Does anyone remember an awful movie from 1981 named ‘Rollover ?’ Tons of nuances, threads of intrigue, some slush funds, etc. The main thrust of the movie was whether the Saudi Arabian government would ‘rollover’ their bonds or demand payment by the United States Government for the debt we owed. Kris Kristofferson and Jane Fonda lead us through the intrigue, the slush funds, a murdered husband and more, but in the end, we find out that the Saudi’s own billions of dollars worth of our debt. Kristofferson and company keep the Royal Family pacified for a time until the Royal’s lose faith in our currency and decide to “not roll over,” then the crash comes. 

Patriots, I am afraid it is time to get real and face some harsh truth’s here. Barack Obama might very well have buried the United States, and Donald Trump might not be able to save us. I fully realize that Mr. T has a huge S on the front of his t-shirts, but this one is going to take every bit of skill from his sizeable skill-set toolbox to bail America out of this jam we are now rapidly approaching. 

An article from CNN Money magazine dated last January (a year ago) talked in depth about the amount of cash we owe China, Japan, Russia and Saudi Arabia and folks it is staggering. An article from Bloomberg Markets (from yesterday) goes even deeper into the shocking truth of our debt with China. Currently, we owe more than Three (3) Trillion dollars to China. 

Here is the problem for the United States. WE CANNOT OR DON’T WANT TO BALANCE A BUDGET! To make matters worse, we can’t even agree on a budget and Congress keeps kicking the can rather than doing an actual budget for our nation to live by. In today’s edition of “The Hill,” we learn that Mitch McConnell is not talking, Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t talking, the Democrats are not talking with anyone, and the United States is accelerating toward a shut down on January 19, 2018.

What the media is not telling you is, if the United States runs with another “Omnibus” bill rather than actual budgets, this causes uneasiness amongst our debtors. This is the reason China has started backing off purchasing our debt which we fund through bond sales. Japan has also begun selling our debt to nations such as Russia. Imagine paying your home mortgage payment every month to some loan shark named Guido instead of Wells Fargo?

The bottom line is this my patriot brothers and sisters. President Trump is scrambling to get this economy roaring because he knows full well what is going to happen if he cannot. If China, Russia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia cease and don’t purchase our bonds any longer, we then have to curtail government expenditures severely or our dollar becomes worthless. If we continue to print our own cash (which Obama started doing) and don’t have the economy to back it up, then our dollar collapses. This is what happened to Germany just prior to WWII. In other words, if nobody wants to trade or do business with United States dollars, then we are in severe trouble.

The sad truth is, the former President spent so much money (by putting it on a credit card) that today President Trump is left with almost no breathing room to get this corrected. The greed, the corruption, the payouts to nations such as Iran are finally coming home to roost, and we are about to have to pay the bill.

Let us pray that President Trump can get this stabilized, that Congress can put together a budget and our economy can get going to the point that it offsets much of this. For if the above doesn’t happen, we could be in for a very rough ride in the years to come.

Someone should indeed outlaw Democrats having any responsibility with our nation’s checkbook.


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