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The Accidental Congressman

The True Story of How an Army Sargent who played Santa became a United States Congressman

The Biography of Congressman Kerry Bentivolio by Ken Crow



Chapter One: Winning the Lottery

While January of 2009 was indeed cold with ice and snow covering most of the United States, the true shivers for America’s bones began emanating from the decorated balcony of our nation’s capital.

The 44th President of the United States had just taken the oath of office and had begun his Inaugural address to the nation. There never was nor is there any disputing that Barack H. Obama is without question one of the greatest orators this nation has ever witnessed or listened too. His deep baritone voice and well-rehearsed timing would make most any Christian Minister envious.

Most newly elected Presidents will give speeches that are designed to both inspire and motivate our nation to want to achieve greatness. Most notably is the historical line from President John Kennedy’s address where he so eloquently states: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This statement is probably the most recognizable Presidential inaugural line in all of history for our great country.

Nearly all of our President’s gave addresses that set agenda’s or challenged our nation. Kennedy talked about having goals to walk on the moon, Reagan talked about spreading liberty and freedom throughout the world. President George H. W. Bush would discuss thousands of points of light, while Nixon would dwell on achieving victory in South East Asia and bringing our boys and girls home from Vietnam.

In none of the previous forty-four Presidents addresses, was the subject of “fundamentally changing our nation” ever broached. This President wasn’t talking about national goals or achieving new heights economically; he was talking about changing the core value system of an entire nation. Almost as if the previous two-hundred and forty years of our history had never existed.

This speech on this day in January of 2009, did indeed send shivers down the spine of nearly all Americans who subscribe to a more traditional and conservative point of view. You could just feel that something wasn’t right. You could sense it in the air that something was about to change and it would not be for the better.

In the fall of 2008, America had been rocked by massive losses on the stock market. If that wasn’t bad enough, President George W. Bush had been awakened at 2:00 AM by his aide who informed him that the Treasury Secretary and most of his staff was waiting in the Oval Office for him. The news they were about to give him was probably the worst news that a President can receive in the middle of the night. Other than some rogue nation launching nuclear missiles at America, being told that all of your banking industry will fail at 9:00 AM the next morning is without question, news that is doom for any White House to receive.

To prop up the banking industry, Bush was told he would have to infuse hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking system and let the world know this before the banks, and Wall Street opened, or else.

It was this horrific economic news that helped to propel Obama to the White House. Obama hit the campaign trail pounding the Republicans on spending our children into economic slavery and talking about how a 9 trillion dollar debt was unconscionable. It was this out of control spending that demanded you vote for someone who was more fiscally responsible.

We now know that America bought that campaign rhetoric hook, line, and sinker. The United States was not going to gamble on another Republican candidate by voting for Senator John McCain and the Alaskan blow-torch Sarah Palin.

It was those first few days that seemed to rock our nation to her core. It was almost as if, when Obama walked up Pennsylvania Avenue while holding our new First Lady’s hand, he had already begun spending money while waving at the millions who had turned out on the frigid winter day to witness his inauguration.

Between late January of 2009 and February 19, 2009, Barack Obama and his Democrat controlled House and Senate had already spent hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.

It would be on this day that a CNBC Economic’s Reporter by the name of Rick Santelli would hit the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. His now infamous 5-minute rant would be the nuclear radiation that sparked a political explosion that has literally changed the United States political alignment. Santelli’s closing line of starting a Chicago Tea Party to stop the economic bleeding sent America’s conservatives on to the warpath that would become the largest grassroots movement in our nation’s history.

Almost simultaneously as Santelli’s camera lights flickered from green to red, telephone lines across America had begun burning up. Out in Des Moines, Iowa, a gentleman by the name of Charlie Gruschow happened to be home that morning and caught the now infamous rant. Within minutes Charlie was on the phone forming the Des Moines Tea Party.

By the time April 15, 2009, rolled around Charlie, and hundreds more were holding Tea Party rallies across America. Rallies were being held from Sacramento to Orlando. Some of the largest were Madison, Wisconsin and Hartford, Connecticut where some 15,000 brave citizens turned out with snow still on the ground to protest bailouts, excessive spending, and government cronyism by the President and his Administration.

The Tea Party movement over the next two years would grow into the largest grassroots movement in all of American history. Organizations like Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, Tea Party of America, Tea Party Nation and more would accumulate tens of millions of members who would prove to be a huge power broker in the upcoming 2010 mid-term elections.

