People who were around President Trump yesterday and those who talked with him on the phone are all telling the same story. As the President was putting together his Tweet and was talking on the phone, all said: “The President was in near tears as the carnage began unfolding in Broward County Florida.”¬†No sooner had expelled student Nikolas Cruz stopped his slaughter of his fellow former classmates, the President was on the phone to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott. Bondi recalls the conversation between the President and herself in this Fox interview.

Almost simultaneously, as the President was echoing the thoughts of most Americans and expressing his concern for the parents of the fallen children, Florida Senator Ben Nelson was hitting the airwaves calling for more gun control and explaining to America, ‘how heartless the Republicans are in wanting to retain our Second Amendment Rights.’

And the cycle is once again repeating itself.

  • A bad person gets their hands on high-powered weapons.
  • A bad person slaughters human beings at a staggering rate for a few minutes to nearly an hour before anyone can put the shooter down.
  • Second Amendment supporters publically grieve, show sympathy and defend the gun.
  • Liberal Democrats accuse the right of being everything from stupid to insane for supporting gun rights.
  • We have a public debate over guns for approximately a month or so.
  • Repeat process above with more innocent victims dead and more screams emit from the left and the right defending their respective positions.

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. We have a President who is very obviously grieved over the loss of innocent life and the pain the parents are no doubt feeling today. The American people are becoming very wary of turning on their televisions to only view the same carnage and bloodshed. The citizens of this nation are now beginning to question ‘how much longer can we continue on this path?’

It is time to recognize that what we are witnessing is the result and results of a very broken society. When comparing the United States to the United Kingdom for violent crime, the United States is off the charts. Why? What makes our nation so incredibly violent versus that of Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia or Norway for that matter?

Plenty of studies have been completed with population figures calculated in, and there is zero doubt that the United States per 100,000 residents is far and away more violent than those countries that make up our European neighbors.

The gun lobby uses the argument that we have a Second Amendment to prevent tyranny from our government. I have to be honest here about my feelings regarding this argument and debating topic. Nations such as New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, and England do not live under tyranny. Each of these nations (not including the recent influx of refugees) have crime statistics that do not even begin to approach our gun violence in the United States. Addressing this topic in the United States is extremely difficult because the gun-rights activist are so influential on Capitol Hill.

The tragic truth is this. We in America have done nothing since 1999 (the Columbine shooting) to curb the slaughter that happens when one of these events transpires. The tragic truth is also that this boy stopped the mass murder on his own accord so he could just walk out during the pandemonium. Had he wanted to, he could have killed dozens or more if he had taken the initiative to do so. He had many more clips on his person numbering into the hundreds of rounds.

How many more of these events need to happen before something is done? How many more teenagers have to die before we begin taking this issue seriously? Is it hundreds or is it thousands?

Fox News is reporting this morning that since Columbine (back in 1999), some 150,000 children have been directly exposed to viewing the horrific images of watching their friends and classmates die in one these shooting events. That is 150,000 more cases of PTSD that is entering our society. Another major issue coming out this morning is the fact that over 70% (yes you read correctly) of Americans are being prescribed psychotropic drugs such as anti-depressants and opioids. These drugs chemically alter our brain chemistry. Another fact is, most if not all of these shooters in these events were on these drugs.

Since 1999, some 25 of these school shootings have occurred¬†with hundreds of dead children. One aspect that has only been touched on has been a question that I have contemplated for some time now. What role is “online gaming” playing in this horror? It is without question that most of our children in this nation have become “latch-key.” The cost of living in America has forced most families into becoming two-working-parent families or a single parent family, and the children are no longer supervised. Online gaming began becoming very popular around the time that Columbine took place.

With the proliferation of conditions such as PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and Autism where these children are being prescribed these high-powered brain-altering drugs, we are ripe for many more of these events to transpire. Combine these children (who are being left to raise themselves) with the years of playing these games where they spend hour upon hour killing very realistic looking people and animals, and we have just poured gasoline on a very combustible situation. In a nutshell America, we have millions of drugged, angry and neglected children who are on mind-altering drugs with access to guns and who have spent years desensitizing themselves to life and death. Now, what do we do?

I do not pretend to know the answer. Some are suggesting that we arm and train all the teachers. That doesn’t save those in a nightclub in Florida or those in an office building in San Bernadino. Some are suggesting that we place retired law enforcement officers or retired military in schools, again, how does that save 300 people in a movie theater? The fact is, AR-15’s are not for home defense (in most cases) and this weapon is not for hunting rabbits or elk. This gun is for killing humans in mass quantity, pure and simple. Again, I do not know the answer, but I do know that America is losing her patience with this issue and rightfully so.

As my son (who is a Tennessee State Trooper) said so eloquently the other day, “Dad, being on the receiving end of an AR will change your perspective very quickly.”

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