For years, I have made prognostications to my family and friends. For years, several of these family members have told that I should put them on paper. This year, I thought I might as well. You beloved Patriots, keep this article laying around so that in 2019, you can send it back to me graded and tell me if I flunked or passed. 

Donald Trump’s Presidency; 

For President Trump, 2018 is going to be much different. The scam known as ‘Russia Gate’ will be blown wide open in the main-stream media. This due to the fact, that the truth will be finally outed to a significant degree on Capitol Hill and the MSM cannot any longer hide it. Donald Trump will be vindicated, and subpoenas will be issued for the bulk of the Clinton cartel to appear. 

I predict that you will even some arrest warrants issued, and the prosecution process begins on some of the folks who were involved in her campaign for President. Heads are going to roll over Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. These acts were so grievous that once the truth begins making its way into the MSM, the public is going to demand action. 

I predict that the public’s level of anger toward the Clinton’s will rise to a level that is going to force President Trump to relieve Attorney General Jeff Sessions and another AG will be appointed who has the courage to go after Bill and Hillary and their extended crime family. 

I also predict that President Trump will enjoy a much less stressful 2018 as he will now have the Senate and House under control because of his recent victories with his tax bill and foreign trips. His popularity will continue to rise as he has begun settling into the position of President and his confidence is still growing. 2017 was tough on the President as the House wasn’t supporting him, the Senate was locking horns, and all are sabotaging the President, and we all witnessed what the media did to him on a daily basis. President Trump has won the battle, and the Senate is now having to acquiesce to his popularity and begin passing his agenda. 

2018 is going to be a good year for Donald J. Trump.

Dow Jones set new records almost weekly in 2017, expect the trend to continue “YUGELY” throughout 2018.

Economic Good News;

If 2017 was a good year for economic news, you ain’t seen nothing yet America. 2018 is going to bring an economy that America has not seen in over a quarter of a century and maybe never for that matter. President Trump’s recent signing (just before Christmas) of the Administration’s new tax bill has already brought announcements from several major corporations (IE; Apple and More) that they are bringing back jobs and cash to America. These statements and the good news will only increase in 2018. As the taxes are lowered in February for most Americans paychecks, spending will grow through the purchases of new washers and dryers, cars, new home purchases and the economy is going to roar like we have not seen in decades. Saddle up America, this is going to be fun. Dare I say it? The Wall Street folks are going to love 2018, and it is entirely possible that we see a Dow hit 30,000 by late summer.

North Korea and Iran; 

President Trump has some tough decisions here, no question about it. Iran is now in turmoil, and if I had to guess, I would imagine that our CIA has something to do with it, but it is all good if the Ayatollah is replaced with a duly elected leader in a free election. Iran may end up being a more significant problem than anyone can imagine right now. Barack Obama did America and Israel no favors by giving these thugs pallet loads of cash and enabling Hezbollah to continue operations in Lebanon. If it appears that Iran is closing in on being able to nuclear weaponize missiles, then we can expect the President to intervene, and we might very well end up bombing parts of Iran back to the stone age. There is no way the President is going to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

As for North Korea, I think that ‘Rocket Man’ is going to settle down and start behaving himself. I truly do. I think he is going to see that getting along with the rest of the world is far more profitable than continually fighting with everyone. I am changing my position on North Korea. For a while several months ago, I honestly thought we were going to war with the rogue state, not any longer do I feel that way. I believe that Kim Jong Un will be happy with negotiating deals whereby he and his nation profit handsomely and he gives up his long-range nuclear program. This is one where I pray to God I’m right.

The Wall; 

Expect the President to do a victory dance in the Oval Office by summer. The wall be funded, and construction will begin by mid-to-late summer. Say booyah for the President on this one folks.

2018 Mid-Term Elections; 

Arizona; Doctor Kelli Ward will be defeated in the primary by Congresswoman Martha McSally in the primaries. McSally will go on to win the Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake. Senator John McCain will pass away, and there will be a massive push on to replace him with his daughter Meghan McCain.

California; Congressman Darrell Issa will win re-election despite the big bucks efforts of the Hollywood elite to defeat him. I’m hesitant to say this, but something in my gut tells me that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seek re-election. Be it because the tide had so turned against the Democrats or because of a medical issue, I just don’t think she runs for another term.

Florida; The Republicans win nearly everything with the assistance of the President! They love him in Florida, and when he shows up, the Democrats will take a flogging of epic proportions down in the Sunshine State.

The Mid-Terms, in the end, is going to turn out prosperous for the GOP. We will ride the wave of economic prosperity, the wall being built for our security, a strong presidency, and a general feel of nationwide optimism.

Enjoy America, 2018 is going to be nothing short of grand for our nation. All the indicators are that we are about to embark on an adventure that everyone prospers from. Let’s all give a big hat’s off to President Trump for making it happen and for “Making America Great Again.” His toughness, tenacity, and bravado are what is making it all possible. Thank you, Mr. President!


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