Late in 2009, the Democrat-held House of Representatives and Senate had worked hard to give President Obama a government-run health care plan. The plan known as the Affordable Care Act (loosely known as Obamacare) was one of the major pet projects for the Dems and Obama.

The President and Democrats had made health care one of their lynchpin issues in the campaign in 2008, and by George, Barack Obama was going to get this done one way or another.

Many of the inner-workings of the massive piece of legislation were being withheld from not just the American people, but it was also being withheld from the members of the House of Representatives. Never in American history had the people of this nation seen a bill that was to be voted on without ever being read by the members voting on it.

The Speaker of the House in defense of her withholding the bill from public viewing would become more famous for her bizarre statement of: “We have to pass the bill before we can read what’s in it.” It would be this statement that would be the ammunition the Republicans would use over and over again in the upcoming mid-term elections of 2010. And use they did, tens of thousands of television ads ran that cycle with video’s of Pelosi reciting that quote in her news conference. Over and over it ran, along with the quote of Barack Obama stating that he was going to “fundamentally change America.”

The Tea Party’s message was pretty simple in nature. It did not take a high-priced political operative to design campaigns for most of the new candidates running back in 2010. The wave coming against the Democrats in 2010 was going to prove enormous. The irony was, the donkey’s had no idea it was coming, but coming it was, and it was going to drown the Democrat party for the two-three terms with little hope of recovery. Even the Republican Party had no idea of the gravity of the backlash coming, and that backlash was coming from the Tea Party.

By the time the smoke had cleared on election night in November of 2010, the news media was sitting in shock even while on the air. You could see the expressions written on their faces almost as if they had all just seen ghost. The Republicans had just stolen 63 seats in the House of Representatives, and many of them were new members who had never before run for any office. These were hard-charging constitutional conservatives who were bound and determined to overthrow Obamacare.

The Tea Party had campaigned on whether or not Obamacare was constitutional or legal if at all. By this time, the Tea Party and the rest of America had begun figuring out that this was nothing short of a takeover by the government of our health care system. Citizens were losing their doctors, premiums had already begun escalating and to say that America was angry would an understatement of epic proportions.

Combine Obamacare with nearly a Trillion dollars worth of bailouts for many of Obama’s friends and wasted taxpayers money and now you had the recipe for one of largest shellackings in all of history of our nation.

Milford, Michigan is one of those midwestern towns that Norman Rockwell could very well have painted scenes from. Milford is home to many who commute to Detroit, but it far enough away where life seems to slow down, and the residents spend more time playing with their children than they do most anything else. It is rural, clean, crime is low, and all the neighbors know each other.

Milford is also over 70% Republican and is the home to Kerry Bentivolio. Kerry moved here after his tour in Vietnam with his wife Karen, and this is the town where they raised their children and decided to call home permanently.

After the carnage that Kerry had seen in the Southeast Asia war, he developed a deep seeded love of watching children laugh and play. If one wants to watch true happiness on a child’s face, have Santa Clause show up with a sleigh being pulled with real reindeer.

Kerry’s small acreage and rural address afforded him the opportunity to do just that. Kerry Bentivolio began raising reindeer and training them to pull Santa’s sleigh for parades, parties, and other events. He would almost become a celebrity in the area because of the Santa business.

It would be this passion for young people, his patriotism for the nation, his love of Karen, and his anger of what was happening in Washington which would fuel his almost daily rants while pacing around his home.

After the horrific defeats in 2010, Bentivolio was elated with the results. It would be around this time that one of Kerry’s in-laws by marriage began chirping in his ear that he too should run for Congress. The argument was basic, “Kerry, you are a Veteran who loves this nation, these other guys did it, you can too.”

For Kerry, the motivation to run for Congress would not come from his anger toward Obamacare or the wasteful spending. While those were certainly factors, they were not his primary driving force. What was the driving force for Kerry was the horrible treatment he was receiving from the Veterans Administration.

Back in 2007, while serving in Iraq, Bentivolio had received an injury when a rocket from the insurgents had landed nearby, and Kerry was blown off his feet, rolled down an embankment and suffered a broken neck. Kerry had spent the last several years in treatment and trying to get his neck resolved. It had been a 3-4 year war with the VA to get this accomplished.

If anything was going to motivate Kerry Bentivolio to run for Congress, it would be his treatment from the VA Hospital system.

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