Forget politics for a moment; one has to admire someone who can come up with an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea, implement it, then turn that idea into a capitalistic giant. It takes tenacity, guts, an entrepreneurial personality and it’s without question the epitome of Americana. With that said, “hat’s off to Mr. Jeff Bezos of Amazon.” In case you missed it, Bezos has now been named the wealthiest person in the history of the world. His amassed fortune according to Fox News (who is reporting Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index) stands at a staggering $105,000,000,000.00, that is Billion if I didn’t count my zero’s correctly. Poor-old Bill Gates has fallen to an embarrassingly low $93-Billion. I am sure he is most likely on anti-depressants by now.

Challenge for Mr. Jeff Bezos; 

I am pretty sure that Mr. Bezos is already involved in many charitable events and returns some of his incredible to society in many different forms. However, I have one that could actually change America for the better and alter lives for generations. 


Mr. Bezos; Like many, I witnessed the ravages of ‘Domestic Abuse‘ first hand as a child. The damage that viewing horrific events such as these is something that you live with for most of your life. The toll it takes on children isn’t even calculable. It affects them as a child; then when they grow into adulthood, it affects their relationships with their significant other in the forms of trust issues and in many cases, the once abused, becomes an abuser themselves. It is time this cycle of violence and abuse stop. Below I am going to give you an idea that I personally have wanted to do for many years and it would and could make a massive difference in our society. Implemented correctly, it could begin altering the damage being done on a national scale. I would encourage you or whoever can get this to Jeff Bezos to actively think about this, pray about it and I would welcome an email or a phone call to discuss it further. 


Most of the time, domestic violence happens at night. It usually begins with one or both of the partners going out, having a few drinks which turn into a few too many, then the husband becomes jealous after someone flirts with this wife and this situation rapidly degenerates into the husband abusing his wife. By the time they get home, it is 1:00 AM, the fighting continues, the children are in bed asleep and are awaken to the sounds of shattering glass, the wife pleading, “please don’t hurt me anymore” and the husband railing and ranting. The kids begin crying, run downstairs where the dad screams to go back to bed and now the child is sobbing uncontrollably. Sound familiar to anyone? Many times the wife is unable, but when she can, she will call 911, and the Sheriff shows up. When this happens, the husband is often arrested, and for a few hours, the family is at peace. 

The next morning, the husband goes before a judge, the judge will fine him, warn him and he goes home. He is apologetic, and all is good until the next time he drinks, and the cycle is repeated. In the meantime, the wife is frightened for she knows more is coming, the children live in fear because they know more is coming, and their lives are being lived in turmoil. Their school grades suffer, they don’t have friends over for fear of a blow-up, and the wife lives in shame, often thinking it is her fault this happens in the first place. 

It’s time to STOP THIS and here is how;

Mr. Bezos, what my proposal is, is this. Build a nationwide shelter system for these women and children. IE; You can come to Iowa for instance and purchase an empty schoolhouse from a county for next to nothing. Maybe $50-100K and no, this is not an exaggeration. This school will have 30-40 or more classrooms in it, kitchen, many restrooms etc. Convert the classrooms into small apartments for the mother and children. Have a full-time staff counselor who holds daily meetings and therapy sessions in a group setting, but also private sessions when the therapist deems it necessary. The children have their own therapy sessions, and the center also has fulltime teachers for the school children. Each center would employ approximately 6 full-time employees including maintenance staff.  

We allow the women to stay for up to two-years, yes, this is for a reason. One of the primary reasons women don’t leave these abusive relationships is “they have nowhere to go, no way to earn a living and they believe it is worse to leave than to stay. Once they have attended sessions for a period of time, then they can begin training for a suitable career that will allow them to make a living. IE: Hairdresser, Computer (something), Paralegal, etc. The center would pay all expenses, then help the victim find housing, obtain employment, etc. 

In other words, this center would work with the Sheriff’s departments across America, help these women rebuild their lives, help with the legal for a divorce, then help the women step into society as a healed, worthwhile member who is not living off the government, but who has attained self-worth, and self-sufficiency.

Mr. Bezos; If you want to make a difference with a group of people that are mostly forgotten and who genuinely need help, this is your opportunity to change so many lives for the better and forever. You can break the chain that keeps perpetuating these horrifying atrocities against helpless people, and you can create something that would bless so many people for literally generations. 

I would so welcome your email to discuss this further. If you happen across this article, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Thoughts, comments or Mr. Bezos; email (