Many stories, articles, and misguided pieces have been put out recently that Hillary Clinton’s perp walk was imminent. In fact, a couple of months ago, I was even given information that Hillary’s arrest or at least being indicted for crimes was about to happen any day now. The verdict is in; this too was wrong information. However, with that said, this information is not bad and in fact “straight from the horse’s mouth as it were.” 

I was speaking recently (as in the past 48-hours) with a very close friend of mine. This particular friend had eaten lunch recently with a member of Congress who had eaten lunch the day before with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. So, this info is only once removed from the source. Also, two weeks ago, I spoke with a Congressman on Capitol Hill whom I had breakfast with and posed the same question only to receive the same answer. Now we have two Congressmen saying the same thing to the same issue.

QUESTION: When is Hillary Clinton going to be indicted for crimes beyond comprehension to this nation? Let’s be real Congressman; she has lied to sub-committees, she has sold off national assets which affect our national security for private donations to her own foundation. She has lied to the American people about Benghazi after she allowed those Embassy personnel to die needlessly. Or was it? She has lied about her computer servers, transferred top-secret information on an open server (which is a felony) and the list goes on. When is this lady going to face justice?

ANSWER: She won’t ever face a jury, she won’t ever do a perp walk, she won’t ever be indicted. She will and has walked free, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

I’ll give you all 5-minutes to calm down before I continue.

Take three deep breaths, grab an ice cold glass of tea and let’s continue. 

This is what a sitting Congressman told me a couple of weeks ago. I believe it was Caeser who said (“Don’t shoot the Messenger”).

Since the beginning of the United States of America, there has been an unwritten rule in place. This rule states that “No former President or Very Senior Personnel in that administration will be charged with crimes they committed while in office.” As my face was twisted in shock, the Congressman continued.

The reality is this, the President, Secretary of State and other top officials often do things for national security purposes that would land them in jail in the Hague if the world knew about it. The United States routinely operates outside the boundaries of not just our laws, but International laws as well. IE: Remember Saddam Hussein? This guy had actually been treating his own people very well. His enemies, not so much, but his own people, they were doing quite well. Yes, he had gassed the Kurds, but otherwise, Saddam was nothing like what the American people were being told he was like. In fact, Saddam had been put in power by our own CIA years before to start a war with Iran. We armed Saddam, supplied him with money and told him to destroy Iran.

It wasn’t until Saddam was tired of being a United States puppet that it was decided, he must go, and we must replace him. The problem was, we had nobody to replace him with, and it left a vacuum in Iraq. As Paul Harvey used to say, and “now you know the rest of the story.”

Image of ISIS Terrorist

ISIS was created to overthrow many foreign governments in the Middle East. Courtesy of Barack Obama and his administration.

The United States has done this globally for decades. Remember Egypt a few years ago? That is precisely what happened there. Barack Obama decided he wanted someone from the Muslim Brotherhood to be in control of Egypt. Never mind the 40-year ally we had in power, he wanted a Brother from the Brotherhood. Now Egypt is nothing like it used to be. Today the nation is much weaker than before and no longer an ally of Israel. But the reality is, the United States was heavily involved in that overthrow.

Some will say; “put her on the stand,” and the truth is, that is the last thing the Department of Justice can do. 

Can you imagine putting former President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or Colin Powell on a witness stand? The entire world’s relationships would be undermined with the United States. No future leader would have the trust of foreign leaders. To do something like this would be disastrous for foreign policy. 

The second major issue would be when a Republican administration leaves office; the incoming Democrat administration would be prosecuting the former and visa/versa. 

If Jeff Sessions decides to go after Bill and Hillary or Barack Obama or anyone, it will open a Pandora’s Box that would severely damage America’s credibility on a global scale. 

For those who are holding your breath to see Hillary in handcuff’s, you might as well start breathing again because it “ain’t gonna happen.” 

I’m genuinely sorry to bring you this news, but it is true, not fake. 


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