In the wake of our nations latest mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, the calls to arm our nations school teachers are once again at the forefront of ‘how to prevent‘ any more of these horrific acts of violence. In many of the arguments to arm the teachers, Israel is often cited as a reason why this might be a good idea. On the surface, the arguments are very valid and make perfect sense. The fact is, Israel does have many of their teachers armed in the classroom.

Just yesterday, President Trump joined the chorus in advocating for teachers to be armed security guards in our school houses.

The question now becomes, is arming teachers in our schools that great of an idea?

The difference in Israeli schools is that ‘all 18-year olds‘ both male and female serve a minimum of 30-months service in the Israel Military. By the time the high-school student graduates, then serves their military duty then go to college, and become a teacher, they have had a very high level of weapons training. That is not the case here to obtain a ‘conceal carry‘ permit. Most states require that you attend a 2-3 hour ‘safety’ course where the applicant watches a few video’s and has a law enforcement officer conduct a presentation and have a question and answer session.

There is zero doubt that if the United States hardened gun-free-zones such as schools, much of this insanity would stop. The only question left is, ‘what is the best method to accomplish this?‘ After the attack on the Parkland school last week, I called my son for the specific purpose of posing this question about arming teachers. I phoned my son because he not only is a highly trained State Trooper, but he is also engaged to an elementary school teacher. The question was pretty simple, “Should we arm our school teachers?” His answer sort of stunned me, “NO.” His reasoning is this. Point #1; Most people will hesitate before pulling the trigger to shoot to kill another human being. This is an essential instinct that the military trains you to get past when going into a combat situation. We have all heard or seen in movies where even a soldier entering a war zone for the first time will even hesitate. It is at this moment that the enemy will often shoot. This is why many will be shot by the burglar who broke and entered. The stay at home mom hesitates when confronted. 

Point #2; Law enforcement and military (now use) training simulators and mock-up towns to train the rookie or recruit on “who to shoot.” Imagine if you will; gunfire in the hall outside the classroom. There is a shooter, children are screaming, the young 25-year-old lady is grabbing her gun and heading for the hall. At the same moment, there are five other teachers doing the same thing. All of the teacher’s adrenaline is pumping, they are all amped up, walk out of there rooms, and the shooter is 50-feet down the hall with dozens of screaming children between the killer and the teachers. Our first teacher sees another teacher down the hall holding up a Glock pistol. Can she hit her target or does she miss and shoot another teacher by accident?

The point he is making is that young women have DNA that tells them to give life, preserve life, and yes protect life. Now you’re asking her to do something that is entirely against her core makeup as a human being. Can she do it? Yes, with the proper training, but it is going to take a lot more than a couple of hours of classroom training. 

Ohio now has a Sheriff who is going to sponsor all his teachers in his community to attend training, then arm them all. This is probably a very good idea. My only reservation is forcing a young lady who is not prepared and put her in charge of protecting these students. If the young lady teacher is not genuinely motivated to do this, then do not force them to. The school will likely have a veteran who became a teacher after his service. They will probably have a football coach, a Principle, and combine them with a couple of teachers, and now you have five or six who are packing heat. This is far and away more safe than having 25 teachers all shooting at the same time.

Some are now suggesting that schools arm themselves with a couple of retired veterans from the Marine Corps or retired law enforcement. This too is an excellent idea as the officers would end up meeting and getting to know the students. If one of the students is acting out or making threatening statements, it is likely that one of his or her classmates would let the officer know. Then the officer can take appropriate action to prevent another tragedy. 

Arming some of our school leaders and possibly throwing in a few retired military or law enforcement officers seems to logical on the surface. This is something that is clearly worth having some very serious discussions on. Your thoughts? 

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