There is not another name in the history of the earth that is more recognizable than that of Jesus of Nazareth. The man we call Jesus has been and is praised by billions, cursed by billions and been the primary causes of catastrophic wars and genocides. With all that has happened throughout history that is a direct result of this fellow that lived a short 33-years, many still deny that he is the son of God.

Throw the Holy Bible out of the equation for a moment. This man named Jesus is written about in the ancient Roman text, the Muslim Holy book Koran, and a litany of other places. With that said, I believe it is safe to say that there was a man named Jesus of Nazareth who walked the earth some 2000 years ago. On this, we can all probably agree. 

Let’s take this one step further. We will skip over the birth, as non-believers just cannot wrap their minds around a young 13-14-year-old girl who is a virgin being impregnated by the Holy Spirit and having a child. Let us fast-forward to adulthood. 

Jesus’s mother knew who he was. His father knew who he was, but the rest of the world did not, but they were about to find out. Jesus’s first outing came at a wedding reception that his family had attended. The hosting family had run out of wine, and back then, that was a major-big-time faux-pas. As a host, you were expected to have enough food and wine to last for several days as this was the custom for a socialite family hosting a wedding. Mary (Jesus’s mother) good friend came to her and expressed shame and said they had run out of wine. Mary lamented her problem and publically “outed” Jesus by requesting that he turn a jug of water into wine for the party. Jesus was not too happy with this, but because it was his mother (and maybe the heavenly father decided it was time he comes out of the closet so to speak), he agreed to do this. Jesus said to his mother: “Woman my time has not yet come.” Notice that he did not refer to her as Mom or even Mary, he refers to her as “woman.”  

Shortly after that, Jesus began his ministry and teachings that would change the world forever. He performed miracle after miracle of healing the sick of such diseases like leprosy, blindness, and being crippled. All of these “miracles” were witnessed by dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands. But Jesus did not stop there, he told of prophecies which were recorded and ultimately came true. In his short 3-year ministry, his actions, statements, and teachings transformed the entire earth and are still changing people’s lives over 2000-years later.

Think about that for a moment. Can you think of another human being in all of history that has had such an impact on billions upon billions of people’s lives as this one son of a carpenter from a modest family in what we now know as Israel? A child born to a young mother would grow into a legendary figure who’s teaching’s have actually affected our modern legal system, created laws based upon what he orated from the top of a hill to thousands of people two millennia ago.

Think about this now that you’re pondering the “How’s and Why’s” of this man who wore sandals and a robe. Jesus told his Disciples (the twelve who traveled with him) that he would be arrested and put to death. He told them “why” he would be put to death. He knew that by going to Jeruselum would end his life, yet he did it anyway. Why?

History says that many died from just this practice alone because the pain was so excruciating.

How many of you know what “scourging” is? It is the gruesome practice of beating someone with a whip that has metal prongs on the end of it and is designed to strip flesh from your body. Here is a man that could touch you with the tips of his fingers and give you eyesight that you never had. Here is a man that could walk on water, open the gates of heaven for all to see, and turn right around and cast demons out your body. Do you really think for a moment that he did not have the power to walk away from being arrested?

Jesus had to die on that cross, and he knew why and did so willingly so that mankind could live on forever. He did it because he loved each of us. He could have simply wiped his hand across the sky, and the entire Roman Legion would have ceased to exist, but he did not. There was not a power on this earth that could have stopped him if he did not want to die for us that day.

Jesus endured this horrific death then arose from the dead to overcome for you because he loves you.

Instead, this man endured ridicule, being spat upon, being beaten, scourged and tortured with means that are illegal across the world today. You think “waterboarding” is bad, try enduring what he had to face. And he did it so that one day, you could be with your family again and live forever in heaven under the love and protection of a God that is so Holy; we cannot enter his kingdom with having been forgiven of our sins.

This Easter Sunday, sit and ponder this article. Think about the fact that Jesus is not just a Biblical character but an actual man which history across the world has written about. Think about what he did when alive and the fact that he did not have to face death for either you or me, but he did anyway. Why? Why would this man who could move mountains with simply his voice, go to his grave for us? I know for a fact that I am not worth it. Yet, he did, and he did it because he loved the millions who lived then and the billions who live today.

My prayer for is that if you do not know Jesus of Nazareth, meet him! He will talk to you. It might be vocally, it might be through a friend or loved one. It might be through your heart, but he will speak with you, simply ask him and he will.

Patriots: Do have a peace filled and prayerful weekend with your family. Do pray for our nation, our leadership and that the Lord will speak to all countries to lay down their hatred for their fellow man and that peace can reign for a thousand years. God Bless each of you and May God bless our great nation.