We on the right are fully aware that former Liberal Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is not what he always appears to be. Romney once boasted that he was pro-life, but in reality, he funded Planned Parenthood with hundreds of thousands of dollars. He even installed a $50 co-pay in his Massachusetts Health-Care plan and subsidized abortions with tax-payer dollars. This is but one of Romney’s lies to the American people. Now he wants to become a United States Senator in Utah.

Romney’s latest escapade is to claim that he wants to be a Senator from Utah so he can work with President Trump and his America First Agenda. DON’T BELIEVE IT!

In recent articles from ‘Business Insider Magazine, AOL, and several other major publications,’ it is being reported that Mitt Romney is using the Utah Senate seat as a stepping stone for another Presidential campaign in 2020.

We must STOP this Liberal Massachusetts politician from using Utah to further his political ambitions. DONATE TODAY TO LARRY MEYERS!

Larry Meyers is “NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN” with an agenda. His credentials for being a conservative are widely known in Utah. He is a fierce defender of the 2nd Amendment where Romney once called for stricter gun control laws when he was home on the Northeast Seaboard. Meyers is also a vocal defender of a child’s right to life and believes strongly in the sanctity.

Mitt Romney once boasted that he was the grandfather of the much hated Obamacare healthcare plan. Larry Meyers will vote (given a chance) to fully repeal this monstrosity that has costs Americans so much of their hard-earned money for higher premiums, higher deductibles, and the forcing to purchase plans they don’t need.

Utah deserves a Senator that has lived nearly entire life in Utah. When Larry Meyers relocated to BYU as a young man to attend school, he never left. He formed a bond with this great state, fell in love with his wife of over 30-years and raised three sons. His only ambition is to serve his fellow residents of Utah, not use this seat as a stepping stone to the White House.

Larry needs your help to stop Liberal Massachusetts Mitt from purchasing this Senate Seat. (Donate Here)

The American people elected Donald J. Trump to clean out the swamp, Make America Great Again, and fulfill his promises in his America First Agenda. Mitt Romney will be nothing but a problem and most likely vote along the same lines Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and John McCain. He will be an opposing force for the President.


Utah will thank you and America will thank you for supporting and electing this tremendous conservative named Larry Meyers.

Visit (www.meyersforsenate.com) today.