As of 4:22 AM CDT, the much-hyped special election held on Tuesday, March, 12 was still in limbo. With less than 500 votes separating the two in the race between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb the race is still in doubt. The reason most of the media including the AP were reluctant to call the election in the wee hours of Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning is the absentee ballots which have yet to be counted in several precincts in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania area.

Here is the problem for the GOP and the grassroots factions of the Republican Party. After having watched about 5-6 hours of this election, a dozen pundits (and so-called experts) on Tuesday night, I am coming away with some very troubling thoughts about our prospects in November to retain the House and Senate. Here is why~

This race in the Pennsylvania-18 is one that the Republican Party should have won overwhelmingly. This is a District that President Trump carried by some 20% in the 2016 general election. It is a district that benefits significantly from the President slapping huge tariffs on the Chinese and the rest of the steel producing world to create thousands of new jobs in the coming years. It is a blue-collar, union card waving and tax-break enjoying part of the country that are Trump loyalist. Many interviewed said you could not beg, borrow or steal a ticket for the President’s appearance with Saccone a few days ago. So what happened? How did Rick Saccone go from hero to zero so quickly? How much more could have the White House done to retain this District? The President gave them substantial tax breaks, he punished their competition to create a booming economy for the area, and he wiped out the requirement that forced you to purchase Obamacare. What else did these folks want?

In the interest of fairness, I must be honest. I never attended a Saccone event to know whether or not the guy could deliver a decent stump speech. He very well could have appeared as milk-toast on the stage with near nil enthusiasm. If you have an opponent who is happy, enthusiastic, full of energy and preaching a captivating message, this can change the trajectory of an election. But still, what was the ingredient that caused a near 40-point shift in this election? It was Lamb and the Democrat Party.

This area of the country has been traditionally Democrat going all the way back to John F. Kennedy. They have been a massive coal production area which is near if not entirely union (which historically are Democrats). The region has been one of our largest steel production area’s of the nation, again mostly union and a D when it comes to voting and supporting. According to the pundits last night, Lamb out-raised Saccone by a 3-1 margin in fundraising. This again should have been red flags all over town. This begs the question, “where was the RNCC and their truckloads of cash” to support Saccone? If Lamb was raising (which he was) those sorts of totals and Saccone was struggling, knowing the President was going to help him, the RNC should have ponied up the difference to save this seat. For the past year, the President and his name have been raising historical amounts of money for the GOP; they should have released a little to the Saccone campaign.

This race shows us a couple of things that we on the right had better prepare for, lest we lose “YUGELY” IN NOVEMBER!

  1. The Democrats are showing and displaying an entirely different definition of motivated to whip Republicans. They are angry, they are pumped up on cases of Red Bull, and they are working hard.
  2. Conor Lamb campaigned on almost the same message as the victorious Doug Jones did in Alabama. Both candidates campaigns sounded remarkably like a Republican on the stump. Both were pro-2nd Amendment, pro-union, pro-economic growth, and many other conservative types of messaging. In other words, both candidates ran the opposite direction from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Both of these races had the President, the strength of the White House, and many conservative celebrities helping out. Both got clobbered by the Democrats. This should be sending fire-alarm bells across Capitol Hill.

President Trump’s coattails are not enough to bring home this victory. Why?

For the GOP to prevail (and I have said this for years), we need to get away from a religious fundamentalist message. We need to leave the issue of abortion in a drawer someplace, we need to leave the question of big bad government in the closet, and we need to campaign on basics. Those basics should be the economy, taxes, jobs, national defense, and protecting our borders from illegal aliens coming in.

America; I am a Christian, I am very much pro-life, pro-constitution, pro-gun and all the rest. However, this is sales. We are selling a platform, and we are selling conservatism by nature. With the reality being that some 60% of the American people believe that a woman has a right to choose, you’re taking a topic that is unwinnable and trying to use it to gain votes. That doesn’t mean that we don’t forget about it, we just should not use it as one of our main focus points which many of our candidates do. Abortion is one the rare issues that will not win you an election, but it can cost you one. If we do not win the seats, then all of our pontificating on the right to life is dead anyway. WE MUST WIN THE SEATS PATRIOTS! Then we can get things changed, but not until we do win.

The past several elections should have taught us some valuable lessons. It is time to roll up our sleeves, hit the ground running, work hard, be cheerful, and donate to these candidates that so badly need our help. In fact, here are two that I have started supporting that need your help, that is unless you want a liberal Republican and Democrat named Romney who calls himself a Republican.     Kerry Bentivolio is a strong conservative running for Congress in Michigan. We must keep Michigan red to win the White House back in 2020. Donate today if you can.    Larry Meyers is running against Mitt Romney in Utah. Larry is a great conservative and can beat Romney as Romney has already shown himself for being an ass in (err; I meant to say, flip-flopping hypocritical lying liberal) Utah.


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