Patriotic enthusiasm is good, but to make a difference, now you have to apply political savvy as well.

We have all heard the terminology; RINO’s (Republican in Name Only), Globalist (a Mysterious group of families who want to take over the world with a one world government), and the GOP Elitist (who really aren’t Republicans, they only pretend to be). These are but a few of the enemies of the far-right. When I say, ‘far-right,’ just who am I talking about here?

We have Republicans (which are considered to be Right Wing by those who are not Republican). Then we have the Tea Party, Grassroots Conservatives, and those who are to the right of a generic Republican. Then off in la-la-land, we have the far Alt-Right who are the conspiracy theorist and who are fighting an imaginary war that they seem to have concocted all on their own. This is the group that views the government as the enemy state. These are the guys that follow (for the most part) Alex Jones who believes the “Bilderberg Group” is seeking to take over the world. That is not to say that “all” follow Jones, but some do. These are also the groups who believe the government is poisoning us with “Chem-Trails, Vaccinations, and brainwashing our children in public schools.”

Alex Jones could have had much greater effect had he stayed away from conspiracy theory.

Let me first state this; “I LOVE THESE GUYS!” These are the true-blue patriots who will stand in the hot sun or rain and protest something they truly believe in and as someone famous once said; “Damn the Torpedoes, full steam ahead.” One has to admire someone who will go out in the face of opposition and fight for what they believe in. Here is the rub though.

My beloved passionate patriots who love standing on street corners; don’t you believe that you should think most of this through before going out and putting your heads on a chopping block? Example; In Arizona, there is a small group of devoted who faithfully attend every city council meeting, then when they don’t like what their hearing will go out in front of City Hall and protest. God to love these guys. However, their patriotism doesn’t stop there. They have now decided to trod down to Tucson and carry their message to those who reside in the old city. This small group of desperado patriots have decided to bring in Kelli Ward for their next big rally/protest or whatever you want to call it. Big for these guys is 100 folks showing up to wave banners, flags and scream into a bull-horn. Now is where the rub comes in for me personally.

Let us assume for a moment that Kelli Ward does win the primary against Congresswoman Martha McSally. Kelli Ward is viewed as an “Alt-Right” candidate. She, of course, appeals to the far factions of the GOP. The problem herein is this; If Ward wins the primary, she loses the general election to the Democrats. Tucson is widely known to of drifted to the left and become Purple at best and more than likely blue. Yet, McSally won this Congressional seat. How? Apparently, she ran as a moderate Republican and not a Chem-Trail chasing far-right loon. I say that because the last time Ward ran, she made Chem-Trails one of her campaign platform arguments.

At this point, one has to ask themselves, “how do you win a general election when you only attract some 25-35% of the Republican vote and none of the Democrat vote? You don’t is the answer. Yet, these loveable troublemakers will go out and throw their support behind a losing candidate, knowing that candidate is going to lose. Then they will scream “voter-fraud” just as they did in Alabama when Judge Roy Moore lost his election bid. Don’t kid yourselves; they still believe that Moore was cheated and will come with 100 reasons why. Nevermind that the Secretary of State and nine other criminal justice agencies looked into it, they believe the Democrats cheated. Never mind that Moore had lost three previous statewide races, that doesn’t count.

Congresswoman McSally did not rise to the level of Lt. Colonel by being weak on anything.

To my friends in Arizona; You cannot call Tucson, Arizona an enemy city if you hope to unify the Republican Party and bring is some Libertarians to assist you in winning a race. You cannot take sides and bash another Republican if you hope to win the hearts and minds of conservatives across the board. But Ken, but Ken (waving hands wildly), McSally is a RINO. My first question would have to be, “so what makes her a RINO?” I honestly do not recall her voting to restrict guns. I don’t recall her voting to limit your free speech or religious rights. I don’t remember her voting to raise taxes or take away any Veterans rights. Just because a candidate doesn’t throw out flammable rhetoric doesn’t make them a RINO as you so aptly put it. Just because some Congressman or Woman holds their cards close to their vest, doesn’t make them an enemy of the state.

Congressman David Young (3rd District Iowa) is that way. While Steve King (4th District Iowa) runs around stirring the pot and all but inciting a riot on Capitol Hill, David very quietly goes on about his mission. Young doesn’t do much television, he doesn’t do radio spots, yet he votes with the conservatives most of the time. Because he is not outspoken like King, does this label him as a RINO? I would hope not. Both of these Congressmen are loved in Iowa and win their re-elections by huge margins.

My loveable patriots; please get some professional political council before you start trying to get involved in elections. I know you love what Dr. Ward has to say, but the fact is, she will not win the general election if she wins the primary. She is just too toxic on too many issues, and with Arizona having turned blue, we have to be careful about who we put up, lest we lose a seat in the Senate.

UPDATE; Patriots, I am NOT CALLING OUT ANY GROUP IN THIS ARTICLE!! I simply used a group that I personally knew of as an EXAMPLE of a couple of things they and many, many other groups across America need to consider. I support all groups in this nation that are patriotic and express their conservative beliefs. All of these groups should be supported. In turn, I do believe that they should get some professional political consultation when considering whom to support. Again, I am not criticizing any group in this article. 


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