After President Trump launched some 105 cruise missiles into Syria in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the shook in both fear and trepidation. America both cheered and they also sat back in wonderment of what this action could bring in the coming days. The same held true for the United Kingdom. Prime Minister went on national television to explain why Britain had become embroiled in an action that could leave her vulnerable to a Russian reprisal. 

There is no disputing that Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad is a monster with apparently no conscience, no guilt, nor any empathy for humanity whatsoever. According to all intelligence reports given to President Trump, Assad did, in fact, attack his own people with nerve gases and possibly chlorine as well. These types of weapons are and have been deemed off limits by the world community for decades. 

When Assad pulled this stunt some years back, then President Obama tried to draw his line in the sand and be a tough guy. We all saw how well this worked out. 

Globally the United States appeared weak and feckless as Assad kept carrying out menacing attacks on innocent women and children, as America stood by and did not respond except with only empty rhetoric after the President has issued the ultimatum with the “Red Line in the Sand.”

Under President Trump’s administration, the President issued warnings to Kim Jong Un that he had to stand down on his nuclear development projects. Little Kim did not, and Trump responded each time with harsher and harsher sanctions. This has left the rogue leader with an empty bank account, no oil and a ton of pressure from his people who appear to be going hungry. Because of the President’s tough stand on North Korea, this seems to have driven a wedge between Kim Jong Un and his best friend, the Chinese. The result is; Kim now wants to meet with the President to discuss North Korea’s future.  A victory for President Trump who has managed to do something that five previous President’s could not do.

Iran, on the other hand, does not seem to be budging on their desire to finish their nuclear ambitions. The President has come out on several occasions to explicitly state the deal that Barack Obama made with this rogue Islamic state is untenable and will be renegotiated. Expect tensions between Iran and America to only increase in the coming weeks and months. One way or another Trump will force a showdown with Iran and most likely sooner rather than later. The problem with Iran like Syria is that Russia is an ally of this Persian state. How close of a partner is anyone’s guess, but I am pretty sure that CIA and the Oval Office would be aware?

If you’re wondering my thoughts on all of the above, here goes.

Vladimir Putin is a brilliant and wise leader. We may not like some of his actions, but the fact is, this guy is exceptionally bright in many ways. President Trump is highly intelligent as well. Both men are very proud and borderline arrogant. The United States bombed Syria last year, and Russia stood by and allowed it to happen with little or no impunity. This time seems to be different. Russia is claiming that “somebody” other than Russia or Syria used the chemical weapons. They are professing innocence.

Putin doesn’t want a full-scale war with America any more than we want one with Russia. However, I do not see Vladimir standing back and taking this latest bombing of Syria without responding in some fashion other than just talk. I see Russia doing something to perform some muscle flexing. Does it come in the form of an attack on America? I doubt it but don’t rule out some response in a third world nation that America supports. Putin did issue a dire warning for the United States yesterday.

The question now becomes, will Little Kim take the hint that Donald Trump is very serious about his nuclear ambitions? Most likely he will. Will President Trump extend an olive branch to the portly dictator? I think he will play in the venue of improved economic growth. Trump will likely offer up some sort of trade deal with North Korea if he agrees to stand down.

As for Iran, I see trouble on the horizon with these guys. The difference in Kim and Iran is: Iran is rogue because of religious ideology whereas Little Kim is only following in daddy’s footsteps. He knows no different, whereas Iran is pursuing a flawed religious zealotry. If Putin decides to implement repercussions upon the United States, then Iran is the perfect place to do it. Iran could very well end up being a major thorn in the side of President Trump. We shall see America, grab your popcorn, this one could take a while.

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