIAR AND RICH GIRL WHO IS SPENDING DADDIES MONEY! Check out Kerry Bentivolio‘s website, donate if you’re able and let’s take this seat back for the conservatives.

The next race is going to be a bloodbath in Missouri. Claire McCaskill is finishing her 2nd Term and running for her third. It is time to send her into retirement. She has never failed to vote the party line, fought for Obamacare, and has been a thorn in the side of Republicans since taking office.

Tony Monetti is a rock solid conservative who has a stellar record. He is a retired Lt. Colonel bomber pilot (he flew B-52’s, B-1’s and the Stealth B-2’s) who flew many missions in the Gulf Wars. I would encourage you to visit his website, watch the video’s and he too needs your help. Monetti is not just a war hero, but he is also a small business owner who I am told is very popular because of his tasty pizza at his Italian Restaurant he owns. In fact, I hear this pizza is so good that it is worth the trip down to Missouri to buy one. DONATE TODAY TO TONY MONETTI and let’s whip Claire and send her home.

Patriots; We have to continue to support the Republican Party, but we are making progress by replacing the liberal ones with conservative ones. Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and more are beginning to make a difference. Let’s keep the pedal down and marching forward.

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