Does anybody know if Sheila Jackson Lee’s IQ rises above room temperature?

Hey Congress; Do America a favor and impose a rule that ‘ALL ELECTED HOUSE MEMBERS‘ are forced to take an IQ test. In the case of Sheila Jackson Lee, hers would not rise above room temperature as evidenced by her imbecilic statements over the years and her recent actions aboard a United Airlines flight. That’s right, Jackson Lee recently tossed her Congressional weight around to score a first-class seat aboard a Washington, D. C. flight out of Houston Intercontinental Airport. She scored the seat by having a white lady tossed out of her seat and accusing both the airline and the lady of being racist if they didn’t give the seat to her fat ass. 

I am reminded of all the recent hubbub surrounding Civil War statues and memorials. These race baiting pimps like Lee ran around the country having 150-year-old figures ripped down because they were offended that General Lee fought for the South and might have owned a slave or two (back when it was legal to do so). If that is the case then, I want Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s name changed because I am offended at her continual dribble of stupidity that ushers forth from her mouth, plus she is named after a slave-owning General from the South. Not just one slave owner, but she is also named after the South’s much revered General Stonewall Jackson. Every time I see her name, I am traumatized, again and again, therefore she should have to step down from Congress, shut up and go home to Houston.

I have full faith that Jackson Lee will now use her Congressional weight to come after me. I say bring it~ What are you going to do Sheila, have me audited by the IRS? Go ahead, I have already been, and besides, under President Trump’s new tax schedule, I will be getting a rebate from the IRS. Kuddo’s to Trump and me! Going to have me listened to by the NSA? Already happening and it started when your racist President Barack Obama thought I was a national threat. Why did they believe that? Because I own guns, I am a Christian, I am a Veteran, and I started several Tea Parties to protest the former President and his leadership. Now, who is the real racist Sheila?

You and your ilk, had good American citizens terrorized by the NSA because they opposed you politically and were white. So tell me again who the racist is. You and your liberal cronies had groups targeted by the IRS simply because we protested your imposing socialism on our nation. Then you dare to call us racist? 

Keep in mind America; this is the same lady that back in 97 when the Mars Rover set down, asked the technicians and engineers to turn the rover around so she could see the flag that had been left by the Apollo Astronauts. Two problems here. The first being that the Mars Rover landed on Mars, not the moon. The second being, had it landed on the moon, do you really think it was going to land in the same spot that the Lunar Lander did with the Astronauts? Never mind, this lunacy was so far out there as it usually is with anything this crack-head from Houston says.

Remember it was also Jackson Lee that stated in Congressional hearings that the Constitution was over 400-years-old. Stop laughing! She honestly to gosh darn did this or rather said this. Here she is in her own words. 

Once in a blue-moon, an elected official will make a remark that they wish they could take back. If you give enough speeches, I promise, you will make a bone-headed statement that you simply walk back with an explanation at the press conference afterward. In my case, I made a stupid statement once while giving a speech in

Houston needs to draft J. J. Watt to replace Sheila Jackson Lee.

Washington, D. C.. It happens! It was brutally hot, I was truthfully suffering from heat exhaustion, the wind was blowing, and I lost my place in my prepared remarks and made a really dumb statement. This stuff will at times happen, but in Lee’s case, it seems as if it’s on a weekly basis. It’s almost as though every time she opens her mouth; she sticks her big foot down her throat.

Since President Trump was inaugurated, Sheila Jackson Lee and her other idiot co-conspirator from California, Maxine Waters has made it their mission to call for the President to either step aside or be impeached. On what grounds for impeachment is anyone’s guess, but never-the-less they have. I want to formally at this time call for the removal of Jackson Lee and Waters from the House of Representatives for being not just ignorant of what they speak most of the time, but for being near total racist idiots. That is what they both are, and to me, they are a blight on the Democrat Party and an embarrassment to the House of Representatives.

I think it is way past time that Speaker Paul Ryan formally requests that Sheila Jackson Lee steps down and retires. Then the City of Houston needs to request that Houston Texan hero, J.J. Watt fill her seat. He is smart (this guy raised $37M in a manner of days for hurricane victims), he is popular, and he is passionate. I’ll even bet money that he knows the Constitution is not 400-years-old.


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