The numbers are beginning to come in. Socialism, Liberalism, Communism, Democrats or whatever you desire to call them are on the run. Their policies are failing and falling by the wayside in a staggering array of humiliation for the left. Proof of this is in their almost hysterical manner in which they are currently treating President Trump. Recent polling of some 600,000 Black Americans have some 23% of Black Men approving and liking President Trump and his approval amongst Black Women is up to 11% over the past year. Lest you think these numbers are small, then explain the hysteria amongst the Democrat Party. Those numbers are enormous concerning losses from the party of donkey’s. 

To prove a point, the left, and Democrats are now going so far as to claim that Global Warming affects minorities more so than white American’s. Yes, you read correctly. The NAACP believes that global warming is harder on Blacks, and Donald Trump is a racist if he doesn’t address that mother earth is racist toward minorities. In fact, they go so far as to claim that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream cannot be achieved unless the President begins fighting global warming. 

So what do the NAACP, Vermont, and Bernie Sanders have in common? 

The correlations are relatively simple. The left has been (since the early day’s of Obama) trying to use ‘climate change, global warming or whatever you want to call it‘ as a means of income redistribution for some years now. Remember when Obama went after the coal industry? What this succeeded in doing was cutting coal supplies, driving the cost of heating up on homeowners, but in turn, punished the energy companies.

Today we see the same thing happening in Vermont. It seems that everyone’s favorite crazy Uncle in the attic “Bernie Sanders” has decided that their needs to be a carbon-based energy tax on the residents of Vermont. Oh yes, and this isn’t some little tax either. What he is trying to get the law-makers of Vermont to do is going to double heating oil cost and drive gasoline up enormously in the state. This is going to punish working class Vermont in a brutal way that most cannot afford.

When discussing socialism in America, we often refer to New York City with their big-brother soda taxes, California with their severe gun restrictions and sanctuary cities, but the little state of Vermont usually get’s overlooked. The reality is, this state has been held hostage by the far left and their brain damage for some time now. And now they want to inflict more socialism and punishment on their hardworking citizens.


Ed (as his friends call him) phoned me the other day and said; “enough is enough.” He went on to explain that somebody needs to challenge Bernie Sanders and he feels like this might just be the right time to do so. Ed who is currently the Chairman of the ‘Green Mountain Republicans‘ in Vermont thinks that Senator Sanders is vulnerable for several reasons. 

Edward Gilbert Jr. is a successful Vermont Businessman who is tired of being over-taxed.

The first being is the current wave sweeping across America of; “Anyone but the incumbent” attitude. This is the wave that swept Donald Trump into the White House, and it is continuing with outsider wins in the recent special elections. Combine this with a stagnant economy in Vermont (because of high taxes and job losses), then pile on the proposed carbon tax and you have the recipe for a major political upset.

I found Gilbert to be very educated on current political topics, very intelligent, articulate and personable. All in all, this fellow might very well be an excellent Senate candidate. A recent OP-ED by Mr. Gilbert outlines the current economics of Vermont and the lunacy of their seemingly unbridled ability to raise taxes on the citizens (otherwise known as Vermont victims) of the state.

My personal opinion is that, if there is a financially strong Political Action Committee, a couple of strong supporters, and a gathering of the grassroots to be volunteers, this fellow will stand a good chance of being the dark horse that brings it home for the good guys. On the surface, one would believe that this seat is a lock for Sanders, but when digging deeper and talking with the frustrated average citizen of the state, all of the sudden, winning doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

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