This is a new experience for me, but I have always been one to step into uncharted waters. 

Yesterday I published an article that was supposed to be supportive, yet instructional to grassroots groups across America. In doing so, I used some friends of mine in Arizona who founded a wonderful organization, for my example. However, I never mentioned any names of any groups. With that said, I want to clarify a couple of points that I mistakingly used in the article. The article was not intended to harm anyone, besmirch any reputations or activities that these groups perform or get involved in.

I first said that the group attended local City Council meetings to protest activities by the City that they did not care for. I was mistaken. While yes, they have attended several meetings it was to support the local police in Phoenix on an issue, not to be critical of the City of Phoenix or their Police Department. The intent here was correct in that the group did attend regular meetings, but I mistakingly used the City of Phoenix, when in fact it was a Muslim Group that was intending to perform some questionable deeds in the Phoenix area. My apology for this mistake.

I also claimed that the group were followers of the alt-right radio host Alex Jones. I was summarily chastised for this. I want to clarify this a bit. I was not accusing (or intentionally claiming that everyone in this group) that all in the team listen and follow Jones. I was attempting to state that many on the far-right do follow Jones, not this group specifically. I was informed that a few of them do support Jones, but not near the extent that I stated.

I also noted that some of the far-right are devoted to conspiracy theory. While this is true in large on a national scale, for this particular group, I was told that they do not subscribe to what most would label as Conspiracy Theory.

I want to apologize again for offending anyone within this group humbly. Allow me to clarify a couple of points here and offer up a better explanation.

I write about a litany of topics and average one to two articles a day. Many of my articles, opinions, blogs, etc. I will hyperlink to various authenticating sites to prove that what I say is accurate. On yesterday’s report, I was operating off of memory based on some conversations that I had with the principles involved. My memory failed me; it is that simple. Again, my apologies.

I want to offer a hat’s off to Lesa Antone and her crew at Patriot Movement AZ. for calling me to task on my mistakes. Lesa and her team do an excellent job of keeping the public aware in Phoenix and around the Grand Canyon State on what the local and State governments are up to and about to do to the public. They perform a yeoman’s job for the citizens of the state.

It is great American patriots such as this group and so many more that gave us this President and are helping to drain the swamp in Washington, D. C. I strongly encourage you all to keep up the excellent work. When you see wrong, protest it! Stand on those street corners, drop those banners over those bridge railings and keep letting the American people know that we are on the front lines.

I do stand on my purpose of the article and remain firm in my belief that you should get involved in some discussion before publically endorsing a candidate. While PMAz has not endorsed a specific candidate in Arizona’s Senate race, I do stand by my statement that Dr. Kelli Ward will not be elected in the general election if she wins the nomination. Many reasons as to why I say this and I remain firm in my belief that she is unelectable in Arizona’s Senate race.

I hope that Patriot Movement AZ accepts this flogging as retribution for my errors. With that said, keep up the excellent work patriots!