As President George W. Bush was exiting the Oval Office and Barack Obama was entering, America experienced a near financial meltdown. We all remember this and those involved in the sales of ‘high-end’ products remember it all too well. I shall never forget the morning I got the phone call from a major financial institution informing us that our “floor-planning” had been curtailed and we needed to send them a check for a mere $1.5 million and had a few days to accomplish this. 

The fallout from this was devastating. When I heard from other dealer friends around the United States, I knew that not just the dealers were in trouble, but the entire economy was on the brink of collapse. None of my dealer friends were going to be able to handle this. The results were that cities like Elkhart, Indiana lost thousands upon thousands of jobs, companies went under, dealers went under, and I apparently was in good company, because we too went under. It was the early winter of 2009 when my wife and I returned to Central Iowa with our tail between our legs. We had lost everything!

For the next year, my sister allowed us and our two fur babies to reside in her basement. She helped my wife obtain a position with a large banking institution in Des Moines as a tax analyst (something to do with real-estate), and I spent that year sending out resumes across America. In that year, I responded to over 1000 positions, up to and including being a salesman for a Western Store. Keep in mind that when the crash came, I had been a General Manager for a large high-end trailer dealership that was under construction in Arizona. Even as the store was being prepared, I had been selling trailers at rodeo’s, horse shows and other events. In fact, in just under the last 3-months, we were there, I had sold over $1,000,000 worth of product. Prior to that position, I had been either a sales representative or a sales manager for several large dealerships and had been presented with multi-million dollars sales achievement awards. Yes, I earned an excellent living and made my manufacturers and owners proud~

So what happened? Why out of over 1,000 resumes, could I not land a position with a good company? I have no DUI’s, no arrest, no criminal record, no drug issues and I don’t even drink for that matter. I go to church, I pray daily, and I have an impeccable work ethic. I am likable; I have a sense of humor, I wave the flag, I am a Veteran with medals and an honorable discharge. So why doesn’t anyone want me? Answer; I had turned 50, and I was a conservative.

The part that was missing in my diatribe above, I had started a blog and was writing about Barack Obama. To make matters worse, I had also joined the Tea Party movement and even started a Tea Party or two. This was done in answer to my family exhibiting less than enthusiastic responses to my prowling the house while espousing political rhetoric. It was at that point that the family decided I needed an outlet for my frustration toward the new administration and some of the Presidents decisions.

My new found political enthusiasm led me to expound on the hundreds of billions being wasted on political payoffs, bailouts, and more. The hundreds of billions quickly ended up being trillions added to our national debt which led me to scream all the louder. All the while, I kept sending out resumes, and I kept getting no responses.

To this day, I have never understood why not one company in these United States would hire me. In retrospect, today, I know the answer.

Am I bitter? Yes, to some degree I am bitter. But when I look at the price our Founding Fathers paid, I realize I am in good company. They spoke up, fought a war, and they too lost everything. It is said that 52 of the original 57 signers of the Declaration went to their graves broke when they had begun as wealthy men. I invested 9-years in writing, speaking and teaching about conservatism and the detriments of socialism and liberalism on a society. I have written more than 1000 articles on Republican and Conservative values. I have written about World War II, the Civil War, Lincoln, Reagan, and so many more in an effort teach principled leadership.

If you think I am alone in this, you would be wrong. I have talked with many Tea Party and Conservative activist across this nation in recent years. Many are in the same boat. Because of their activism, companies are afraid of them. I know one fellow who is an electrician in a town where most in this field belong to unions. The Union bosses found out about his activities, and today he sits unemployed with no hopes on the horizon.

For those that think this has been easy, think about this. I have not been on vacation in 9-years. I am fortunate if I can take my wife out to dinner once every 3-4 months and I have to save up quarters, dimes, and nickles to do that. (No, I am not joking) Christmas used to be a time of joy for me, not anymore since having gotten involved with trying to save the country. It has been 10-years since I was able to give my children a Christmas present. Do you have any idea how that feels? 

Why did I write this today? I wrote this because I want everyone to know that I (and my fellow patriots) have indeed paid a hefty price for what we did during the Obama years. We were targeted by the government; we were harassed by liberals from one end of this nation to the other. And lastly, having not been able to earn any money for some 9-years now, we have been left broke and broken. One major problem when you speak with a potential employer is explaining your whereabouts for 8 or 9 years. It becomes very problematic when you try to explain.

Now that I have this off my chest, I will go back to writing, go back to sending out resumes in the hopes that I can find a conservative dealership owner someplace who will hire a 60-year-old patriot. God Bless each of you. If any of you need a tax write off, feel free to click on the “DONATE” button on the right side of the page. You can also purchase my book “Ego in a Tea Bag” about my experiences in the Tea Party. It also is on the right side. And if you by some remote chance have a position open, I will gleefully welcome your email. My private email is; (