After a political war that lasted nearly a year, President Trump delivered his tax-cut agenda to the American people as a Christmas present. After howls from the left, the President did fulfill his campaign promise of ‘opening up the Keystone’ pipeline and expand drilling permits for the rich offshore oil reserves. One of the first of President Trump’s many accomplishments in his first year was the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch. Justice Gorsuch is a known conservative, and this appointment kept his promise of only appointing true conservatives. The President has had many accomplishments, such as the rollback of over 800 burdensome regulations on business and expansion, the withdrawing from the idiocy of the Paris Climate Accord, and many more. So what’s the problem? 

President Trump has many more promises he intends to keep. To fulfill many of these promises, he needs a compliant Senate that is willing to support his agenda. The President needs a House of Representatives that is willing to fund many of these projects. Trump’s jewel in his crown that he wants more than any other is “The Wall” on which he based much of his campaign. Another promise that the President is very adamant about is sending illegal criminal aliens home. To accomplish this task, he has to get our immigration policy rewritten, and passed. For all the above, he has to have a majority in both the House and Senate. 

For President Trump to continue keeping his promises and rebuilding our nation, he must “Keep the old Blue Wall Red” which he managed to turn during the 2016 elections. This means he must keep Michigan from returning to blue as he must also keep Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. What this translates to is this. We on the right need to accomplish a couple of things for this to happen. The best way to flip a state or retain your position in that state is to keep “your guys or get your guys elected” into United States Senate and House Seats.

Grassroots Patriots need to begin thinking about “HOW” to best help these candidates. There are many ways we can help the good guys.


The Republican Party Elitist are already entrenched in throwing this election to the “Moderate-RINO” division of the party! In Pennsylvania for instance, they (the GOP) have already begun throwing their support behind a RINO running for the United States Senate named Congressman Lou Barletta. This has infuriated the grassroots who are supporting Bobby Lawrence in the primary.

Patriots, Please support this great Patriot warrior. Any donation of $100 or more, receives an autographed copy of my book “Ego in a Tea Bag.”

This, putting the thumb on the scale before a primary is new for the party of Elephants. Historically, the party would remain neutral and stay out of dogfight until after the primary is decided, then they would jump in with both feet and open up the bank account to support the Republican nominee. The act of swaying primaries in this nation is not just wrong (for so many reasons), but it is all but immoral. 

The principal ingredient needed to win a primary is “money and volunteers.” The candidates at this point are scrambling for cash to mount a serious campaign against the status quo and RINO’s backed by the establishment.

EXAMPLE; In the Michigan 11th District, a great Patriot (war-hero, dad, grandfather, small business owner) was elected back in 2010. He served his first term, got many accolades and everyone in the district concedes that he did a good job. So what happened to him?  Congressman Kerry Bentivolio had to run for re-election in 2012. A local multi-millionaire by the name of Dave Trott decided he too wanted to become a Congressman. Trott donates $15,000,000 to the Michigan GOP, they stack the deck on K-Street in Washington and come out in support of Trott in Michigan. Trott dumps $3,000,000 of his own cash on the election in a relatively small district and Trott eeks out a small victory on election night. Trott served 2-terms and now has decided that he doesn’t like working that hard and has decided to call it a day and is going home.

This is a classic example of why cash is so significant. Patriots, we cannot want a particular candidate to win and then not support them! If we like a specific candidate, we must throw our time and money into assisting that candidate, and make a contest of it against the RINO. In the case of Michigan, I am highly endorsing Congressman Kerry Bentivolio for re-election. I am requesting that Patriots in Kansas, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, etc. (where your candidate is safe), please help this great Patriot out in Michigan. ALL OF THESE SEATS are important this cycle. The Democrats are throwing everything including the sink against these Republican conservatives. 

If you like President Trump and you like his agenda, then this election cycle will be necessary to you. We do not have a lock on the House and probably not in the Senate. We must send good patriots who support Trump’s agenda back to Washington and replace those that don’t support him with those that will.

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