The ramifications and fallout from the school shooting in Parkland, Florida could and will likely be felt nationally for many years to come. Nikolas Cruz’s rampage which murdered 17 students and wounded 14 more, now appears to be the straw that has broken the camels back on a wide range of issues for the United States. 

A little more than a week after the tragedy, Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies are now being investigated in how they responded and was it appropriate. Initial investigations are turning up stories of how these first responders coward behind retaining walls as students were screaming in classrooms and halls as they were systematically being shot and killed. To make matters even worse, once the EMT’s and ambulances arrived, the local law enforcement denied them entry to get to the students and try to save their lives. Even though the deputies were already inside the school, the shooting had stopped, they were still being denied entry when minutes count when someone is bleeding out. This surely warrants a federal investigation into this poorly managed scene which went from tragic to a fiasco in a very short period of time.

As the various federal legal eagles begin deliberating the veracity of a full-scale investigations, national and local law enforcement, have already started calling for the head of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department to resign.  The fallout and repercussions from this horrific scene do not stop in Broward County, Florida. Almost immediately they have expanded to several national discussions.

Did Florida students really organize this rally on their own within only days of the Parkland shootings?

As expected, almost before the last shot rang out in Parkland, the national activist’s groups who hate guns, hate the NRA and hate anyone who owns a firearm began their push. There is simply no way high school students could write checks for thousands of dollars (to charter buses), get organized on their own and be transported across the State of Florida, then to Washington, D.C. to hold a major protest. I am not chastising these students at all. They are young, they have been traumatized beyond belief and will likely carry these horrible memories with them for the rest of their lives. I can fully relate as I witnessed one of my classmates be killed one night when a car traveling at high speed hit him. He died in my arms, and I have carried those horrible images for a lifetime now. But the reality is, these young people are being weaponized to carry forth an argument to dilute or do away with America’s Second Amendment. And this is yet more fallout from February the 14th.

A litany of discussions is now ramping up across our nation. The President is even holding meetings with bi-partisan lawmakers on the subject of increasing the legal age of purchasing from 18 to 21 years of age. Talks over restricting “bump-stocks” are being held along with the outright ban on AR-15’s altogether. In the past week, the President and many others have put forth the idea of arming our nation’s teachers. Many seem to think that this will curb further shootings in schools. Of course, if this is carried out, only the future will tell if it was a good idea or not.

There is zero question as to whether these gruesome acts of violence against innocent unarmed children is as evil as you can get. There is also no doubt that a person who carries out something of this nature has some profoundly flawed psychological issues. Nobody with a sound mind walks into a classroom, church or a hotel room and begins murdering innocent people is of a sound mind. They are all very sick individuals. Now the question becomes, how do we stop these perversely ill humans from obtaining weapons that and do kill in mass.

As I said earlier, Parkland, Florida is now apparently the straw which has broken the back of the camel. America is very weary of witnessing any more of this brutality against our children or young people dancing in a nightclub or a family attending a church service. They are demanding that something be done. Now the question becomes, “what can be done without restricting our liberties given us by the 2nd Amendment?”