The Reasons Don’t Matter

The real truth is: America is tired of looking at dead bodies on national television. The most horrific of these are the images of children covered in blood lying in church pews. Then we have hundreds of victims lying in a parking lot in Las Vegas who only minutes before were dancing and singing at a country music festival. How do you get past our youngest victims running for their lives out of a school door with their hands in the air? These are videos and pictures that have been emblazoned into our memories forever. And these are images and videos that most Americans do not want to see again.

Accusations of shooters being drugged don’t matter. What type of guns used doesn’t seem to matter? The only thing that does matter is that these horrifying acts of violence stop and stop now. When you’re 15-years-old and watch your best girlfriend gunned down in the back with four shots from an AR-15, one can certainly understand the anger, frustration, and fear that goes into her willingness to protest guns. 


As our youth have begun protesting guns across the nation, they are not the only ones throwing their two-cents into the catcalls to ban certain types of weapons if not all guns. Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has written an Op-Ed in the New York Times. In the penned protest, Stevens calls for the banishing of all automatic and semi-automatic guns to be permanently banned. The former Justice even went so far as to call for the overturning of the 2nd Amendment altogether.

One cause for concern for pro-2nd supporters is the language in the new behemoth Omnibus bill signed by President Trump. The new law calls for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to begin a study on gun violence. At the end of the day, the CDC will come back a year, two-years or three years down the road with their findings. The findings will be that guns kill people, guns wound people, 2 out of 3 (my tongue in cheek opinion) victims shot will die, etc. etc.

The problem with this CDC study is this. This will be an official study completed by a governmental agency with official findings from a regulatory agency. Once this is made public, the statistics will not be good for the 2nd or gun owners as it states that guns are unhealthy and kill people. If we happen to have a Democrat in the White House and “IF” we have a Democrat Senate, this could spell significant problems for the 2nd Amendment and those who support it.

Hypothetically speaking, and Democrat House, Senate and Oval Office could end up banning most guns, leaving just a few models available for sale. IE; All rifles that hold more than five rounds shall now be illegal for sale in the United States. All pistols holding more than 5-rounds will be unlawful, leaving just revolvers for sale. By law, they have not struck down the 2nd Amendment, just cut out all types of rifles that could be used in a battle type of setting and be effective. I am not saying that this will happen, but thinking politically and with the public and politicians now weakening, it must be considered as a possibility.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden’s answer to the AR-15 was laughable, but unfortunately, this is the information being put out by the left. If you want to see just how ludicrous it is, watch the demonstrations below by actual gun experts. Keep in mind that Ted Nugent is highly-trained in guns and is a national spokesperson for the NRA. 


Last Friday, the President signed an Executive Order banning “Bump-Stocks.” Bump-Stocks while not a firearm, allows someone to alter a semi-automatic AR-15 and turn it into a hybrid pseudo automatic (for lack of better description). The devices (watch the video in the hyperlink above) allows you to fire faster than the standard semi-automatic can typically fire with you pulling the trigger. While it doesn’t officially turn the rifle into a fully automatic, it does allow you to shoot faster than usual.

How much further this President is willing to go on encroaching into our 2nd Amendment is anyone’s guess. We know that Senator Dianne Feinstein has offered up legislation “outright” banning the sale of “so-called” assault rifles to include the AR. We know that she has had many other Senators sign onto this bill with her. Will it ever see the floor for a vote is doubtful, but under the current climate it is a possibility? Would the President sign it? This will depend mainly on how many protests if there are any protests on the other side, the polling for retaining the separate chambers for the Republican Party and many different political angles. If it is politically advantages, I can actually see him signing something that bans “high-performance” weapons.

America, make no mistake about it and do not misunderstand, our 2nd Amendment is now under assault as never before.  

In times gone by when a few citizens would rise up, or a leftist group would stand in front of the White House, we largely regarded it as a joke. We cannot any longer take these newest cries for stripping guns lightly. When you have children making the calls, it tends to tug at heartstrings and adults will listen. How do you turn away from a crying 13-year-old girl asking you not to kill her? 

What must happen now is this.

All Americans who value our 2nd must call their Representatives in the Senate and House and tell them to do their sworn duty and is to protect our Bill of Rights.

Explain that we believe our 2nd is a Right, not a suggestion! Explain that we vote and they will be held accountable in November and beyond.

Second Amendment protectors, it is time to galvanize like never before. This is a war of wills! You know, we know, and most know that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. This needs to be our cry across the land.


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