According to Rasmussen Daily Tracking, the Presidents approval has once again risen to near 50%. Most conservatives know that many of these polls are not precisely accurate (to put it politely); however, Rasmussen has historically been the closest. The history of Trump polling tells us that if the polling company has him at 40%, the real number is more than likely 55% or possibly even better than that. With that said, today, Rasmussen has Trump sitting at 45-48%, and if the number is accurate to history, then President Trump is most likely at 60% with his approval numbers. 

The most likely reason that the President is rising is probably due to his recent tax bill signing. Add that to his very popular recent foreign policy trip where he looked more Presidential than ever. And now the Prez is officially on a roll. Now is the time he needs to strike. He has the Democrats, and the Republican-held Senate on their heels now is the time to finish his agenda. 

One of President Trump’s top issues that he campaigned on was the stripping of Obamacare from our lives. The following is a very recent poll done by the Associated Press detailing the top problems that are concerning the American people.

As you can tell by the graph above, America still thinks that Obamacare is the number one issue. The blue paint was how our nation felt about that subject back in 2016. As you can see that number has grown substantially between 2016 and late 2017. This is no doubt due to the further rising of insurance premium cost and the loss of physicians across our country who either are quitting or will not participate in Obamacare.

President Trump needs to bring Senator McConnell to the Oval Office, and they need to have a very serious ‘pow-wow.’ Trump needs to inform him that he is going to ask Speaker Ryan for one more vote that would strip O-Care out of the American lexicon forever. The President needs to tell the Senator then that he expects a full repeal vote with a victory by March or April. The President needs to explain that a full-court press will be made against any Senator who votes ‘NO’ on this repeal. That Senator will be called out publically, chastised beyond belief, then have Steve Bannon turned loose on them to finish the job. Then President Trump needs to take his plan to the American people and ask for their help. Pull an old play from the Reagan handbook. The White House should take 15-minutes during prime-time, Trump should go on air and explain his efforts to abolish O’Care, but he needs the American people’s help to do so. Then put the Capitol switchboard phone number on the screen with a note to call your Senator first thing in the morning.

At this moment, Trump’s popularity would allow for him to pull this off. If he could get Obamacare stripped by next spring, with the tax bill putting more money in the citizen’s pockets, he would be guaranteed a victory in 2018 for the Republican Party.

In the meantime, POTUS needs to fly down to San Diego, inspect the border wall prototypes, and make a big production of selecting one. Ryan is going to need Trump’s coattails to retain control of the House in November; he will give the President whatever he wants at this point.

I have almost zero reservation that these strategies are not being finalized at this time. President Trump is a master at timing and negotiation strategy. He knows he is riding a wave at the moment, and so does his staff. If I were Mitch McConnell, I would be tightening my belt, because he knows that the President is about to start pounding on him to get his agenda fulfilled.

Stay tuned America, this is only getting better and better. President Trump is “Making America Great Again”, one piece at a time.


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