New York Times best-selling author Sheryl Attkisson recently wrote another best-seller entitled “The SmearHow Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote.”

MRC News Busters posted an article a couple of days ago regarding the mainstream media’s coverage of the recent revelations regarding the failing Russia Gate investigation, FBI corruption and the attempted Coup the Democrats tried to pull off. Maybe a better way to explain this would be, “the lack of coverage of these stories.” 

America, I honestly have no words to express the utter shock, disdain, and disgust I have for today’s modern media in this nation. Other than Fox News, is there not another network, outlet or social media medium that will report ‘all the news’ be it bad or good in terms of political coverage?

This story of how corrupted the FBI became, then colluded with the Clinton Campaign and entwined itself with the media to control how much the American people knew was beyond appalling. The tragic truth is, these entities attempted to sway an election with their news coverage. When that failed, they tried a “Coup D’ Etat” against President Trump and a duly and fairly elected administration by the American people. All along the criminal path that the Clinton’s and Democrat National Committee trudged, the media carried their water and knew what they were doing for the entire way. 

My fellow patriots, do you have any idea of just how very dangerous this is for our freedom as a nation? This should be if it is not, utterly frightening what our mass media in this nation has become. It is unfortunate enough that NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and the rest are in bed together with the Democrat National Committee, but now Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter have joined forces with these treasonous news outlets.

I’ll give you an example of what is happening from a personal account. The other day, I wrote an article that several followers on Twitter messaged and told me it was an outstanding article. One of my followers that messaged me noticed that the story only had four retweets on the article. The lady commented that I apparently had been shadow-banned because the article should have been retweeted hundreds of times as it was that good of an article. Her quote was, “Ken something is wrong, with over 22,000 followers, you should have had many more retweets than 4.” 

Once upon a time, I could post an article on Facebook (assuming it was a decent article) and I would garner hundreds of “LIKES.” Today, I post a good article, share it amongst 40-50 groups (with membership over 1-million), and I am lucky to have 20-Likes on that story. So ‘why’ is Facebook, Twitter and rest curtailing my readers? Facebook, for example, I am maxed out on my friend’s list with 5,000. I have over 5,000 readers on Crows Nest Politics Groups as well. Why is it that only a handful of these folks see my efforts? Simple- I am a conservative, and these social media sites are liberal, and they are hiding my stuff by not allowing my groups and pages to be in people’s news feeds.

If you do not believe that the mainstream media affects what and how our citizens think about a topic, ponder this. For the past 3-quarters, our economy has had a sustained growth of 3% or higher. Over 70 of the largest corporations in our nation are bringing millions of jobs back to our shores, and many of these companies have passed through their tax-savings to their employees in the form of bonuses. This is massive news for the American worker and our economy. Yet President Trump only has a 40% approval rating pertaining to the economy? Why? It is simple, either the MSM is not reporting this news and crediting President Trump with these economic successes, or when they do report it, they bring on a Democrat economist who are attributing these achievements to former President Obama’s economic plan. You will never catch CNN having an opposing opinion to the narrative they are pushing. In this case, you won’t see a Republican economist with differing views than that of the Democrat. At least Fox News will bring on both a liberal and a conservative for opposing views. 

These are but a couple of examples of the censoring and spinning of the news which is currently transpiring in our country. What does it say about our state of affairs when our very voices are being squashed by the Godzilla of social mediums? What does it say about the direction of our nation when the bulk of network news spins stories to benefit a particular political party? To make matters worse, it is these same major news organizations who spin polling data to create a differing result that what is actually happening. 

America, if we do not get a handle on this, we will ultimately alter our nation and not for the better. When the media can fabricate news stories, control polling by which groups they ask questions of, and silence the voices of the people, then we are in dire jeopardy. It is time we rise up and demand better of both our mass media and our social media. Like anything else, this too is money driven, and as we have seen with the NFL, we can make an impact. 


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