When then businessman Donald J. Trump wrote his blockbuster book “The Art of the Deal,” I am reasonably sure that he never dreamed he would be negotiating the lives of illegal aliens versus the funding for a border wall.

After a phone conversation yesterday with someone who is running for public office, there seemed to be confusion on what is going on here. Allow me a moment to clear this up. We have a group of illegal aliens who are known as “DACA or otherwise known as Dreamers.” Then we have a group of illegal aliens who are actually American citizens because they were born on American soil. These are the children of those who snuck across the border; they had their children at some ER in San Diego when the illegal alien woman went into labor, showed up at the Emergency Room. The hospital had to admit her (because of laws forbidding her rejection when she is in medical distress), these children are known as “Anchor Babies.”

The DACA (err; Dreamers) are the children who were brought here when they were young (IE; 1-5-8 yr. olds etc.), grew up in America, were educated in our school systems, then went on to start a small business, live their lives and are decent contributors to our society. Estimates on the number of Dreamers have been all over the board. Today’s estimates now number in the range of 1.8 million of this group of illegals in our country.

Here is the rub for the President, the Senate, the House, millions of President Trump’s base, and most of America. 

  1. Most of the voting base and many American citizens are screaming; The Dreamers were brought here illegally. Therefore they are illegal. We have laws in this country; these Dreamers are taking jobs, many are living on welfare and benefits that our tax dollars are paying for. SEND THEM HOME!
  2. On the flip side, the President is willing to grant these Dreamers a permanent residents status (a 10-year green card, which is actually pink) so that they can carry on their lives and trade this (with the Democrats) for funding for the border wall or fence that he promised in his campaign.
  3.  The President offered up this compassionate deal for the Dreamers based upon some basic criteria. The dreamer has to have been brought here as a child; the dreamer has to have a clean police record (meaning nothing worse than a speeding ticket or something akin, no felonies), is productive in society. In other words, the Dreamer has a good job, a mortgage, a car loan, pay’s their taxes and acts as a good citizen in their community. Initial numbers claim there are about 370,000 of these types under consideration. The rest have some sort of issue that either they’ve been living on welfare, have a criminal background or something along these lines.
  4. The Democrats are saying, “NO.” The Dem’s want “all the Dreamers” to have unconditional amnesty, plus the Anchor babies families (chain migration), all the above to be granted a pathway to citizenship and the slate to be wiped clean for anyone who has snuck into America. Then and only then will they sign off on the Presidents wall.

The question now becomes, can the President convince his base not to turn on him. Initially and for quite some time after the President began his campaign for the Oval Office, the illegal immigration issue was at the forefront of his campaign. Nearly every rally, every interview, and every television advertisement had the future President reciting “Build the Wall” in one form or another. Along with this chant came the rhetoric of “we will deport the illegal aliens.”

President Trump is not an evil man. He does have a compassionate side, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to split families up. This and the fact that many of your larger banks, and car manufacturing companies will take a beating are but two of the reasons the President is now willing to deal on DACA rather than just deport all of them. The other side of the coin is, Trump is now calling out the Democrats and showing them for they truly are, “obstructionist.”

The Democrats have shown almost zero willingness to negotiate, even after the President gave them everything they wanted or said they wanted. When he did this, then the Dem’s upped the ante and demanded ‘chain migration, and amnesty for all those aliens who are currently here, and more.’

It is becoming evident that the grassroots/Tea Party etc. (the bulk of Trump’s base) will need to turn a blind eye to the President’s relinquishing his position on the subject of DACA. He is basically trapped in that; he has no choice. Mexico has stated categorically that they are unwilling even to broach the subject of paying for a wall and Congress is holding the President hostage for a DACA deal. The truth is, the United States is unwilling to pound our neighbor to the South and cause an international incident over a $20 Billion dollar wall. The lesser of the two evils for the President is to fight with Congress rather than fight with the nation of Mexico.

I know that the President approving the status of some 400,000 Dreamers (these are the ones who are clean, many will be deported because of a criminal background) and many will be upset. But the fact is Patriot’s; the President is being forced to cut a deal to get the wall paid for. We all need to support this decision, the President is fighting for our long-term safety, and currently, this is the best option he has.

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