Whether we on the right choose to admit it or want to recognize it, Capitol Hill is a place where time seems to stand still. The clock simply doesn’t tick off time at the same rate it does in the rest of the nation. The wheels of government move very slowly and for good reason. Quick decisions are often the wrong ones and mistakes at that level can be very costly for a country the size of the United States. Had former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon recognized this, he might not have destroyed his career as fast as he did.

I have been preaching for years that the ‘Tea Party, Alt-Right, Grassroots or whatever their being called these days‘ needed to be very calculating in the way they went about replacing sitting House and Senate incumbents. I have been screaming from the mountain tops that we needed to select very prudent, knowledgeable, political savvy types that won’t screw up a campaign before it get’s started good.  To prove the point; remember the Missouri Congressman who ran for the Senate some years back? Todd Akin had the support of the Tea Party and was a real Tea Party type of guy. That is until he claimed that “raped women won’t get pregnant.” Then we had businesswoman Sharron Angle blow a double-digit lead in the closing days to Harry Reid in Nevada. She did so by going off script and making some really bone-headed remarks. I mean this lady didn’t just lose, she lost big and literally blew out a double-digit lead with a week to go. How do you do that?

As for Bannon, his luster began to dim when he got crossways with the Trump children. Steve Bannon was and is widely regarded as some sort of political guru; then he should have known not to pee in Ivanka Trump’s bowl of Wheaties. Nobody knows the exact details, but it is widely known that he somehow, someway, ruined whatever relationship he had with both Ivanka and Jared Cushner. To make matters worse, while Donald Trump is trying desperately to negotiate some sort of working relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Bannon is trying to sabotage this relationship while trying to insert his goons into the winnable positions for elected office.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the President is going out on a limb to endorse one candidate, while his Chief Strategist is supporting another candidate. Is it any wonder he is now out on his tail? Then came the Judge Roy Moore debacle. Is it even possible that Steve Bannon could have found a worse candidate to support than Judge Moore? This guy had not just lost 3-elections, he had been tossed off the bench for telling the United States Supreme Court to shove it when he was a sitting Federal Judge. For his efforts, he gets fired as a Justice, then get’s disbarred on top of that. And this is who the world’s smartest political strategist is supporting?

But Steve Bannon is not finished committing political suicide just yet. He then decides to give hours-long interviews to a widely known lying writer about the “behind the scenes goings on” during the election and into President Trump’s White House. He then makes the incredibly stupid mistake of dropping the President’s son into a vat of scalding hot grease. Not smart Mr. Bannon! Knowing the President’s loyalty to family, friends, and employees, does he not think for a minute that the President of the United States is not going to defend his own firstborn son that is his namesake? Is he really that stupid? Apparently so!

Now Bannon has not just loaded the 44 revolver, he has cocked it and then pointed the gun at his own head (figuratively speaking).

Grassroots America, we can get more conservatives elected. However, it is a slow process. It is a process by where we must think long and hard about who to support. Are they going to be a good candidate and just how many skeletons do they have in the closet? Do they have the ability to raise large sums of cash to operate a campaign that is viable and could win? Do they have the political stances that are electable in the area they are running in? Can they put together a proper staff that will help them rather than hurt them? These and many more questions should be answered before the grassroots jumps headlong into supporting candidates just because the candidate uses some flowery rhetoric in a few speeches. Just because a candidate mentions the constitution, supports guns, supports pro-life, etc., doesn’t mean they are a viable candidate for a position in the House or Senate. I think Mr. Bannon has learned that the hard way.

In all my years, I have never been witness to a fall from grace as fast as I have watched Steve Bannon’s fall. He went from hero to zero in record time, and I have to be honest, I think it was his unbridled thirst for power and his arrogance that took him there. It goes back to the adage that Sarah Palin used to use in many of her speeches; “don’t get between a mama grizzly and her cubs.” In this case don’t get between Mr. Trump and his children, you’re going to lose if you do.

Good-bye Mr. Bannon, it was interesting while it lasted.


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