President Trump;

The last time I wrote a column in the hopes you read it, you did, and I got fussed at by your Iowa Co-Chair Tana Goertz. That column was when you had re-started your fight with Rosie O’ Donnell and the pig comment. Much water has crossed under the bridge since that dressing down I received on that cold winter night. 

In case you have forgotten, while I do not speak specifically for the Tea Party Pursey, I am neck deep in the movement. Make no mistake about it; it is “Joe Six-Pack, snake flag waving, hard-working, pickup driving, blue jean American” that elected you. For the record, there are an estimated 20-40 million of these “Larry the Cable guys and gals” who belong to Tea Parties who showed up (many for the first time) to vote for you. With that said; I realize that you’re a very busy man, so, I will keep this short.

Mr. President, The bulk of your base is and are very active with the Tea Party, many 2nd Amendment, pro-life groups, etc. In other words, they are conservative, and they are Constitutionalist by nature. These folks will fight and die for that document. They are passionate about our nation, and many of these folks swore an oath many years ago to the Constitution when they joined the military. Millions of these devoted patriots voted for you because they believed in your firm 2nd Amendment pledges on the campaign trail, plus they feared Hillary Clinton’s anti-NRA and 2nd Amendment stance.

With all that said, I understand how difficult it must be to sit and listen to a mother who lost her child at one of the shootings and not weep for her. I fully empathize with these parents and cannot imagine having to endure that sort of grief. As a parent to five myself, I too hurt for them. However, Mr. President, restricting firearm sales to those who are 21 and above will cost you dearly in the 2020 race for the White House. This in addition to the fact that it is morally wrong to ask 19-year olds to go into combat and die for this nation when they can’t go home and purchase a firearm if they so choose. 

Banning bump-stocks will not save children in a school, and they won’t protect dancers in a nightclub. The fact is this; these ultra-realistic video games are causing more harm to our youth than any bump-stock is. 

My advise Mr. President is this. Yes, arm and train (some specifically chosen) school personnel to stand in the gap between crazy people and our children. Clean up the background check process and fund having two off-duty law enforcement personnel or retired special forces folks to stand guard at these schools. Between 3 or 4 school officials and a couple of officers, this should make our nation’s schools much safer. 

In the end Mr. President, it is the American citizen or terrorist, not the gun that is causing the problems. It is children being prescribed psychotropic drugs (all the shooters or nearly all were taking these drugs) that is the problem. It is the broken homes, drugs, and hopelessness that is causing these problems, not the guns. 

Just my humble thoughts from Winterset, Iowa and I do hope this finds you doing well and looking forward to your return someday to the hometown of John Wayne. 

Very best; 

Ken Crow