One of the former stars of President Trump’s television hit show “Apprentice” was fellow by the name of Donald Jay “Donny” Deutsch. When Trump would bring Deutsch on the show, he often praised him as one of the top ” Branding and Marketing Experts” in the United States. Donny Deutsch up until recently had been a long-time friend and ally of President Trump. It was undeniable the two had been friends for many, many years. 

This morning on MSNBC’s program “Morning Joe,” Deutsch was brought on to offer his opinions on President Trump’s actions and what he is likely to do with the Mueller probe. Knowing Donald Trump better (from a business perspective) than just about anyone, Deutsch offered up his thoughts. Donny Deutsch dropped a bombshell this morning with this statement: “Donald Trump, sometime in the next two-weeks will not only fire Robert Mueller, but he will also fire Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.” He went on to say; that this will happen at night and most likely on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

One has to ask, “what happens next if he does decide to fire Mueller?” 

President Trump is now facing two enormous problems. The first being that Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation into what appears to be the President’s business dealings, alleged payoff’s to porn stars, prostitutes, and other personal affairs. Combine this with last weeks raid on President Trump’s private Attorney’s office and home where Mueller’s team seized all of Michael Cohen’s records, and it is quite apparent that Robert Mueller has indeed expanded his witchhunt of the President.

As if it couldn’t get any worse for President, now comes James Comey’s new book.

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Via “The New York Times”

In his absorbing new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” the former F.B.I. Director James B. Comey calls the Trump presidency a “forest fire” that is doing serious damage to the country’s norms and traditions.

“This president is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values,” Comey writes. “His leadership is transactional, ego-driven and about personal loyalty.”

Comey goes into detail about many meetings with the President and how so very dysfunctional (his words, not mine) these meetings were. According to those who have read the book; Comey describes meetings just after the election back in 2016 when he met with Trump’s transitional team. Apparently, in this meeting, he is trying to explain that Russia had in fact tampered with the election and the President has his team trying to spin the topic of the meeting for the media.

I do want to make one comment about James Comey. While most of his conduct is up for question, there is one issue that needs to be addressed. Going back to the famous news conference where he described the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s computer issues, servers, etc., there is something that everyone needs to understand.

America recoiled in frustration and anger at the end of that press briefing when after the FBI Director had just spent 15-minutes laying out a criminal case against the former Secretary of State, he then appears to let her off the hook. James Comey was trapped, and there was absolutely no way out for him. He was going to be grilled, tarred, and feathered and he had no way to defend himself. Allow me to explain.

Hillary Clinton was never going to be prosecuted for anything. She wasn’t then, and she isn’t going to be today. While I wasn’t in on the phone call or meeting, I promise you; he got a call from the President who ordered him to stand down. The reason is simple. There has been a long-standing unwritten rule in the United States that no President or top Cabinet Official will ever be prosecuted or put on trial for their conduct while serving. The reason is simple. Every President will break the law, either law within the United States or International laws. They have to do this to protect our nation. IE: Overthrowing foreign governments! There are reams of laws on the books about this sort of thing. That being the case, then we should put President George Bush, SOS Rice, Dick Cheney and the rest on trial for overthrowing Saddam Hussain. How about Ronald Reagan running guns to Central America via selling drugs to pay for them? Oh yes, he did this, and the world knows it. Then, of course, we have Obama and all of the Arab Spring a few years back.

The bottom line is, if we start prosecuting our nations top leadership, the world watches in horror, and we destroy relationships with foreign countries. Then they lose faith in America, and nobody will ever run for office again for fear of being sent to prison. And that is just the start of the many bad things that will befall our nation if we prosecute our leadership.

Comey knows that Donald Trump knew all of this and yet he was fired anyway. Now President Trump has a genuine problem. He is going to have the former FBI Director out spilling his guts about the behind the scenes happenings in the Oval Office, and he has Mueller about to string up Michael Cohen who he can squeeze until he starts singing.

President Trump is now in a box. If he fires Mueller to end this, then the House has already indicated they will proceed with Impeachment hearings. In fact, the Senate is already drafting protection mechanisms to protect Mueller’s investigation into the President. This would block the President from even being able to fire him.

My fellow patriots; don’t shoot the messenger here, but it appears after looking at this carefully, “our President is in trouble,” and the sharks are circling the dingy which is leaking air. I am afraid President Trump might have tried to take on too much too soon when he decided to drain the swamp. It sure looks like an alligator has him by the leg and is going to drag him under. I am not happy about this at all.

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