For the past several days, we have seen many Congressmen appear on many news talk shows. They all seem to be parroting several of the same thoughts. “You are not going to believe what is in the Nunes House Memo, or What’s in the House memo is beyond comprehension, we never thought this could happen in America.” The next thought they all seem to share is, “Heads are going to roll, and high-ranking officials will be arrested.” 

Before I continue, I want to remind you all of a couple of items, then ask a couple of open-ended questions to see if this makes sense to you. It is very easy to take a column like this and discount it because it is not the Washington Times or Fox News. Because Crows Nest is not Fox or the Times, this column doesn’t have billionaires worried about their reputations or an editor worried about his job for what he publishes. Keeping that in mind, what you will read is the truth as harsh and bizarre as it may seem, it is the truth.

Remember when Donald Trump first took the oath and it seemed as if daily we had “leaks” coming from somewhere and they all seemed to be in an effort to the hurt the Presidency of Trump? Nobody seemed to be able to stop the ‘drip, drip, drip’ and then the President and several high-ranking staffers said there is a “DEEP-STATE” intent on destroying this Presidency. Think back, play on Google for a minute or two, and it will all come back to you. Remember when (then FBI Director) James Comey came out, gave an entire recitation on the many crimes of Hillary Clinton and her email server fiasco? The guy lay’s out a whole case (that I could have prosecuted and I’m not an Attorney) and at the very end, clears her of any wrongdoing and writes it all off as her being careless and having made a mistake. America was stunned. This lady was guilty of many felonies, and yet the FBI is willing to look the other way? Really?

Then we have Russia. One simple question. We all know Vladimir Putin, and we all know Donald Trump. Pretend you’re Vlad for a moment and think about “who you would rather have as President of the United States.” For eight years, Putin led Hillary and Obama around by the nose. For eight years, he moved into whatever nation he wanted to (such as the Crimea), positioned troops and ships globally and did his KGB stuff without ramifications. Now, if you’re Vlad, who do you want as President of the United States? Do you want the shill and weak-willed liberal, or do you want John Wayne in an Armani suit? Do you want an administration which is going to fold to every demand or do you want the guy who will call you out at high-noon for a shootout in the middle of the street? Does it make any sense to anyone that Russia and Vladimir Putin would rig or attempt to rig an election to get Trump elected rather than Hillary?

Below is going to be a link to a website/board where a mysterious fellow or lady has been posting intel for months on the ‘what was about to happen’ inside the White House and our government. In other words, some patriotic person was leaking material in the hopes that someone somewhere would pick it and make the American people aware of what happening and how there was actually a “COUP D’ ETAT” being attempted under our noses.

Names such as Clapper, Brennan, Valerie Jarret, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lynch, and many more were involved in this attempted hijacking of our duly elected President. In a nutshell, nobody expected Hillary to lose this election. When she did, the evil doers had a backup plan, and that plan was to have the President thrown out based upon bogus charges that were in a $12,000,000.00 Dossier that the Clinton camp had created. They used this fake dossier to convince a federal FISA court to issue warrants after which they could then “SPY” on the Trump campaign and if needed, then spy on the Trump presidency in an effort to garner enough information to have him impeached.

This is why the Congressional leaders who have read this report are so stunned. This is why Hillary in an email told someone that if this failed, they would all be hanged. The penalty for treason in America is death by hanging!

Read the report, you decide. You decide if what the Democrats were committing was in fact treason. You decide if James Comey, Hillary and the rest committed acts against the will of the people that warrant prison time. Make no mistake my fellow patriots, Barack Obama, Hillary and rest were intent on taking down Donald Trump and the United States of America. Remember this, Hillary Clinton in her own words was a student of Alinsky and Obama was a student of Bill Ayers. Need I say more?

Probably the most stunning piece to this entire sordid debacle is, this was all part of a 16-year plan to destroy the United States. All of George Soros manipulations and all of Obama’s dreams of a Socialist utopia were on the cusp of happening. Had it not been for the strength and character of Donald Trump, we might have well been headed toward disaster. The fact is, President Trump saved this nation, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude. You won’t believe it now, but read the memo, then you will understand just how close we came to failing and losing what so many spent so much to build.


All that is left is; “Will Attorney General Sessions begin arresting these traitors and troublemakers?” If he doesn’t then I suspect that President Trump will relieve him and find someone who will. Suggestion for the President, “TREY GOWDY.” I am pretty sure he is up to the task Mr. President.


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