Once upon a time in America, we had two parties that would fight on Capitol Hill for what they viewed as good for America. While their views of the future might have differed a bit, we knew and had confidence that both sides were arguing on the floor of the House and Senate as to how to make our nation a better home for all of us. In defense of Franklin Roosevelt and his Democrat Party, he was heavily criticized for some of his government works programs during the Great Depression. The fact was, Roosevelt had no predecessor (that had faced a similar situation) to look toward, and he pretty much was ‘winging‘ it when it came to solutions. Roosevelt stared at millions of hungry Americans who were standing in soup lines across our nation and had to find a solution. As with most things in life, everything has a silver lining. In the case of Roosevelt’s Depression solution, his work programs paid $5 a week, the worker lived in a tent with thousands of other workers, and today we have many gorgeous national parks as a result.

Millions stood in soup lines daily during the great depression.

Arguably, another great Democrat was President John Kennedy. JFK stared down the mighty bear in Cuba and fought for equal rights with Dr. King in Selma, Alabama. While his morality might have lacked, President Clinton actually presided over a booming economy, rewrote the welfare laws which cut billions from the government’s monthly payments to recipients and for the most part had good relations globally. In fact, Clinton (when polling is done) is regarded as one of America’s most popular Presidents ever. Some of the above can be debated, but what cannot be debated is these Presidents loved America (and probably nobody loved our nation more so that President Carter), governed with our best interest in their hearts and minds, and overall did a decent job when it came to being Presidential. 

Today’s Democrats are often compared to those Dem’s from 20-30, and as far back as 70 or so years ago. The consensus is that the party of donkeys has changed dramatically and there is no longer any comparison. Today’s Democrats seem to have an agenda, and that agenda is not making America a better nation for our citizens, but a voting pool for them to retain power on Capitol Hill.

As if that were not bad enough, today’s Democrat powerbrokers are even willing to commit felonies to maintain control and are using our nation as their own private money printing service. Case in point; Hillary Clinton should and will likely be indicted if they can prove that she knew what was happening with theFake Russian Dossier on President Trump.’ 

Stop for a moment and ponder what has happened here. America has a nominee for President of the United States on the Democrat side of the aisle. We won’t even address or elaborate on the genuineness of the nomination being stolen from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but let’s just go with Hillary as the nominee. On the other side of the aisle, we have a total outsider who managed to win the hearts and minds of the bulk of the Republican party. All the networks, all the newspapers, all the political blogs (for the most part) were predicting a sweeping victory for Hillary Clinton. But Hillary apparently had something inside that was nagging at her and the Dem’s campaign machine for Hillary decided to purchase an “insurance policy.” This so-called insurance policy (which was spoken of in emails between the Hillary camp and the folks putting this together at the FBI) was a background dossier which it has now been proven that Hillary’s election campaign paid some $12,000,000.00 to have compiled. This file is supposed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘then-candidate’ Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to somehow sway the American presidential election and stole it from Hillary.

As if that were not bad enough, they then use the fake report to go the FISA courts to get permission to wiretap and spy on another candidate with evidence from a phony report. The fact that this happened is beyond criminal; it is treasonous because the Democrats were trying to alter an election based upon fake manufactured evidence which they took to court and lied to obtain the warrants to spy.

Great book detailing the inside story of how the Clinton’s stole millions.

The problem for the Democrats became that they could not prove any of the allegations in the dossier. The media jumped on board trying to help Clinton and the fake charges out, but to no avail and now the results are in. Robert Mueller (the special investigator) having spent millions, has an empty war chest with no crimes committed.

What we do have is a political party willing and able to thwart the will of the American people, hustle and charge an innocent man, and something akin to a “Coup” against a legally elected administration. This is what we know so far regarding the past election.

On top of this, we have a former FBI Director (who is supposed to be above reproach) who stood in front of the American people and lied about felonies committed by a former Secretary of State regarding state secrets and her illegal computer server system. Why did she have the unlawful server system, to begin with? Because she was using it to rake in vast amounts of cash for the selling off of America’s uranium supply to the Russians who we now know paid some $170,000,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation for the uranium.

Former President Obama had routinely broken the constitutional law (President Trump has thrown many of his Executive Orders out) by writing EO’s that had no legal merit, yet the government followed through with them because the Democrats were in power or the Republican didn’t dare to stand up to him. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi in collusion with President Obama had bills written by the Insurance Lobby to totally gut our healthcare system. They passed these laws in secret and subsequently our nation has paid out over $1 Trillion dollars in healthcare cost all in order to pay off the Insurance Lobby with hundreds of billions of your tax dollars. In other words, the entire Obamacare debacle has been a lie to steal money to line the pockets of the Insurance Cartel who donated millions to the Obama election campaign. God only knows how much under the table money filtered back to Obama’s Swiss Bank accounts.

Now we have the Democrat party shutting down our government so they can make attempts at blackmailing President Trump into signing off on millions of illegal fence jumping aliens. One has to ask at this point, “who’s side are these leftist loons on?” The Democrat Party no longer has America’s best interest at heart. They no longer preside over any patriotism whatsoever in our nation. The modern Democrat Party are without question the enemy of the state. They will spend trillions of dollars that our country has to borrow in order to pay off for favors. They will import millions of illegal residents to milk our system of billions of dollars in order to buy votes so they can retain power. They harbor no remorse whatsoever when these illegal felons murder innocent Americans, in fact, they put up Attorney’s and go on the attack in the media to protect them. Democrats today will even go so far as to have their own cities and states become refugee camps for these criminals, then use the hard working taxpayers money to subsidize them.

America; these modern-day Democrats are no longer patriotic Americans; they genuinely are Enemies of the State.


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