There are many age-old truths in life. For eons, the sun has risen every morning and set every evening. And, if you plant corn you will not get beans in six-weeks, you’re going to get corn growing from the soil.

America is in shock today. How can a 15-16-17 or 18-year-old boy load a gun, walk into a classroom and begin gunning down his classmates? Many have decided that it is the guns fault and have started pushing for legislation that restricts the manufacturing and sales of certain types of firearms if not all of them. I think we all can agree that a gun doesn’t load itself, hop off the bed, drive 2-miles down the street, walk in and start firing at children.

For those who are 50-years-old and above, born and raised in a rural area of our nation will remember going to school and most of the pickup trucks in the student parking area had guns safely stowed in racks behind the seats. Most if not all of these same students walked into a classroom with an “Old-Timer” pocket knife in their jeans pocket as well. I am being as honest as I can here: I don’t recall ever hearing of a school shooting in this nation back in the 60’s, 70’s or even the early 80’s.

That being said, the question now becomes “so what has changed?”   

Probably ten years ago, I remember I was driving somewhere and listening to Rush Limbaugh. Rush was lamenting the state of the nation that day, and he said something that I will (if I live ten lifetimes) never forget. There had been some sort of young person doing something and murdering someone Limbaugh was talking about how the youth in our nation had begun losing their empathy for life. In other words, our country was drifting away from revering life, and this would end up taking a heavy toll on our society. He reasoned that America was doing everything (or at least it seems that way) to devalue what a human being is worth. To make his point, he pointed toward Planned Parenthood and how cheap it was to take another life “all under the guises of a woman’s right to choose.”

The Tragic Truth Is This

It is one thing for a singular person to take a life. Either by anger at catching another man with your wife or by some drugged crazed lunatic walking into a McDonalds and shooting up the place. It is quite another for the Federal Government to legalize murder. This sends the message to society that life is no longer precious and we are witnessing the results today. Guns have been around from the beginning of this nation, and except for one or two instances back in the 60’s, this nation has never experienced the rash slaughter in masses that we have witnessed over the past twenty years.

Governor Bevin of Kentucky recently was recorded synopsizing this on video. This is well worth watching.

We sit back as a nation and wonder, “what is wrong with our youth?” What is wrong in Chicago? What is wrong with our children and why is there so much autism today, where 30-years ago, you hardly ever heard of this condition? It is as simple as this my fellow Americans. We are over drugging our children; we are over vaccinating our kids. We are feeding our society to much-processed food. We are not taking care of business, much less our families. There was once a time not so long ago that every family in this nation sat down at the dinner table together at 6:00 PM every evening. Today, most families barely sit down together once a week. Kids run in and grab a dinner that is microwaved and run out to either their room to play video games or to function at school or karate practice. There is no family unity in this nation today.

Our society has become soft, and we have become selfish. Our time to play on the computer and Facebook is now taking precedence over teaching our kids how to read better. Rather than playing in the backyard with our children, we give them an X-Box to babysit.

Let’s change the subject for a moment, but in the end, we aren’t changing the issue so much.

How does God teach us a lesson? He teaches us through pain as a rule. If we do something horribly wrong, we are punished through loss of money, loss of freedom or possibly much worse. There was a time in the country when you could spank your child. Try spanking your kid in California. Today your child is in school and will report this spanking to the teacher, who then reports it to Principle of the school who then reports it to the Child Welfare Authorities. You can guess what happens next. 

Children need boundaries. They need to know how far they push those boundaries. Inside those boundaries, they feel safe and secure, and when they leave them, they don’t feel secure any longer, and this is when they get into trouble. They need to know that if “I do this or that,” dad will come down on me like a ton of bricks and I will get my butt beaten black and blue. This knowledge keeps that child out of trouble. 

Our youth in this nation no longer fear their parents and no longer fear their teachers or principle. They no longer have any respect for authority at any level. How are we to expect them not to do or carry out their juvenile desires, no matter how warped they are? 

Our nation today has some profound problems that a few new gun control laws will not correct. Let us all hope that our legislators keep their wits about them, act prudently and move slowly. Let us all hope they do not fall prey to a few students protesting or liberal screeching.