Will the Republican Elitist ever give up and respect the American people’s choice for President?

Not likely! As Donald Trump makes headway on his agenda, the panic in the Ivory Tower over in D. C. is only increasing proportionally. Senator Mitch McConnell’s most recent loss in Alabama has given way to planting an Elitist as a Senate candidate out in Utah. To give you an idea of just how corrupt this stunt is, think about this. Former Governor Mitt Romney is not a permanent resident of Utah. Romney is actually from Michigan initially and spent the bulk of his working career on the East Coast. In fact, this ruse is so bad, Romney had his Wikipedia page changed to reflect that he is a resident of Holladay, Utah. The truth is, this uber-wealthy Elitist has homes across America, and to be fair, he did own one in Park City, Utah. However, where was he living when ran for President? It was most assuredly not Utah; it was Boston!

One has to ask the question; “So why is this North Eastern Seaboard Elitist” all of the sudden wanting to run for a Senate seat in a state that he only occasionally visits? Furthermore, why would a former Governor of a North Eastern Seaboard state who was the Republican nominee not so long ago, want to go to the Senate? He obviously doesn’t need a job as he is worth a staggering $250,000,000 in net wealth. Romney said not so long ago that he all but despised our President. This was when he injected himself into the primary process during the recent election cycle.

After this ‘not-so-friendly’ endorsement of all the future president’s competitors, then Candidate Trump responded with his typical slash and burn styled response.

Now we have a speech by Governor Romney that all but calls Donald Trump a lying, cheating, dishonorable human being who should be tortured for crimes against the innocent. Of course, Trump being Trump wasn’t going to let that slap in the face go without a response, and he responded with a couple of punches to Mitt’s jaw.

Does two-years really make a difference? A couple of days ago, the former Governor announces he is now running for the vacated Senate seat in Utah by Senator Orrin Hatch. Mitt declares, then President Trump puts out this tweet.

Wow, did President Trump just pass along words of kindness to the guy that spent 17-minutes insulting him on national television? Yes, yes he did. Not to be “out-kindnessed,” Mitt puts out this tweet.

Okay, Patriots; what is really going on here?

I go back to my original question. Why would a multi-gazillionaire such as Mitt Romney want to run for a Senate seat in a state that he only visits on rare occasion? We know he doesn’t need the money. We know that he has only ever been a CEO or a Governor, never a legislator. The one time he tried to run for the Senate in Massachusetts back in 1994, he lost to then-Senator Ted Kennedy quite handily. It would not be until 2002 that he would become Governor of Massachusetts.

Whether we choose to accept it or not, Governor Romney is highly respected and even revered within the confines of the GOP Ivory Tower. Romney has always towed the party line, taken a few hits for the team and is adored by the Elephant Hierarchy. We also know that President Donald Trump (while being the official party leader since winning the White House) is virtually despised by most if not all of the party elitists. Do not misunderstand; there is almost zero love lost for the President by Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Pappy Bush and the rest of the bluebloods in downtown D. C. 

After having a few conversations with a couple of my birds inside the beltway over the past couple of days, this is the conclusion we all have come too.

Governor Mitt Romney is being sent to Capitol Hill to destroy President Trump by using the United States Senate to do so.

He is being sent to the Senate chamber to put a leash on Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and yes, even the President. He is going to be the most eloquent orator in the Senate with all sorts of flowery rhetoric while stopping most if not all of what the President wants to accomplish. His job is to stop all of this rebellion within the Republican Party. Rove and company have had enough of the “Constitutional Bull ****,” all of this garbage being thrown around about a balanced budget, living within our means, cutting back on illegal immigrant welfare, building a wall, limiting immigrants from war-torn middle eastern countries and the rest of this conservative crap.

Patriots; Make no mistake and do not misunderstand, Mitt Romney is the enemy and he is being sent to the Senate to preserve the swamp and rid the party of President Donald Trump.

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