President Trump held a 55-minute televised meeting with a bi-partisan commission of Senators about DACA. Why are the Republicans supporting an illegal action by former President Obama?

President Trump became President by listening and addressing his constituents. He would hear the patriot’s cries of anguish, then offer the solution to their pangs of need. At the top of the list was the economy. The President knew that the best solution to that problem was to allow working-class America to retain more money in their paychecks. The next piece of that puzzle was to free up working capital for businesses to expand, hire more employees and create new companies. Combine all of the above, and voila, we have millions of new jobs, more cash appearing in paychecks on February 1, and businesses relocating back to the motherland. The President kept his promise by getting new and restructured tax laws put into place.

The next “YUGE” item on the list that elected Donald Trump as POTUS was the mantra flowing across America, “Build that Wall, Build that Wall, Build that Wall.” The chant could and was heard at every event candidate Trump attended. The southern border wall was sold as one of the answers to stopping the illegal flow of ‘very illegal aliens‘ into the United States. Then-candidate Trump was not just going to build a wall, but Mexico was paying for his prized campaign promise. So how did we get from Mexico purchasing a wall to the President bartering one of his other major campaign promises ( No Amnesty, tighter immigration standards, etc.) to all but begging Democrats to allow him to sign off on DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ) to obtain his wall?   

The President’s base knows full well what granting amnesty or signing off for millions of ‘Dreamers‘ to remain in America will mean in coming elections. The Republican Party and it’s tens of millions of voters also know that by granting asylum/amnesty to these millions of family members, students, refugees, etc. will be the death knell to Republicans ever winning again.  

We fully realize that President Trump is not a racist and we fully recognize that the President doesn’t necessarily want to split up families. On the surface, this seems cruel and unusual to take someone who has been here for 25-years only to be shipped back to Guatemala where they don’t even speak the language. You would be correct, that is somewhat harsh, but on the other hand, they were brought to America illegally by parents who came here illegally in the first place. Are they responsible for the sins of the parents? This is an excellent question.

Currently in California for instance, we know there are millions of very illegal aliens living off Uncle Sam, and it costs both the California and Federal Government a fortune to house, feed, and care for these people.

This is the harsh truth about this illegal alien situation. On the one hand, you have America expending countless dollars to care for (nobody knows for sure) millions of folks who snuck into our country. This we know for a certainty. We also know that there are some who came here with nothing more in mind than evil intentions. For the most part, these are decent people who just want a better life for themselves and their families. Many are hard working, show up on time, don’t complain and are willing to do jobs that many Americans simply are not willing to do. Let’s face it, folks, it is hard work picking lemons in the 110-degree sun all day.

This part is not being reported in the mainstream media, and you will not hear Anderson Cooper talking about it either. Who is going to pay if President Trump does send millions of these folks packing? YOU, THE AVERAGE AMERICAN JOE IS GOING TO PAY THE TAB! Allow me to explain.

The reason the Democrats are so hell-bent on allowing these millions of migrants, immigrants, illegal aliens are whatever they are is they are counting on getting them into the voting booths. Illegal though it may be, they figure that if they can get enough of them to the polls, it will make a difference in future elections. The right side of the aisle wants them out of here because they see the handwriting on the wall if the aliens are allowed to stay. But there is another reason both sides desire the non-citizens to hang around.


That’s right America, our good friends whom we affectionately refer to as a lobbyist. The “L” gang are all over Capitol Hill spreading good cheer in an attempt to curry favor and have these beautiful, upstanding citizens remain in our nation. Why do you ask? It’s called cash my fellow patriots. Here is the deal in a nutshell. For decades now, banking institutions have been loaning them money for new cars, homes, boats, RV-trailers, credit cards and more. Wells Fargo, for instance, has (who knows, but it is a mountain of mortgage loans) hundreds of thousands of home loans out on these people. Citicorp, Fanny, Freddie, Bank of America and Country Wide all have untold amounts of mortgages that will total into the billions upon billions of dollars. How many Chevrolets do you think GMAC is holding the paper on? Then you have Ford Motor Credit, Chrysler Credit, General Electric and the lists go on and on.

President Trump will, of course, know all of this, but so do the Senators and House Members. This is the one element of this nobody wants to talk about. Why? Because it will be “you the taxpayer” picking up the tab for the tens of billions lost by these banking and lending institutions. When and if the President does evict millions of these people, the banks will be standing with their hands out. They will claim (and probably rightfully so) that the mortgages were being paid and would still be paid if the President hadn’t taken their borrower and tossed him out of the country.

The President is caught behind a rock and hard place at present. He is damned if he does and damned if doesn’t. However, if he allows the Democrats to hold his wall hostage for DACA, then it is an easy choice. Tell the Democrats to shove it and figure out another way to get the wall funded. Tell the Dems to shut down the government and go on national television explaining that the Executive Order (per Obama’s own words) was initially an illegal and unconstitutional order in the first place. Explain that your job is national safety and you will get the wall one way or another. But do not, do not, allow me to repeat myself here, do not sign DACA under the threat of blackmail.

Mr. President, you will alienate your base beyond belief and lose many of them. They were with you mainly because of your stance on illegal aliens and the wall. Don’t break that bond you have, you won’t get it back!