When Ken Starr was first appointed by a three-judge panel to investigate the Clinton Administration, his initial investigation was surrounding the strange suicide death of Vince Foster and real-estate scam known as White Water. Starr would later receive authority to conduct additional investigations. Those would include the firing of White House Travel Office personnel, potential political abuse of confidential FBI filesMadison GuarantyRose Law Firm, the Paula Jones lawsuit, and the most scandalous of all, the possible perjury and obstruction of justice to cover up President Clinton’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky

Ken Starr had a glorious career by any measure as a Professor of Law at Baylor University, being a Federal Judge and many other accomplishments. However, it is his tenure as the prosecutor and “Man who brought down Bill Clinton” that he will forever be remembered. It goes without question that when Starr became Special Prosecutor, the last thought he had was that his investigation would end with an impeachment of a President. But that is the problem with these types of investigations. They give the Special Prosecutor a broad swath and a virtually unlimited budget to investigate with.

In the case of Special Investigator Robert Mueller, he now has over a dozen high-priced Attorney’s working for him and all he is doing now (is the same thing that Starr did), is following the breadcrumbs to wherever they lead. What began as an investigation into a charge that President Trump’s team had colluded with the Russian government to manipulate the 2016 Presidential election, has now opened up into an investigation over FEC crimes involving improper donations to the campaign. In the course of finding his way through the “fake Russian dossier,” the evidence trail led Mueller to former campaign director Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

As if that isn’t enough bad news for Team Trump, now we have (breaking today) a story out about the Doorman at Trump Tower being paid $30,000 by the National Enquirer for what apparently is his story involving a love child with one of Trump’s employees. However, the worst news for President Trump came last week when his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen had his offices and home raided by Special Investigator Robert Mueller. Mueller had enough evidence to warrant the raid regarding the $130,000 payment to a former porn star just two-weeks before the 2016 election.

This entire debacle (for the President) is not going away. In fact, it seems to be growing in scope and depth. The Democrats and Mueller is still trying to bait the President into testifying or offering depositions to the investigation. This sort of reminds me of that famous question “so, Mr. Smith, when did you stop beating your wife?” There is no right answer and either way you answer; you’re trapped. That is precisely what Mueller would do to Trump.

Up until now, the President has been primarily insulated because he has a substantial majority in the House of Representatives and a majority in the Senate. In this recent op-ed by conservative activist Erik Erikson, apparently, Erikson ran into an unnamed Congressman at a Safeway Grocery store the other night. This particular Congressman decided to unload on the President via remaining anonymous. Since there is an enormous of profanity in this article, I will only say that one of the statements made by the Congressman is very troubling. He apparently elaborated greatly on how the Republican’s are turning on the President and are more than willing to hold impeachment hearings if the President fires Robert Mueller. This information is most likely true as the Senate Republicans are now drafting protection mechanisms to protect the Mueller investigation.

My fellow Americans and all those that love this nation:

There is now little disputing that the “swamp is deep and infested with the corruption of the likes that we cannot begin to comprehend.” Our worst fears are now being realized that there is precious little difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. What you see happening now is a concerted effort by the Mueller team to discredit and embarrass the President because their Russian Collusion investigation failed miserably. The President is now trapped in many ways. It is obvious the Mueller camp has strayed away from their original purpose and the “witch-hunt” has begun in earnest.

If the President terminates Mueller, it is almost without question that he would face an impeachment which he could actually lose. Remember, impeachment is almost a hundred percent political and has very little to do with “legal, lawful or actual charges that would stand in court.”

What needs to happen now is; the American people need to rise up and let this Congress know that we will not tolerate the impeachment of Donald Trump under any circumstances unless actual criminal charges can be proven where has broken the law “AFTER BECOMING PRESIDENT.

Start the emails to your Congressmen and Senators America. This President needs our support and he needs it fast.

Email me with your thoughts; (kwrcrow@gmail.com)