Tuesday night’s State of the Union address by President Trump served a number of purposes. The President gave our nation a ‘status quo‘ of our economic status as a nation, job performance statistics, foreign relations positioning and many other categories that needed to be covered. He did so with eloquence and precision timing as he stayed on point and stayed on the teleprompter.

But what Tuesday night’s SOTU did more than any other was to expose the Democrat Party for what they indeed are, and it’s not patriotic Americans. There was a time in this nation when in certain situations, the two parties came together for one common cause. The two sides would put aside their political differences and show unity as American citizens. They would shake hands, take care of business, then go back to their disagreements when Congress was back in session.

The almost sickening performance by the Democrats on Tuesday glaringly showed some very troubling intentions by these very childish, petty and dangerous politicos. These House and Senate members on the left side of the aisle are elected officials who were put into office by citizens of this great nation. They were chosen to represent their constituents and state. They were selected to represent “all the people” in their districts, not just a few fringe groups. When the President of the United States enters a room, it is commonplace to show respect for the “OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY” by standing. It symbolizes respect for the office, not necessarily the person.

Not only did most remain seated when the President entered the chamber where he delivered his address to both the House and Senate, but throughout his entire speech as well. Many other articles in the past several days have covered the fact that the Dem’s sat on both hands during the fantastic story of Ji Seong-Ho, the Police Officer, and his wife who adopted a child, the plea to respect our flag and so much more.

I believe it is fitting at this point to ask a very poignant question. Just who’s side are you on Democrat Party? I think this is a fair question. When you don’t stand for the President of the United States when he enters a room, this is a problem. You are supposed to be representing tradition, dignity, and the respect that your constituents have for the Presidency. The President is the leader of the entire nation, not just the leader of a particular party. You as a member of the House of Representatives or the United States Senate should possess the level of respect and knowledge of etiquette to carry out this duty.

When the President delivers a very inspiring series of reasons to show respect for our flag, and the rest of the chamber erupts in applause while you sit on your fat overpaid butts, this to me is a severe problem. When the President gives a compelling rendition of the heroics of the “Cajun Navy” and the role they played in some of our nations darkest days, and you remain seated, this is further proof that we have a problem. Then just to ice the cake, the President delivers some incredible unemployment numbers for minority constituents, and you continue to pout and seethe in anger, this is all the proof we need to come to a conclusion.

Before I give you the conclusion, allow me to elaborate on a couple of points here.

  • The President presented some incredible accounts of patriotism, heroism, bravery in the face of danger while saving lives, humanitarian acts, and compassion. The Democrats failed to acknowledge these inspiring actions by remaining seated while the rest of the chamber stood in appreciation.
  • President Trump gave a beautiful plea to support our troops, flag, and all that is American, yet the Democrats remained planted on their scowling butts as the rest all cheered their love for our nation.
  • We even had members walk out as the crowd chanted “USA, USA, USA.”

After reviewing the actions of the Democrat Party at the most critical Presidential speech of the year, what should the takeaway be? The Democrat Party is no longer a political party that supports and defends the United States of America. They have been hijacked by Anarchist, Socialist, Marxist, and other traditionally American hating groups. The Democrats we see today want the America that we know and love destroyed and rebuilt into a European style socialist state. They seek the destruction of capitalism, individualism, and self-reliance. They want open borders with no restrictions, and they want government regulating most major industries in this country.

Prior to President Trump’s election, the Democrat Party was well on their way to fulfilling their dreams of a socialist utopia. When Trump won, this crushed their hopes, and they went on the attack. Apparently, all of America will be finding out today upon the release of the Nunes Memo’s just how deep and dangerous this had become. According to the leaks regarding these memos, the Democrat Party (while working with Hillary Clinton) paid some $12,000,000 to have a bogus dossier created so they could get a FISA warrant in order to spy on the opposing party and their candidate. Then once Trump had won, they then tried to use this authorization, it’s leverage and the dossier to have Trump impeached for conspiring with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind, all of this information was faked, and none of the above had ever occurred.

To put this into perspective, when you boil away the politeness, the coddling by the left-wing media, what you have is the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Operatives attempting and very nearly getting away a ‘coup’ against our government.  These people are no longer interested in our values or what this nation was founded upon in terms of principles, liberty, and freedom. These anarchist supporting hypocrites are only interested in the destruction of this great nation.

America, the Democrat Party is no longer just an opposing political belief, they are true enemies of the state.

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