I told you in an article recently that Michigan was vital in 2016 to President Trump’s victory and I also told you that Michigan would be critical in 2020

As expected, the Congressional House seat up for grabs in Michigan’s 11th District has become vicious. This seat is currently open because the RINO who purchased the position back in 2014 has decided to step aside. I guess the job just did not pay enough for multi-millionaire Liberal Republican Dave Trott. 

The two front-runners in this House race happen to be decorated Veterans. One is the former Congressman from the District by the name of Kerry Bentivolio and the other is the wannabe by the name of Rocky Raczkowski. If I sound a bit harsh against ‘good-old-Rocky,’ it is probably because I am. This clown it turns out is not a one-trick pony; he has made a career out of running for office since his retirement from the Army. The other reason I have become ‘anti-Rocky’ is the fact that this guy is a retired Lt. Colonel and has forgotten all of his training as an “Officer and a Gentleman.”

Congressman Bentivolio’s DD-214 is his official service record issued by the United States Army. It is available to all who wish to read it. Why won’t Rocky produce his?

This reporter has received information that ‘Rocky’ (Who names their child Rocky? Isn’t that the name of a squirrel or was he named after the Sylvester Stallone character?) has been running around District 11 claiming that Congressman Bentivolio lied about his military record. In actuality, nothing is further from the truth. If anything, the Congressman “understates” his record of achievement and is quite shy about talking about it. To prove a point, speak to any Veteran who has won a Bronze Star, Silver Star or Congressional Medal of Honor. Most if not all, don’t feel as though they deserve the medals and feel guilty about receiving them. It usually means that one or more of their team lost their lives in the action that they were awarded that medal for.

With that said, let’s discuss military records on these two gentlemen. Rocky was awarded a Bronze Star. This was during the time that President Obama had ordered that more “Awards” be given out to make our brave boys and girls appear as though they were “all” heroes. This is why Obama awarded more Medal of Honors than any other President in recent history. Usually, you pretty much have had to have lost your life to be awarded the CMH award. It is actually very rare for someone to have survived to give this award in person. In the case of Raczkowski, I have it on excellent authority that he (if you can believe this, but unfortunately it is true) ‘wrote his own award and had his Commanding Officer sign off on it.’ I guess the poor fellow just wasn’t enough of a hero to have performed a heroic act, then be nominated by a superior officer. Point of fact; Rocky received his Bronze Star for going above and beyond the call of duty when performing heroically while doing paperwork duty and receiving paper cut wounds in the act of heroism. O.K., some of that was tongue in cheek, but the hard truth is, he did not receive the Bronze Star for battlefield bravado as he would have you believe. It honestly was for doing an excellent job behind the lines, not for the battlefield.

Let’s now talk about Congressman Bentivolio’s record. This guy is a real stud in combat on the battlefield. The Congressman is the only House Member to have ever served in both Vietnam and Iraq. For his effort he was awarded; The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross UC with Palm, The Vietnam Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars and The Meritorious Service Medal.

One thing that should be noted here. The Congressman’s service awards are all listed on his DD-214. If you’re not familiar with a DD-214, this is the document that the military issues a separating Veteran when they are released from military service to our nation. A DD-214 is the ‘Holy Grail’ for a Veteran. A Vet will guard this piece of paper with his life as they are complicated to get replaced. I find it humorous that the Congressman is willing to show his most prized piece of paper to anyone who would like to look at it and Rocky will not produce his.

Probably the most disturbing thing to me here is that a Veteran has attacked a United States Congressman and Veteran over his war record. A couple of years ago, a reporter from District 11 wrote a very detailed article about Rocky’s lies and shenanigans. These latest attacks on the Congressman are apparently nothing new as he has been doing this for quite some time.

Keep this in mind; any high ranking officer will be the first to tell you that it is the Sergeants and mainly the Sergeants First Class or Gunny Sergeants that lead the troops into battle. It is these guys that the younger soldiers look to so that they can once again return home in one piece. These guys are the backbone of our capabilities on the battlefield. For a Lt. Colonel to slam a Sergeant First Class is almost reprehensible to me. Particularly due to the fact that high-ranking officers are almost never in the trenches or front lines. The Pentagon keeps these guys in the rear as a rule. 

Patriots; I know Congressman Bentivolio. He is very much beloved within his district by most of his constituents. He has an incredible 93% conservative rating by the Heritage Foundation. He also held a 100% rating for being a deficit and debt hawk. WE NEED TO GET THIS GUY RE-ELECTED AMERICA! 

March 17th, I am extremely honored to be speaking at a fundraising event in Michigan on behalf of the Congressman. If you can attend, don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello. I will also be autographing my book “Ego in a Tea Bag” at the VIP reception. Fox New’s contributor Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer will be the “Keynote” speaker, and Missouri Congressman Billy Long will be auctioning Ronald Reagan and other historical keepsakes. You don’t want to miss these fellows.

If you cannot attend, please consider making a campaign donation at Kerry Bentivolio’s website. (https://kerrybentivolio.com/)

In closing; Rocky, if you want to criticize the Congressman’s war and military record, please produce your DD-214. In an effort the help you realize the error of your ways, the Congressman will be showing his DD-214 at all events to anyone that wants to read it. Now, sir, you may go back under the rock from whence you came.

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