In the interest of honesty and integrity, I have not personally interviewed Mr. Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro or Lou Dobbs for the following. The following is written from a purely observational perspective over the past year or so.

Recently, (more for entertainment purposes than anything else) I began catching “Morning Joe” on MSNBC for a little while each morning. I started this about the time the Nunes Memo’s began leaking. The reason for my little abandonment from Fox for a short time was, I wanted to see if Joe Scarborough and his sidekick Mika would do any reporting on this explosive story. To my utter amazement (said tongue in cheek), not one word as of last Friday had or has been said about the Memo that is about to be responsible for so many firings at high-levels in our government.

This is but one example of the sheer bias of the media in this nation. Once upon a time in our country, the media were the ones responsible for reporting corruption or other crimes by our national leaders and government. Be they Democrat, Republican or combination thereof; the press would hunt the story, then publish the story. Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, Chet Huntley, were all household names and when they gave you the story, it was the truth laced with facts, not spin or conjecture.

The rest of the world merely reported a break-in at the Democrat National Committee’s headquarters at the Watergate Complex in Washington, D. C. It was two investigative reporters who became bird dogs and would not let the story go which led to Congressional hearings, which led to President Nixon’s resignation under the threat of impeachment. Reporters for the Washington Post (Woodward and Bernstein) became household names as well and ultimately won a slew of awards for their collective efforts on bringing this story to light and letting the American people know of the corruption at the highest levels of government.

What we are witnessing today in our main-stream media is the results of the past 30-40 years of college education in this nation. What we on the right have feared is being brought to you nightly on your new High Definition television. We are witnessing the modern education process being carried out live and in technicolor.

Walter, Ed, Chet, and so many more earned their English, and various media degrees from Universities that taught journalism. They learned how to find the stories, correctly write about them, then report them on camera once television came along. Not anymore! What you’re witnessing today is what happens when colleges such as Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard and other liberal institutions teach and train our youth. So-called journalist such as Katy Couric, Brian Williams, Lester Holt and the gaggle of young reporters who are now in front of the camera, no longer report the news, they spin the story to suit their particular political philosophy.

While some such as Chris Mathews and Rachel Maddow make or offer no apologies for being ‘left-wing radicals,’ others such as Anderson Cooper at CNN try to at least sound unbiased. Though he fails miserably at it, he does make an effort.

Had it not been for the efforts, popularity and the fact that Fox News is a monster concerning ratings, Sean Hannity, Judge Pirro and the rest would have never been able to do what they have done over the past year. This past year, the bulk of Hannity’s broadcast have looked much like last nights.

If you chose to bypass the above video, I would encourage you to watch it. In many ways, it recaps the past year, points out the many crimes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the FBI, and more. Hannity was not alone, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, the morning crew at Fox and Friends and more all did their due diligence on behalf of the American people and brought you stories that were never reported on the other networks. There is zero doubt in my mind, that had not Fox stayed on top of this “Deep State” corruption, we the American citizens would have never known about these crimes against our state, the cooperation between the media and the Democrats or the apparently attempted takedown down of our President.

Here is another from Hannity’s show where he interviews Lou Dobbs, and Lou is breaking for the first time the attempted Coup by the Hillary camp against President Trump.

Now that the truth is finally out, the Nunes Memo’s are finally about to be released, heads have started rolling in the Deep State, I think we all need to offer up a hearty “Thank You” to Fox News and the talents that have brought you the truth. For a year we have heard that all of this was nothing more than a mental disorder on our parts and we were hallucinating and lying about these degenerates on the left. Today, Sean, Jeanine, Lou, Tucker and so many more are finally being vindicated.

We knew we knew we were being lied too. We knew they (the MSM) were not telling the entire truth and in some cases, outright lying about the truth. We knew they were spinning stories if for no other reason than they are unable to report the truth as it makes their party look bad. To prove the point, simply watch the shock and pain on these reporters faces when Trump is projected as the winner of the election.

Hat’s off to the fierce, fair, and unwavering loyalty the crew at Fox News has displayed over the past year. Sean, you stood tall when nobody else would except your colleagues. You braved the arrows of hostility from the left, the allegations of lying (when you were not), and the threats to your life. We in the Tea Party and Grassroots Americans who love this nation can never thank you enough and the great reporters at Fox for your dedication. Thank you and May God Bless each of you!

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