At high-noon on January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump took the “Oath of Office” to become President of the United States of America. By becoming President of these United States, he assumed the responsibility of being the guardian of our Founding Documents and the Chief Protector of our nation and our borders.

When the President learned of a swarm of potential invaders traversing Mexico in an effort to gain entry into the United States, he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He contacted the border Governors and ordered the National Guard to the border to protect our homeland. This is the President’s job. This is without question the most important duty he has as Commander and Chief.

Are all of these refugees from Central America? Nobody knows for sure.

In the recent Omnibus negotiations, the President had expressed an interest and willingness to discuss DACA. This news apparently made its way down to Central America where some 1,500 refugees created a caravan and began marching north to the United States. This is not just any caravan. It is chocked full of adult males, adult women, children, and the Lord only knows who else. According to most news reports, the caravan began in Central America, and Honduras seems to be the consensus for its origin.

Here is the problem my fellow Patriots. Once again, we don’t have a clue who is in this caravan. During the Obama administration, we had this similar situation happen several times. I’m pretty sure you all remember when we had the flood of “children” show up at the borders. During those humanitarian debacles, we found many “refugees” who were of fighting age and were actually from the Middle East. Not to sound or appear to be racist, but the reality is, a Mexican with Indian (native) heritage will appear darker skinned and very similar to someone from Lebanon, Yemen, etc. It is challenging to tell the difference without forcing them to speak. Our border patrol has to know the difference. These fellows from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, and Yemen, did not travel halfway around the world to have coffee and donuts. They are here for very nefarious purposes.

President Trump knows that these want-to-be terrorist are using every opportunity to sneak into our country. This is why he has ordered the National Guard to the borders. I can assure you; the President doesn’t give to shakes about a few children and women coming into America. What he does care about is the 23-year-old male who appears Latino but is actually from Hamas in Lebanon.

So far, Texas Governor Abbott has been fully supportive of sending the Guard to the Rio Grande. Yesterday, New Mexico and Arizona’s Governor’s signed up for the President’s plan to stop the invasion. Want three guesses who is balking and refusing to honor the President’s request? That’s right my brothers and sisters, our good friend California Governor Jerry ‘Moon-Beam’ Brown and now he a sidekick also named Brown. She would be the Oregon Governor who has decided to join the chorus of anti-American Governors.

These two moronic Governors would rather trade America’s safety for illegal voters from South of the Border or worse yet from the Middle East.

America, it is time President Trump has Moon-Beam Brown and his Northern neighbor arrested for high-crimes or whatever charges the DOJ deems they can be charged with to send these two traitors packing.

The President’s job is to protect our homeland. Anytime you have a Governor who willfully stands in the way or subverts the President’s duty, I have to believe that would constitute a crime of the highest order. I am not an educated legal eagle, but this to me is common sense. Governor Moon-Beam has repeatedly and willfully gone against our legal system with his ordering of “sanctuary cities,” and we now see the result of his actions. San Francisco for decades has been named as one of the prettiest cities on this planet. Today, it is a cesspool of trash, feces on the streets, drunks, drug addicts who terrorize residents and is rapidly becoming a third-world nation. This once proud and progressive city is deteriorating at a frightening pace.

Mr. President; It is long past time to send a message to these morons in California. Send in the United States Marshalls and let’s let Jerry sit in the cooler for a few days and see if we cannot get his attention. Just my thoughts America, what are yours?


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