Not since 1988 has the Wolverine State gone red until Donald Trump began investing much-needed campaign time in the state. Six presidential elections had come and gone without so much as a whiff of victory for the GOP in this heavily Democrat stronghold. That is until Trump showed up on the scene, gave the many unemployed union workers something to look forward too and brought some positive thinking back to the state. 

The victory for the Republicans was by no means a sweeping one. The President won the state by a mere 11,000 (approximately) votes and took over two weeks to be certified by the Secretary of State. This hotly contested race in the Great State of Michigan became most critical in the election win for both the GOP and President Trump and finally after some 30-years cracked the “Blue Wall.” Now that Michigan has been won, “WE ON THE RIGHT” must work harder than ever to keep it red!

One of the most reliable and most effective ways to keep Michigan red is to control the significant elected seats in the state. These officials would be the Governors Mansion, House Members, and Senators. These elected officials need to be staunch conservatives who will back President Trump’s economic plans and work with the President to bring good jobs and capital investments back to the state. As we all know, if the economy is good for Michigan, then the GOP will most likely win the state again in 2020.

Kerry Bentivolio served in both Vietnam and Iraq.

Probably the most contentious race in the upcoming mid-terms will be for the 11th Congressional District in South East Michigan. Several years ago, the sitting Congressman in this seat was a great conservative by the name of Kerry Bentivolio. Congressman Bentivolio had a stellar record in the district. Then along came a multi-millionaire by the name of Dave Trott. Trott in effect “PURCHASED” the seat away from Tea Party and Grassroots choice Bentivolio by donating over $15,000,000 to the Michigan Republican Party. When Trott recently announced that he would not seek re-election, another multi-millionaire RINO (with no elected experience) named Lena Epstein entered the race. According to the Federal Election Commission, Epstein has donated some $900,000.00 to her campaign. I am saying “enough is enough” with wealthy people purchasing seats in the Congress.

Patriot’s; Lena Epstein is a “Trust Fund Baby” who has never served this nation, not to mention the fact that she is a moderately liberal Republican at best. It’s time we in the grassroots “RISE UP ONCE AGAIN” and take back a seat on Capitol Hill with a strong conservative. 

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is that conservative with the credentials to prove it. Bentivolio began his service to this nation during the Vietnam War where he served as an enlisted Infantryman on the ground. He then served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007 under President Bush 43. Kerry Bentivolio has been awarded two Bronz Stars for gallantry in combat, and that makes him a real live hero. His record in Congress was one where he worked across the aisle and got passed critical legislation that benefited our country. In his tenure in the House of Representatives, Congressman Bentivolio has a 93% conservative record with a 100% transparency rating.

Patriot’s; Not only am I personally endorsing Congressman Kerry Bentivolio; I am appealing to each of you to start a grassroots movement to get this great patriot elected back to Congress.

Image of book cover for Ego in a Tea Bag

Donate $100 or more to Bentivolio for Congress and receive an autographed copy.

Since the Congressman is not a multi-millionaire as some of the other candidates are, he needs our help. Please take a moment, click on this link and make a donation today to this great patriots campaign for Congress.

In fact, for every donation of $100 or more, I will autograph my last book “Ego in a Tea Bag” (it got rave reviews) and send it to you. Ego gives you all the good and bad from behind the scenes of America’s Tea Party movement. Parts of the book will cause you to laugh and grab your ribs and pieces will make you almost cry.

My fellow Patriot’s, please forward this to your friends, share in your groups and on your Facebook pages. We must get this great American hero’s campaign jump-started, and it takes money to do that. Visit his website, read his positions, I know you’ll be as impressed as I am.

Remember Patriot’s; To keep Michigan RED, we must keep the House Red and the Senate Red. To get President’s Trump’s agenda completed, we need House members who support the President, and Kerry Bentivolio will continue to support the President. DONATE HERE and get your copy of “Ego in a Tea Bag.”


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